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  1. Reminder that Cadets won San Antonio in 2015.... So anything could change
  2. Ouch, 4th place. But don't worry, Bloo will rise again!
  3. I certainly wouldn't mind if they used their encore music as show music. "Presenting their 2018 program, Encore.."
  4. What song is this?
  5. Ooh a Crown Encore
  6. My Way is such an incredible piece. Drum Corps needs more SInatra
  7. They need to change jokes every show
  8. "Their program... ssss" Oh it's SCV again?
  9. I've seen it live (admittedly only two days after premiere) and it was a little better but it's still obvious you're listening through speakers, so I don't particular care for it. And that's coming from a huge bloo fan!
  10. TOC at Massillon last year was incredible, hope the crowd's the same this year, or maybe not so I can get better parking
  11. What should happen tonight 1.BD 1. Bloo 1. Crown 1. SCV
  12. A decibel meter in front of the audience to measure applause, or at least that's what it should be
  13. There's another show in Kansas tonight
  14. Have they not announced scores? They're up on the DrumScorps app