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  1. God I would love to see them at Stanford.
  2. I thought the did as well. But nothing in recent past was much different TOC vs non-TOC. There is nothing surprising about these scores at all.
  3. I'm think Bloo needs to head out west first tour next year. Two years in a row they were undefeated and immediately knocked to 3rd when BD and SCV came east. It might do them well to meet these two head on from the get go.
  4. Yes, but if you go look at recaps from past seasons the spreads between content and achievement all the time. SCV had like a 0.5 gap in VP between content and achievement in Denver 8.9 to 8.4) the other night. I like where BD is at because they are BD and just always so #### good.
  5. What bodes very well for SCV vs BD/Bloo is they were top 2 in every single caption. BD had a lot of 3s, as did Bloo, but Bloo also had some 4s. I think this is the start of SCV's run to the championship with BD right behind. When you add Crown to the mix, some of BDs 3s can turn into 4s and some of Bloos 3s to 4s and 4s to 5s. Crown may take down SCV in brass, but I'm not sure about any other captions. Such a fun season.
  6. I agree with this. SCV has taken the innovation Bluecoats gave us with prop usage in 2016 to a more sophisticated level in my opinion. They utilize the props so well, and they blend in so well into the production, that they aren't as glaring as 20 foot chairs are. I think Bluecoats show is great, but I do not see it as being on the same level as SCV and BD from a design standpoint. Both BD and SCV have really found a way to integrating the props without them being such a distraction. To me, Bloos chairs are a distraction. They don't do anything particularly interesting with them in my opinion. The most interesting thing they do is line them up at the end. I love Bloos music, but I'm not keen on the visual production. I think we are seeing that in the marks and it's going to be hard for them to push into the top 2.
  7. How's it not the show design level Bloo has going? Can you explain your thought process, please?
  8. This is a good suggestion. However, if said person starts evaluating percussion after he/she just evaluated guard, walk away.
  9. queenanne_1536


    Well you quoted me, so I thought you were calling me out. I'm sorry I took it as a slap at me. No, they are not the same thing, but I think the point is, is that every group is making changes and improving their show. All the time we see people making comments about how this corps is going to surge and that corps going to surge. They're not. The groups are set. There will be movements within that group, but not beyond that (most likely) layering, changes or what not.
  10. The bottom line is most people on DCP are armchair judges, and none of them are qualified to judge a single caption, much less all captions at once from a Flo stream. Myself included. While it's fun to argue and speculate and all of that, one has to remember at the end of the day, you aren't qualified to judge these performances as the judges are. Not nearly as qualified. If you are, then apply to be a judge. I know some DCI judges, and sure as hell I get frustrated with them a lot, but I know they are good people - people who would never deprive a whole group of their achievement by placing them lower than they should be placed. I don't think any of them would have the heart to do that. I know one quite well and after 2015 finals I was so ###### that BD beat Crown. He took the time to explain to me why he scored the way he did. It was really interesting and eye opening. I knew at that moment he knows a hell of a lot more than I do. All the judges do.
  11. queenanne_1536


    Where in the hell did I ever say layering and complete restructuring or changes are the same thing. You need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. Good grief, indeed! And BTW before you insult someone's intelligence perhaps it's just nicer to say, "Hey, are you saying layering and making changes are the same thing?" if you may be misinterpreting what someone is saying, or they didn't state their point so eloquently.
  12. I used to think there were politics in judging. Since then I've moved beyond my biases and accepted the fact that I'm not qualified to judge one single caption, much less all of them simultaneously. I think everyone needs to remember that. If we were qualified, we would be judges. I love Boston's show this year, but I think they are being scored fairly. All the top 6 corps are executing well, and very little separates them. But, very little across the board becomes 3 points total. I'm not in the least big surprised Bluecoats are this far ahead. Expecting BAC to move up to 4th or 3rd this year is A LOT to expect. It is not easy moving up these days. Look how long it has taken Santa Clara to medal, since they began their upward climb after 2010. 7 years. These corps at the top are just so good that it takes years to move from 6th to 4th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st. Boston is on an amazing path and they may get there.
  13. queenanne_1536


    Totally, but people say things like, "oh yeah, once they're done layering" this and that. Everyone is doing that with every element of their show. No one comes out first show in June full done and finalized. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that's what people are getting at when we say "whatever." Everyone does it.
  14. queenanne_1536


    This. I agree. Whenver anyone says "layering" I'm like "whatever." Every corps is making their program better over the course of the season, every corps is changing and adding things.
  15. 1. Vanguard (undefeated from tonight through finals) 2. Devils 3. Coats 4. Cavies 5. Boston 6. Regiment 7. Blue Knights