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  1. Excitement brewing in Milwaukee...

    The design team is creating a very exciting and aggressive show. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see and hear.
  2. Excitement brewing in Milwaukee...

    Brian, yes they are! Thanks for your support! I will post pictures and a video from the March camp/Chicago Irish parade!
  3. Super proud of the work our members are doing to recruit new people to join Pioneer this year. Here is some insight into our original goals, and just how our students are rising to the occasion to achieve them and push to new heights! Trumpets: Minimum 18 (94.4% achieved at 17) Maximum 24 (70.8% achieved at 17) Mellophones: Minimum 14 (114% achieved at 16) Maximum 16 (100% achieved at 16) Euphoniums: Minimum 18 (72.2% achieved at 13) Maximum 24 (54.2% achieved at 13) Tubas: Minimum 10 (90% achieved at 9) Maximum 16 (56.3% achieved at 9) ____________________________________________________________ Total Hornline: 2017 Total: 28 2018 Minimum: 60 (91.6% achieved at 55) 2018 Maximum 80 (68.7% achieved at 55) _____________________________________________________________ TRUMPETS, BARITONE/EUPHONIUMS, and TUBAS! If you are still looking for a place to march this year, consider joining Pioneer as we march the largest hornline in corps history! We'd love to help you reach your goals. #GrowPio
  4. I appreciate the advice. Considering we have doubled numbers from last year so far (by focusing on who is already close to camp), you would be correct in your assessment that our numbers benefited from doing so. I understand that you feel that nothing will be different, and I'm not here to tell you it's going to be a certain amount better this year. I'm telling you we are doing our best to make the experience the best it can be for the students. The students do not owe "being better" to anyone but themselves. I'm so proud of the way they are working right now. I look forward to sharing clips from the Chicago parade in March to share our progress with everyone.
  5. Nearly 40% of the hornline is within two hours of Chicago :-)
  6. Pioneer 2018

  7. Here is our entire brass staff ... very proud of the team we've put together to teach our students. A https://pioneer-corps.org/staff/brass.html
  8. https://www.flomarching.com/video/6063457-pioneer-brass-caption-head-discusses-2018
  9. Hey all, my name is Andy Grindle, and I am the new brass caption head with Pioneer this year. If you received a callback or were cut this weekend, feel free to reach out for free Google Hangout lessons to help you prepare for the next phase of your audition journey. Whether you are interested in marching with Pioneer this year or not, you deserve feedback that is going to help you reach your goals; you also deserve to be somewhere that values who you are as a musician and person. We'll help you develop the skills to prepare you for the next steps in your musical journey. Feel free to share with anyone who is in need of help. Thanks! #Positivity #Inclusion #Opportunity
  10. Pioneer 2018

    Thanks, all! We're looking forward to helping these students be the best they can be. We appreciate the support and constructive feedback; both are equally important to reaching our goals. See you on the road!
  11. Pioneer 2018

    I appreciate your insight and candidness of what you think is/isn't happening. Please know that we are doing everything we can to give these students a great experience. I'm sorry that you do not feel that our efforts are making a difference. The kids feel great about what is happening, as there were only 21 brass in attendance for the January camp last year. To be 10 students higher than that with 36 days left until camp provides a lot to be proud of. I know I'M proud of them. Again, thank you for your opinion. I look forward to keeping everyone updated as we accomplish our goals...no matter how unrealistic or outlandish you may think they are. Andy Brass Caption Supervisor
  12. Pioneer 2018

    1. Yes. We have 31 brass registered for January camp with 36 days left until camp. This number is not including members who have previous commitments (so they can't attend camp) and those who have just been cut from other drum corps that we will be reaching out to. 2. This is my first year with Pioneer, so I couldn't say for sure if the talent level is higher. What I can say is that these students are hungry, and they have been pushing the staff for instruction. We are currently making our way through our brass fundamental program through videos and will begin Skype private lessons shortly. Our goal for the January camp is (and has been since September 12 when we started) 50 brass members in attendance. I have no doubt that we will reach this mark, and I look forward to sharing pictures (and maybe even a video) of what they accomplish. At the end of the day, this is not about comparing specific years of the past to what we are doing. The students are focused on making great sounds together, moving together, and being the best version of themselves that they can be. Bold statements are made when you believe strongly in what you're doing, and in this case, what the students are doing. I can't wait to share their work with everyone. #GrowPio Andy
  13. Pioneer 2018

    As with any corps, things tend to develop as the season goes on. The name, at this point, is what it is. I can't wait for you to hear the MUSIC. It doesn't sound like anything Pioneer has ever played thanks to our new Brass Composer/Arranger, Rob Stein. I know everyone is worried about the title and the use of "Irish," but I think you'll find that this program will bring a darker sound and feel than what you are used to hearing from Pioneer, and perhaps a different side of what "Irish" can be. Our brass staff has already begun developing our signature sound with the current members, and they are further along than they have ever been at this point in the year. We're working hard to prepare our students to blow you away at the first show in Whitewater, Wisconsin on June 23. We appreciate the support, everyone! Andy Grindle Brass Caption Supervisor
  14. Pioneer 2018

  15. Pioneer 2018

    Yep, must have been a mistake. We will be there!