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  1. Cadets 2018

    Criticism is directed toward the exec, and is based on many many years of behavior that has sharply divided the Cadets family and generates at least as much derision as respect from drum corps fans in general. The MMs are ALWAYS respected and defended. They deserve only the best. FHNSAB!
  2. Cadets 2018

    Wrong. He has a chronic inability to delegate, empower, nurture, and trust subordinates. A clean break and fresh start is needed to reunite the Cadets family and reinvigorate the tradition of education and innovation at championship levels. Period.
  3. Cadets 2017

    I'm always on the side of the MMs. To me, they epitomize the Cadets. So proud. So wanted and want every group of MMs - whether young (this year, 1989, etc) or chock full of vets - to have the absolute best staff and design in DCI. Whether or not they do is the full responsibility of the CEO. FHNSAB
  4. Cadets 2017

    Apathy and frustration do battle in my Cadets heart. Spot on for your list of pandering. SO many missed opportunities over the last 15 years to have achieved greatness, were it not for chronic tastelessness and megalomania at the top of this organization. Many of the embarrassments make me want to rename the exec Corky St. Clair.
  5. Cadets 2017

    Exactly. I believe it is incredibly unfair to current members when music that has been done by the same corps is recycled, because it inevitably leads to unfair comparisons, and inevitably, the current design and corps simply do not measure up to a championship caliber show from a generation ago. It has been an increasingly disturbing and discouraging sign of a lack of creativity from the executive over the last 15 years. It's a sign of weakness and ineptitude, a sure sign that they would like to be parasitic on the past rather than innovate and create. Bernstein shmernstein! Enough Bernstein already! (Hear this in a Brooklyn accent, like Bubbie's) But if you signed the #### contract to do the same #### composer so many times - three friggin years?!?! - you better find new material and a new and illuminating way to do it. No more recycling! Ever.
  6. Cadets 2017

    This. A hundred times over. Current exec's idea of design almost always more closely resembles inept, crass marketing than art. When cadets have won the current exec has had a staff around him with a design too good to hamhandedly meddle with, I'd venture to say. Sadly that kind of situation has been exceptional (2011 seems like ancient history), and in today's reality (sub par staff, young MMs after so many staff and vet MM defections after last years management disaster) they no longer have the creative or marching talent to compete for medals. Wholesale change desperately needed. Now. This year was the last straw, the last gasp of this new "strategy" (if that word is even appropriate), and, I hope and pray, the necessary painful nadir of the Cadets organization. Unfortunately in organizations like this with entrenched longtime leadership, only repeatedly falling flat on your face enables some key people to see, understand, and act in concert to create fundamental organizational change. With current management, Cadets will never contend again and the entire organization's sustainability is threatened. With a new exec and a coming home of key staff and new top notch talent, Cadets WILL contend for medals next year, and annually, and educate and innovate like no one else, which is who the Cadets always were, and always shall be. I call all in the Cadets family to come together, stand as a house united, give new pledges of support, and own the change. I'm so ready to stop pointing fingers and finally be able to roll up my sleeves to help rebuild, but I will do nothing under the current management. "We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we will save our [Cadets]" FHNSAB
  7. Cadets 2017

    For a corps that was a leader before DCI, and an innovator without peer after DCIs formation, any tepid resignation or acceptance of the status quo or continuing excuses for mediocrity and mismanagement I find to be so pathetic, so uncharacteristic of who the Cadets always were, I simply have no words. What Cadets DO is like create, innovate, and embrace change.
  8. Cadets 2017

    This. ZAG! FHNSAB.
  9. Cadets 2017

    You think like a grunt in a quiet foxhole imagining you are somehow being attacked, an imaginary siege mentality. Open your eyes and think about years past as well as now. Criticism of the Exec is anything but hatred. And far far from any criticism of the MMs. Hop is not the Board, the staff, the MMs, the alumni and friends, and he is most definitely not The Cadets. Everyone in the Cadets family ALWAYS puts the MMs first. We all want everyone to have the best education, experience, and opportunity to succeed in corps and mostly in life. I loathe and chuckle at the term "haters" as it's usually thrown out there by the blinkered, immature, prejudiced, and provincial. I love the Cadets enough to open my eyes, to have opened my wallet, and offer my deeply considered opinions, as hard as they are to have, and share them publicly. There is no longer any option but to go public and push for fundamental organizational change, finally beginning this time at the top.
  10. Cadets 2017

    It's a 7th place - or lower - exec with whom it is so difficult to work that this formerly august organization cannot attract the talented staff necessary to attract the most talented MMs. Cadets will never contend again until Hop retires. Period. BAC has passed us in terms of staff and talent on the field. That should be the last straw for any Board worth its title and mandate to demand change. Current management and model is broken beyond repair. Once a change is made, alumni and friends by the thousands will come home to support a rebirth of commitment to education and mentorship and creativity and achievement at the highest levels, one befitting the winningest and most innovative corps in history. The emperor has no robes. Time to go.
  11. Cadets 2017

    This. Going backwards, yet again. Blame falls squarely on one person, yet again. Sad to say, but I no longer expect to see a championship contending Cadets corps unless and until Hop courageously decides that the Corps is more important than his ego. But I'm not holding my breath. It's a tragic story repeated in business, sports, and the non profit world: overstaying your welcome, overestimating your ability, overplaying your cards, and stacking the deck (and Board) with yes-people who fail to see the obvious that any insider or outsider has seen for years. The current management model is too broken to tweak, fix, or reshuffle. It's been that way for over a decade. Longer really, but changes in DCI and the wider culture (yes, there is a world out there that is not drum corps) has also changed enough to expose the Hop model as not just passé, but parasitic upon past success and gravely imperiling the future. Cadets are not a middle of the pack corps. They are contenders or they are not Cadets. It's not about the medals. It's about the art, innovation, emotion, and most of all education. Hop's publicly throwing the MMs under the bus on FB a couple weeks ago was the very last straw for me. That was ugly. Worse, it was pathetic, even unhinged. Not everything must be social media "content". Not everything must be shown and showboated. Let the kids, let the innovation, let the work, let the culture, let the performance, let the Art speak for itself. And I submit that all the Hop "content" on social media over the last ten years has been a sure sign and symptom of increasing discontent, another immature overcompensation for underlying lack of confidence, a clumsy attempt to cover a lack of faith in leadership by offering a pseudo transparency, a pseudo bottom up empowering and involving community, and too often, exasperating and utter ineptitude. Simple psychology: start with excuses, manage expectations, CYA, Doctor the spin, project blame, rinse, repeat. You can attempt to flush the failures down, and when the process and results are posted ad nauseam on social media, and it looks all white and clean and new, almost like fine China, it's somehow easy to delude yourself into forgiving and hoping against hope for next year, and the next year, and the next year, and thus forgetting that you need to stand on your two feet and back away to see you're still just looking at a toilet. This is a top down problem. The many thousands of alumni and friends and current team members must step up to fix it. Now. It's done broke. We gotta get woke. I'm not gonna get stoned to be satisfied with the spurious "progress" of sixth or seventh. I'm stone cold sober. I am dismayed by those who see this year as a step forward. From what? Remember.....First as tragedy, or many of them, then a Stoned farce. I don't measure progress from a series of ineptitudes and chronic mismanagement that resulted in the open festering weeping boil of a show design like Stoned. Hell, I even came out almost immediately after the show concept was announced a few years back and said to Cadets leadership and on this forum that "10" was doomed because it missed the entire point of the music, and sadly, I was right. The design and executive team of any of half a dozen or more dci corps would have won with that monster corps of MMs, because they had better design across the board, and they consistently have better design because they have better management and better execs who leave ego at the door when they go to work. Nothing more important to a team than the leader. Any design or fundraising or morale or recruitment/retention issues are just symptoms of a kind of management that just doesn't work anymore. Tyrants and egomaniacs like Toscanini are dead, though today we have another similarly famous (though much less talented) leader whose name begins with a "T" that I wish were dead, or never had been spawned. So it goes. The new and usually very successful leadership and organizational culture model is much more egalitarian, empowering, non-hierarchical, nurturing, creative. That is what millennials and GenZ love and have come to expect, and it's why Cadets have been passed by the Coats, Crown, Cavies, SCV, etc. (And you think I'm talking about friggin scores, don't you?) All those corps have better and more talented and creative and education-focused and empowering teams top to bottom. Or as I should say, better all around. ;) Hop must retire. (He won't likely be fired with all his BFFs on the board though.) So much talent out there to find better exec and board leadership, staff, etc. Alumni and supporters would come out of woodwork to help and improve and reform and reload. So many people have been sitting on their hands waiting until this leadership era ends and a new great era begins. Every year the cadets discussion threads generate more interest than anyone's. So many people care. So deeply. So many people are so frustrated. So many people need to come home and help. Thank you Hop. I love you, but it's time to transition to another role in another organization. It's bigger than drum corps. So let's aim higher, unafraid of the perilous skies, welcoming the springtime when kings go out through the Door, which, with our undying and renewed support, soon will reopen and surprise with a new entrance, not of another, but many hundreds, the family reunited and regenerated and once again revolutionary. That's my rocky point, my simple song, my simple gift, my demons and my better angels, my somewhere, somehow, someday. Zag! FHNSAB
  12. Cadets 2017

    I've been silent for more than a year. Hop's FB post was the LAST straw. You can criticize young people in private. You can force them to listen to your 'talks' if that's working (which it hasn't been for years). But what an adult, an educator, a role model, a leader, an honorable person NEVER should do or be allowed to do - no matter what - is publicly excoriate young people, especially minors. I used to love Hop. I also used to respect him. Now his recent behavior is an impediment to success, education, life development of the kids, and a blot on the entire Cadets organization. No matter the finals placement, after this season, Hop must resign, retire, or be fired. Time to move on. The current management is broken beyond repair, as well as increasingly megalomaniacal and vicious and profoundly destructive. Thank you Hop for your years of service. Cadets wouldn't have achieved greatness for most of these thirty years without you. Time to gracefully ride into the sunset Lauda de dah de dah, Day O, daaaay O, daylight come and you gotta go home!