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  1. Anstigback

    The Cavaliers 2017

    One of their best in my opinion. That show had one of my favorite uses of pre recorded things with the ominous laughs and such.
  2. The next trend? People will hate the electronics.
  3. Did you make him miss the cavaliers and scouts for a popcorn break?
  4. Woow those guys are for real I guess or just expert trolls. If you're trolling with the misogyny claims and the popcorn trips during cavs/ scouts shows you say you have, it's incredible skill your showing. If not I don't know much else to say then I feel bad for you.
  5. That person complaining about misogyny is just a troll I could he possibly do this? Dude needs to calm down and realize that the Cavaliers are on the rise and he will soon be joined by disappointed crown, scv and bd fans soon enough!
  6. Anstigback

    Cadets 2017

    Good luck next time
  7. Anstigback

    SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    I look at this thread and it's only 68 pages. I was confused all season with how little chatter there was about this group. I guess it was in some other threads. Then I look at cadets thread with nearly 1000 pages. Is hopkins rigging this and getting bots to post up the place in the cadets thread?
  8. Anstigback

    The Cavaliers 2017

    AAAAAhhh Heeeeeeeeellllll yeeeeee~! I knew they could do it. And people thought they might get caught by the Boston crusaders..really guys? Onwards to next year when they win the gold medal, percussion, and color guard caption awards.
  9. Hope cavaliers can get at least 4th and win the color guard caption.
  10. I may be at finals next year for their 70th anniversary and next DCI world championship!
  11. Anstigback

    The Cavaliers 2017

  12. I wish things just paused with shows like the ones performed from years 2000 to about 2011.