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  1. Trumpet2

    Cadets 2018

    Just heard. Good stuff
  2. Trumpet2

    Cadets 2018

    That closer. Holy ####
  3. Trumpet2

    Live Stream Schedule

    Eh, not worth it for me. I’d only use the subscription through San Antonio anyway
  4. Trumpet2

    Live Stream Schedule

    Nope. They say they’re working on thag
  5. Trumpet2

    Live Stream Schedule

    The real question is if the monthly price will go up right before the first stream. I hope not.
  6. Trumpet2

    2018 Tour Premiere

    I’ll be at work
  7. Trumpet2

    Carolina Crown 2018

    It’s not, just through the ballad saw them last night, they’re incredible
  8. I missed that part of the article apparently ha
  9. Trumpet2

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Yes, partly because I absolutely HATE the song "Hallelujah" and was happy it was over after the ballad...but the "kill him" ending works so much better musically.
  10. Trumpet2

    Death to the Seat Poachers

    There was one in the seat behind me for Madison through Phantom this year, and he would comment during shows "oh #### that was insane. That was insane" he ran out a couple of times in the middle of a show, and finally the owners of the seats got there and he left and I said "Thank God!"
  11. Trumpet2

    Death to the Seat Poachers

    My dad ran to the bathroom after Crown, got to the door in time to get to his seat to watch SCV, and the gate lice blocking the stairs wouldn't let him up. I felt so bad for him, because he had to watch it on the screen. Security NEEDS to be at every entrance asking for tickets in the better seats. Annoying, but completely necessary.
  12. Trumpet2

    Death to the Seat Poachers

    It never happened to us this year, but finals night I was in section 438, and literally after every corps, a staff member, marching member, or just a fan would come and look for seats. All three groups would do this DURING a performance, which really took away from my enjoyment of the show (don't get me wrong, this finals night was incredible) but they were all younger people. Why do these people believe they have a right to a good seat that they didn't pay for? BDB members came up during the BD show, but they didn't try to sit in the seats, they just sat down on the stairs, not in anyone's way. That was appreciated.
  13. Considering I was just going into high school and learning about corps when the Sevierville show ended, I'm not sure how big a crowd that drew, but I know there was a great crowd in Knoxville at the Music City open class show. But yeah I doubt they could fill half of Neyland.
  14. Neyland is the best stadium in the country...sad they can't have a show there. Go Vols
  15. I doubt this. Vanderbilt holds more people.