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  1. Just received notification that the Columbus show has been cancelled due to impending severe storms.
  2. Jim Schehr

    A Look Back at 1971-1972

    Kiltie junior had beat St. Rita’s Brassman by 3.5 points at 72’ World Open and never understood why they didn’t go to DCI. They were 2nd in WO prelims and finals.
  3. Jim Schehr

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    One of the best seasons for percussion enthusiasts in a while for sure. The different styles of writing are much appreciated as well as the difficulty demands. I’m still amazed how anyone can delineate a tenth of a point between one ensemble from another.
  4. Thursday, July 19 DCI North Texas Corps Score 1 Carolina Crown 88.450 2 The Cavaliers 87.300 3 The Cadets 84.550 4 Blue Knights 84.100 5 Phantom Regiment 83.250 6 Mandarins 83.100 7 Crossmen 82.500 8 The Academy 80.500 9 Colts 78.000 10 Troopers 77.250 11 Music City 71.650 DCI Central Texas Corps Score 1 Boston Crusaders 88.250 2 Blue Stars 84.650 3 Spirit of Atlanta 79.350 4 Madison Scouts 78.150 5 Pacific Crest 71.650 6 Oregon Crusaders 70.000 7 Genesis 69.750 8 Jersey Surf 67.500 9 Seattle Cascades 65.700 10 Pioneer 60.600
  5. Jim Schehr

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    You mean a judge didn’t like it either? I’m surprised the judge didn’t drop everything and educate them about proper drum corps etiquette? I’m shocked. It takes a village, so I’ve been told.
  6. We’re rehearing our screams for guard catches. The neighbors have only called the police twice. Explained to the cop and he said; aren’t they suppose to catch it? I said good question, I think so. I’ve added “OMG he caught it” while standing and pointing in amazement. Should be real annoying by Indy.
  7. You got it all wrong, they don’t want us here at all. Or at shows. Now play nice in the school circle or I’m sending you back to charm school.
  8. Jim Schehr


    I’m waiting for the teeter totter to turn into a scene from Urban Cowboy and throw someone on their gluteus maximus.
  9. Jim Schehr

    12th place Corps ?

    It’s as good as anyone’s else’s.
  10. Jim Schehr

    12th place Corps ?

    Whoever doesn’t in up in 11th but is ahead of the 13th place corps will be 12th.
  11. Jim Schehr


    It’s a buzzword - nothing more nothing less. Use to be called making changes.
  12. It’s Charm School. We call it indoctrination training.