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  1. 2017 DCA Finals

    My feed has messed up more on this one corps, than it did all yesterday.
  2. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    That was quite enjoyable, and I'm so glad I was able to witness it. For sure, I will be watching DCA events in the future!
  3. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Ok, I didn't know. No, the close ups of this field look artificial to me. I'm guessing that the color differentiation comes from wear and tear.
  4. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Didn't a few, of the top 12 DCI corps, lay tarps down.
  5. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    I loved the Caballeros show, but the vocalization seemed out of place. I recognize the song, and I know the words, but the singing was more of a distraction, in this case.
  6. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Am I wrong? It seems like most of the DCA corps are from the East coast.
  7. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    What does the yellow cummerbund mean? Anyone know?
  8. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Yeah, makes me think of Garfield.
  9. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    I don't know if I have ever seen a flag toss like that before.
  10. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Love seein' the Colors on the field!
  11. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    This is my first experience with DCA too. I'm impressed by the sound, and some of the guard work.
  12. Yes congrats to all the corps! It's been a phenomenal season.
  13. Wow, I did not expect this.
  14. How are you guys posting the score before I hear them announced on FloMarching?
  15. I loved their corps uniform over the SCV. The red snake on a white top, did not translate well from a distance.