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  1. Ediker

    the REAL ending

    High cam... else you’ll only see the pit
  2. To me, it’s an improvement. They have her singing more stuff I like.
  3. No lack of energy in Cavies’ show!
  4. Ediker

    the REAL ending

    They did the “Found”, and then continued. Looked like (at the very end) changed the “Lost” to BAC.
  5. Ediker

    the REAL ending

    I like that Boston extended their ending instead of changing it completely.
  6. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    You’d leave such a cushy gig?
  7. Ediker

    the REAL ending

    Some corps have performed many different endings during a season. How many times did 1989 Cadets change their ending? It's not over 'til it's over...
  8. Ediker

    Texas is so hot ...

    It's so hot Crown's beast is well-done.
  9. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Let's propose a new rule: Texas shows must be indoors with a/c. Surely TX has the fan base to justify it
  10. Touche', though I still have mixed feelings about Cavies or Madison going co-ed.
  11. Confused. I get your passion about whatever it is you're saying, but can't make sense of your post.
  12. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Last year, it was late in the season before the judges began consistently ranking Boston's guard near the top.
  13. Cavies didn’t steal anything last year. The door was wide open for either of them to snag 4th. The only thing that is 100% is that SCV is going to medal. BD is about 90% likely to medal. The last medal will be a dogfight. Bloo has been coasting on their early success and Crown’s wheels have just gripped the road. Cavies and Boston will still be darkhorses. The door closes slightly after San Antonio, but as Cavies showed last year, anything can still happen.
  14. Ediker

    Olathe, KS - July 16, 2018

    GE1 is visual focused, right? There are many good things about both shows. My guess is the judges are rewarding BS’ originality.