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  1. Congats Crown on quieting the naysaysers and ANOTHER brass title and the story of the year for me Vanguard
  2. Let's go CROWN I'm having a cold one for u
  3. How dare you! Don't even get me started on GE..Not to mention INT's brass is far superior to Crowns
  4. That was ridiculous Crown OMG! I'm a happy guy tonight!
  5. Is crown gonna get that perfect score!? 99
  6. Yes Crown...yes. Finish me off SCV
  7. These next 2 corps are the whole dang show for me..let's go Crown and Vanguard!
  8. I am ready for this closer Cavies
  9. Cadets! Ok time for a beer run! Should make it back in time to crack open a cold one with the boys
  10. Quick moment to recognize the work countless volunteers are doing right now and the next few days. Has to be a stressful time! All worth it.
  11. Carolina Crown 2017

    It begins today! Good luck these next 3 days Crown you've exceeded everyone's expectations this year. Bravo