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  1. I think philly.com should have a live conference call on a Very Special FloMarching Event with Stuart and Catherine.
  2. Your criterion is not valid to be considered
  3. Like we're all hanging on your every word buddy
  4. Perhaps you should have stayed in your safe space buddy
  5. Move your chair to the front of the room.
  6. There’s no pill one can take or class to attend. No matter how much they try, it can’t be fixed.
  7. Don’t say his name three times he may appear with his steady dose of ********
  8. You’re correct. Had to put them on ignore
  9. I’m a Marine and you’re correct
  10. Having been on the Cadets mailing list, the begging for money was nonstop. Can only imagine the bulk mailers expense. I could never figure out why it was more expensive to feed the Cadets vs another corps either. Are the Cadets meals different? Often wonder why parents didn’t ask for a refund on fees. Doesn’t tuition cover meals? If so, why not a refund for those meals that were paid for by donors? GH always held you up for a buck.
  11. I hope people aren’t picking and choosing which YEA ex employees have an ax to grind now? Selective outrage.