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  1. That's simply not the case, friend. There are about three battery breaks, and they are pretty long (but hey if you've got a strength, play to it). The closer has a lot of intricacy in the hornline proper. Double and triple tongue passages in the call and response section with the small ensemble. Not everything is handed off to the small ensemble.
  2. Yo which Vanguard were you listening to?
  3. Uber is t crazy expensive. It wasn't allowed in San Antonio when I moved away, but I know they've brought it back. Shouldn't be more than a 5 dollar ride from the dome. Y'all have a beer for me!
  4. Bill Millers is delicious...but it's a San Antonio fast food chain, essentially. If you don't get Texas BBQ often don't waste the opportunity on the chains. I would recommend going to The Granary. It's under 281 in the Pearl Brewery area. It's a very short uber ride from the Alamodome. Delicious BBQ and it's a microbrewery. Win win. I'm from San Antonio, and that's the best BBQ you can get without driving for quite a long way.
  5. I know you're joking, but the dome wifi has been garbage for years. You can't count on it for jack.
  6. That stinks. For the last 5 years (excluding the one I marched) I've be going to watch a few corps and cool down then watch some lots to see my friends. I wanted to see Spirit and then watch my team warm up later that night.
  7. So to clarify, if we want to catch a few shows, then go out to watch a lot we can't go back in to watch the other shows?
  8. God almighty man that's another human being. Show some restraint.
  9. I'm gonna save you the trouble of keeping the argument going. I don't really care about any of this or what your opinion is on anything. You think you're right, I think I'm right. In the grand scheme of things, none of it matters. This website is just chalked full of folks that would rather be right about their opinion than just enjoy the show, which is a shame. I truly hope you (and since you had to say that it wasn't your petition, I thought I'd mention that I am using the royal you, as in everybody) can learn to just enjoy the show. Have a great day, friend! Oh and you were right about something, there were only around 25-26 thousand folks at finals last year. That's still a pretty great number of people losing it for these sorts of shows in the live setting.
  10. I believe that is a misguided view. The shows these corps are producing are far beyond what any marching band could achieve, amped or not. But more to the point of my first post at all; your petition won't do anything. DCI is a money making machine and they don't care what any of us think. If you don't consume it, somebody will. Since the finals attendance numbers are record shattering every year, I would guess that the activity isn't devolving in the eyes of the 30 or so thousand people that came to watch us all perform last year at Lucas oil. There will be more there this year, and my guess is they'll love it all too.
  11. Well, tough luck. The folks at the live shows seem to be eating it all up. I get that change is spooky and all, but you're being a little melodramatic my man. The performers, if you haven't been able to see their close shots, are having the time of their lives performing these shows. I highly doubt the top 6 corps are having recruiting problems. Drum corps is going to keep going in different directions, and the common folk will go nuts for it, and DCI will make money.
  12. I don't understand why This is an issue now... corps have been experimenting with this for years. I mean, did nobody notice that the bluecoats had more speakers on the field than contras in the hornline in 2016? That show was fantastic and almost everybody that saw it ate it up. This activity is designed to evolve. To become new and different, and to reach new generations. If we rehashed the same techniques we used when we were limited by the technology of the time how are we improving the activity? It's a hip hop world out there folks. Keep up, enjoy the incredibly hard work the members are putting in, or get out of the way. These shows are rather enjoyable if you let them be instead of choosing to be upset about things that are new and different.