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  1. Toby

    Pioneer Put on Probation

    Or just went elsewhere
  2. Toby

    Pioneer Member Rant

    I don’t see them loaning those rolling wrecks out this fall to Waukesha...
  3. Toby

    Pioneer What Next?

    Yup. -Chairperson of a non-profit BoD
  4. Director of the year: Sean Gallant (SCV) Jim Jones Leadership Awards: Claire Albrecht (Cadets) Zingali Color Guard: Boston Crusaders Visual: Vanguard Jim Ott Brass: Vanguard Sanford Percussion: Vanguard Angelic General Effect: Vanguard 12th: 86.7500 Crossmen 11th: 86.9500 Phantom 10th: 88.1500 Mandarins 9th: 88.9250 Blue Knights 8th: 90.0500 Blue Stars 7th: 92.2250 The Cadets 6th: 93.2125 The Cavaliers 5th: 94.3125 Boston Crusaders (CG) 4th: 95.5000 Carolina Crown 3rd: 96.9500 Bluecoats 2nd: 97.3500 Blue Devils 1st: 98.6250 Santa Clara Vanguard (P, GE, B, Vis)
  5. One of 3 corps to out-Phantom, Phantom.
  6. 29 since they didn't have to share.
  7. It's Vanguard's title. 29 years is coming to an end.
  8. Run run run run run! Bari sustain! Flag feature is just amazing. Take it home!
  9. This ending evokes a bit of Phantom for me, but all the best of it. Thanks Shaw! The platforms split the corps, and set the stage.
  10. Dance break! And everyone is invited to it. Tubas and drumline laying it down.
  11. That soloist, "What, Santa Clara don't scream?" ;)
  12. Body is a Cage, his sound shouldn't be caged. Another great decision for color palette in this show. The contrast between the guard and the corps. Pop! Blast!