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  1. Just what drum corps needs, more layering that they can’t afford.
  2. Sign the Petition

    I know the corps I drove for did an extensive background check, and did so each season I volunteered. However I don’t know what other corps do. Let me add that the cost for these background checks were paid for by the volunteer applicant.
  3. Sign the Petition

    Well you can hear the crickets after requesting the document. Some amazing stories being told on Reddit. Not a one mentions a DCI policy enforcement.
  4. Sign the Petition

    Has anyone actually seen, read or have a copy of this so called DCI policy, or is it tucked away in one of Al Capone’s faults to be discovered at a later date?
  5. What’s really funny is that one of those G7 corps would barely make the cut these days. Karma!
  6. Sign the Petition

    I don’t doubt it for a second.
  7. Or singers because drum corps needs more singers.
  8. Sign the Petition

    If this wasn’t a problem I would agree with you. But that is simply not the case. Which is why there have been so many sign the petition. Most of these issues are ignored, some handled discreetly, and others legally, all of which makes this a difficult and at times a volatile debate.
  9. Sign the Petition

    He still thinks he’s in charge
  10. Sign the Petition

    Probably thinks this song is about him. Don’t you don’t you
  11. Sign the Petition

    The decision to sign the petition or not is pretty simple. You’re either for or against sexual abuse and harassment of marching members. All the mansplaining and amateur legal jargon isn’t going to change opinions.
  12. Sign the Petition

    Over the years I’ve have had numerous conversations with many others who have shared experiences and/or stories that left me SMH in utter amazement. Pretending there isn’t an issue or ignore inappropriate behavior and abuse as if it’s part of what MM’s signed up for needs to stop. If signing the petition will help increase awareness and/or prevents sexual misconduct then that’s a good thing.
  13. Online petition thread

    Are they using bleach bit?
  14. Online petition thread

    Censorship is only used when trying to hide the truth Jeff. It's better to spew a false narrative.
  15. Sign the Petition

    And who they hire is the concern. Child sex offenders are not just about Heterosexuality.
  16. Sign the Petition

    Sex offender issues in the activity is not only about male-female indiscretions. The petition covers the entire gamut of concerns.
  17. Sign the Petition

    I forgot about that ignore feature. Thanks for reminding me. He’s gone.
  18. Sign the Petition

    Agree. The petition doesn’t identify any person or organization. However there seems to be some obvious paranoia surfacing which in itself is interesting. The point of the petition is to bring attention to the governing body of all performing arts activities for consideration.
  19. Sign the Petition

    Frankly I don’t give two good craps about the 7th place Cadets or the people they feel the need to hire. I can see where someone within the organization thought it to be a good fit. Shockingly predictable. Like some, I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen on the grounds that the person has paid his penalty under the law. It did happen which continues to be ignored as if it didn’t. Or would I ever entertain the thought or the possibility that the person has changed the behavior then hire him when there are other candidates available who are not sick. I’m no Cadet boot licking sycophant. We will have to agree to disagree, so please don’t spew your nonsense on me. None of which has anything to do with signing the petition.
  20. Sign the Petition

    If an organization is at the point whereas they can’t find qualified individuals who agree to educate and/or instruct their marching members who don’t have a background of inappropriate behavior with minors, then yes it’s being tolerated and condoned. In Cadets case maybe they couldn’t find anyone else to say yes I’ll join your staff. I don’t know or care, but these sick people shouldn’t be allowed around or anywhere near a youth activity. Are we really to the point where there isn’t any other qualified people?
  21. Sign the Petition

    No don’t be stupid that’s not what my wife said, but what you thought she said, however shockingly predictable considering. Point being made was DCP and drum corps is predominantly male (i.e. BOD, Director, CEO, staff and administrators) with very few women represented. It’s not uncommon for men to believe it’s okay for men to behave this way, and give this type of male behavior a pass. It’s not okay, it’s unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated unless you are of the like mind of those who do.
  22. Sign the Petition

    IMO any youth activity - drum corps included, is not the environment for sick perverted, deviant, child sex offenders, especially those who are listed in dru sjodin national sex offenders registry. If an organization can’t find a qualified candidate for any position without hiring a child sex offender is appalling, then DCI should consider screening all applicants for all individual organizations at a set fee or cost to each organization. Establishing the criteria, enforcement parameters and how violations will be handled shouldn’t require a mental giant to setup. There is enough questionable behavior as it is.
  23. Madison Scouts 2018

    I read the article. I was fascinated by the list of demands (questions) you can ask. I’m surprised Cavaliers or Scouts haven’t been sued to allow transgender members. Considering the direction and influences we have seen in the activity its probably going to happen sooner than later. The better question is how many singers will each corps require this season?
  24. Cadets 2018

    Heard this line last season too. LOL! It’s a 7th place corps retention or not. IMO they’re no longer drinking from the same pool of talent. Might get some cuts from other corps like Boston, unless tuition is too high. Maybe they will surprise us, but I’m not betting they move into that 4 or 5 group at all.