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  1. Just what drum corps needs, more layering that they can’t afford.
  2. Sign the Petition

    I know the corps I drove for did an extensive background check, and did so each season I volunteered. However I don’t know what other corps do. Let me add that the cost for these background checks were paid for by the volunteer applicant.
  3. Sign the Petition

    Well you can hear the crickets after requesting the document. Some amazing stories being told on Reddit. Not a one mentions a DCI policy enforcement.
  4. Sign the Petition

    Has anyone actually seen, read or have a copy of this so called DCI policy, or is it tucked away in one of Al Capone’s faults to be discovered at a later date?
  5. What’s really funny is that one of those G7 corps would barely make the cut these days. Karma!
  6. Sign the Petition

    I don’t doubt it for a second.
  7. Or singers because drum corps needs more singers.
  8. Sign the Petition

    If this wasn’t a problem I would agree with you. But that is simply not the case. Which is why there have been so many sign the petition. Most of these issues are ignored, some handled discreetly, and others legally, all of which makes this a difficult and at times a volatile debate.
  9. Sign the Petition

    He still thinks he’s in charge
  10. Sign the Petition

    Probably thinks this song is about him. Don’t you don’t you
  11. Sign the Petition

    The decision to sign the petition or not is pretty simple. You’re either for or against sexual abuse and harassment of marching members. All the mansplaining and amateur legal jargon isn’t going to change opinions.
  12. Sign the Petition

    Over the years I’ve have had numerous conversations with many others who have shared experiences and/or stories that left me SMH in utter amazement. Pretending there isn’t an issue or ignore inappropriate behavior and abuse as if it’s part of what MM’s signed up for needs to stop. If signing the petition will help increase awareness and/or prevents sexual misconduct then that’s a good thing.
  13. Online petition thread

    Are they using bleach bit?
  14. Online petition thread

    Censorship is only used when trying to hide the truth Jeff. It's better to spew a false narrative.