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  1. Making Trek for this one for first time. Any advice on where to stay? What area? Specific hotels? Also we grabbed a relatively cheap set of tickets on ticketmaster in Sec 110, row 4 (30 yard line). I know the general drill is higher up, however other options were near very top of Alamodome at center field or towards front of upper level (300's) but around 20 yard line. Given that we want to see all the shows, but our primary goal will be to see our son, do you expect we'll be happy with these seats?
  2. Yes, I assume. Was curious about diff. Sounds like they got 86.5-ish
  3. Mandarins with 85.55. Not sureon Scouts score
  4. Stars guard with a ton of drops. Can't help but think rain had an impact.
  5. Really proud of the Mandarins. They had a disappointing run yesterday but REALLY cleaned things up tonight. I've established I'm biased but I think this should be a very close score. Scouts do a great show. It really is quite striking and their music is strong. I know nothing about scoring, but one thing that surprises me is that the Scouts brass plays very little during that opener. They also play less overall than many of the corps. When they do, they're very strong. Does this volume of playing impact scoring at all? If so, which part of the scorecard is affected?
  6. I agree with this (although not sure about world's better), but I admit to being very biased. I know nothing about the technical side of scoring, so I'm sure I'm missing alot that differentiates the scores in the minds of the judges. However, from a pure "likeability" factor it's hard to see a 2-pt difference in scores. Luckily for all involved, I'm not a judge. Very impressed by all of the corps who performed. The dedication required just to get here is amazing, and every participant should be proud of themselves.
  7. Does anyone know when they do the age out ceremony? Very important for us to know as we'll be in and out of LOS all day today. I'm assuming it's after all performances but want to make certain.
  8. Sounded glorious at my theater - Lucas Oil Stadium - must have been a broadcast issue.
  9. Thanks, we could not find recaps on dci website. Where are you finding them?
  10. My son told me he thinks they (Mandarins) may have received a time penalty but he's not 100% sure. If so, how much does that impact score. On a side note, it's crazy how they unload the new show on top of the exiting show. Saw several corps struggling to get props off the field around new props that we're already being set up.
  11. Their show is a little bland visually but sounds fabulous!
  12. So far the first 4 corps in this segment haven't marched as clean as those in last segment. Each group has had several prop drops and/or members running into each other (or in case of Academy, falling). All great performances but not unblemished. Nerves?
  13. Not surprisingly, every single show sounds tremendously better live. Amazed at how much hard work and dedication all of these corps have put in, and how much that shows in the final product. Didn't catch the open class shows this morning, but all of the early world class corps have been fantastic. Now, Go Mandarins!
  14. Yes, this is very helpful. Thank you.
  15. This is my first year closely following DCI scores. A question for you veterans: looking back at finals week last year, there was movement between 5th and 6th place (Cavaliers overtook Cadets) and movement between 11th, 12th and 13th places (Scouts dropped from 11th to 13th, Academy slid into 11th and Crusaders took 12th). It looks like some of that movement actually occurred in the days leading up to prelims, but the semis earlier in the year affected seeding. Is that the typical amount of movement? Would you expect similar this year? If so, which corps do you see potentially moving up or down?