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  1. There are some clusterings of corps in the rankings. However, with scores this tight, a particularly good or bad run can mean a move of a placement or two.
  2. Nothing wrong with Marc Sylvester. Entertainment, energy, and experience are nothing new in drum corps. I'm attempting to understand what Pudding was expressing... and I believe it had to do with maintaining some thread of unity or continuity among a show's moments.
  3. Yes. We would not want designers throwing any cool drill move in, just because it's cool. The visual move must have some relevance to the musical moment... or the overall story, statement, etc.
  4. So, "unity" of elements in support of the overall design concept might be a criterion on your score sheets? For example, a cool drill move would not be considered part of a good design unless something about that drill move ties into, and supports, the overall artistic "statement".
  5. What did the previous broadcasts cost? I seem to recall paying $70 or so, in the past. $50 for a month of broadcasts seems better though there are some quality lapses.
  6. I apologize if my post offended
  7. I agree that being rude to judges is uncool. Though this activity would bore me to tears if there were not scores and judging!
  8. BAC has some priests on their tail. An old problem in Boston
  9. A female from the choir sang the Simple Song solo.
  10. True. I guess the difference is that maybe there should be a process for making the tapes or their contents public, along with the scores. It would make the judging seem less arcane. Though knowing how crazy some people get about this "band" stuff, it's probably best for the judging community that the tapes/contents remain somewhat private.
  11. It's difficult to manage bias. It would be helpful if DCI judges, like court justices, had to provide a written opinion justifying their placements and scores. Numbers can only tell so much.
  12. Looks like a factory for tour babies
  13. The new staff has helped, but one cannot discount what the members achieved with the previous staff. Boston leapfrogged 2-3 placements at nationals last year to snag 12th. That alone was a big deal. There was passion, focus, determination, good attitudes, and a solid work ethic already happening at Boston. The MMs were very fertile ground for any staff to come in and mold them. When corps such as Magic or Star of Indiana acquired great staffs, it took more time (years) to instill those qualities across all of the MMs. Staff is very important, but the best staff can't deliver without a solid MM commitment to excellence.
  14. Kind of like the hangings, grilling/burning provides better GE ;) You're hereby nominated to show the corps an authentic Texas Barbecue!