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  1. In 1993, it was during the Finale from Estancia. In 1994, it was during the Herrmann to close the show.
  2. Key word is "listening." If Thompson and Sage had arrived a year early, who knows...
  3. 1993. This year is why I'm a drum corps fan. And this show is why I've always been a Regiment fan. Very different pieces of music arranged to fit together perfectly, and oozing GE that DEMANDED three standing Os (something they haven't had in a while). 1996. My first drum corps show to see live was in Tulsa that summer, though rain forced Regiment indoors - still incredible. Visual minimalism that wouldn't be competitive today and was even pretty different back then, but it worked so well. 2005. Freaking toe tapper, with some "aren't they too stiff?" jam. First year with Jamey Thompson and Adam Sage, with greatly improved performances in brass and percussion. 2007. Great concept, especially visually. As others have said, I wish they would've gone with a different closer, but still a great show. For the fifth show, several stand out to me for different reasons: 1995, 2006, 2010 Dishonorable mention: 2016. Couldn't be more disappointed for an anniversary year.
  4. But they also restaged different parts of the show several different times. It was cobbled. Then re-cobbled. I'm not sure that show would've ever amounted to much, but it's a great example of re-doing so much content that there's no time left to clean.
  5. Would love to hear Caprice Bohemien again. Loved the repertoire Phantom Regiment used in 1995. Visually, well...
  6. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Oftentimes the catalyst for a change in trajectory is a key hire or a set of hires. Elevating from within for the retiring program coordinator doesn't seem to be that catalyst. Nor do the other design team hires, it would seem to me. To me, the best hire the corps made was the guy that started this conversation - the BK brass caption head.
  7. Glassmen 2005

    Dvorak meets Magic of Orlando!
  8. Phantom Regiment 2018

    The new brass caption head at Regiment has been caption head with the Blue Knights for a few seasons.
  9. Runnicles needs to put that #### baton in his right hand where it belongs...
  10. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Just read on Facebook that Dan Richardson passed away. An important figure in the Phantom Regiment organization for decades.
  11. Phantom Regiment 2018

    The clip was maybe two seconds. You'd have to be really good to pick it out.
  12. Phantom Regiment 2018

    West Side Story! (actually, I can't place it)
  13. "Folatre" is French for "manufactured difficulty." That was crazier than brass band stuff!
  14. Deducting donations is only smart. No need in try to shame us for doing so.
  15. 2005 Phantom

    :) :(