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  1. Tom Roe wanted the horns and guard to cartwheel onto the 50, and then fall back into each others arms, like a zipper. We tried it a few times before it was nixed from the show.
  2. I don't know. I've heard the name, but I don't know if there is an IG connection. I didn't march their 1st year. I do know we had some talented people behind us like, Larry Kerchner, who wrote Emerald Eyes for us, Tom Roe, who wrote our drill designs, and George Tuthill, who handled our percussion arrangements.
  3. Is it true FloMarching will not be showing the top 12 corps of finals, and can I watch past events on FloMarching?
  4. Funny, our open in '81 was Conquest, which is a Boston Crusaders classic. Maybe our founders were channeling the Crusaders, and maybe that's why I love Boston so much today. LOL We shared a gym floor with the Madison Scouts in '81 or '82, on a Texas tour.
  5. Since I was very young, I wanted to be in band, and march in parades, wearing a Busby (which never happened). In 1975, my middle school band director added a rifle line to our parade unit, and I became their captain. My band director showed us a video of the '75 PBS broadcast of the DCI finals. Since then, I have been in love with drum corps, but I thought it would never happen to me, being there were no nearby corps. My freshman year of college, (my school had no band) 1980, I was walking on campus when I heard the familiar sounds of DCI. I had to find and speak to this person, who shared the same passion. The girl marched in the drumline of the 1980 Imperial Guard (and she is still drumming in her own band today). I joined the Imperial Guard in '81.
  6. Hey all! I'm new to this forum, but I've been a drum corps nut since 1975, when I saw the PBS broadcast of the '75 DCI finals. I marched rifle in band from '75 - '80. During concert season, I played flute. I watched the DCI finals every year it was on PBS, and the last year when it was on ESPN2. I had cassette tapes of the top 12 corps, from '75 - '78, and maybe '79. I saw my first live DCI show was in '78. I joined the Imperial Guard Drum and Bugle Corps as a flag in '81, and marched rifle in '82. I won $100 betting on the final 12 of '82. I would not trade my corps experience for anything in the world. My only regrets: I wish I had joined drum corps sooner, and I wish I had joined another corps when Imperial Guard folded my age-out year.