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  1. Has the gap in brass and GE always been that large? IT IS accurate though
  2. Absolutely can't wait for Houston tomorrow. Finally get to see the top corps live.
  3. Time for the best brass in DCI...LET'S GO CROWN!
  4. So proud of this corps. Sorry to rain on the haters parade!
  5. Great couple of shows tonight! All is back right with the world ;) goodnight! See everyone for the big show tomorrow
  6. Was on my break from work and decided to do a little research. I know weather forecasts 5 days out are iffy, but everyone going to this show go look at the forecast and say a little prayer
  7. That last paragraph though!..can you be my hype man when i work out?
  8. Thank you for this edit lmao
  9. SCV was on fire!! They are cleaning that beast!
  10. Expected this with Crown and Boston being the top 2 corps tonight. Good job everyone!