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  1. We had one in 08, probably won't do it again.
  2. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    So proud of this group. Breaking 70, topping Guardians (who had a magnificent show). Just everything is looking great.
  3. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    Just have to build up the trust with them. The future is in good hands with the current admin and staff we have now. Lot's of excitement for us!
  4. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    I will say, Southwind tried to do more shows in the South this year, but DCI said no to a lot of shows we wanted to take part in.
  5. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    Thanks! Super proud of the work they've done. Ready for next season already!
  6. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    That's the plan...
  7. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    As a staff member of a competitor Open Class Corps...BDB and SCVC are just on another level than the rest of the field.
  8. 2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    I'm using a Roku. Is anyone else having it cut out and reload the stream every so often? I'm not seeing complaints about it so I'm thinking it's me.
  9. I was going to say, that has a strong chance of making Finals.
  10. Is The Company competing or is this exhibition?
  11. Sample, yes, but it's not JUST Kanye music. Symphonic Metamorphosis is in there as well as Hindemith's Symphony in Bb.
  12. It's not 100%, but yea I get what you mean. He does write some pretty epic music behind the lyrics.
  13. I think Cascades have the best integration of vocalist out of anybody this year. I didn't realize until halfway through the closer those were live vocals. And they blended beautifully.
  14. Probably because, and this is just what I'm guessing, those other corps do it for maybe part or just one selection, while almost the entire second half of Crown's show features her. Also those other corps don't have what some regard as the best hornline in the activity.
  15. Can you imagine if they replaced BD 89 with a vocal soloist...? (Yes, I know he killed every other performance and I've heard the Semis recording and it's awesome).