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  1. Okay, saw the vid from Stanford. I still don't get the criticism that was thrown at this group on the Stanford thread. I do agree with the chatter about the transition from black helmets to white. I think that needs some work, including making it clear why it's being done in the first place. The dark and light characters cross paths during the ballad - they didn't jaw or pull hair or anything, so not sure what's going on there. Has anyone heard the design perspective on the show?
  2. If you're referring to the one uploaded on June 23, that run-through was actually in Nebraska. So it was probably June 21 at the latest.
  3. I also vote "none of the above." All corps appear to be assimilating to the rules, and hipsters typically go out of their way to shun social norms (in a retro kind of way). The last hipster corps seemed to be the Scouts under Scott Stewart. Or maybe the steampunk Troopers from a few years ago... :)
  4. Weber was DM in 98, and I believe that was the first of Gaines's (consecutive) run at writing drill. I believe Gaines was involved prior in other capacities, including guard and helping with drill.
  5. When I first started attending shows in 1996, the programs always listed Regiment brass at 70 strong. So if they have 70 this year, it would seem they are reverting to the old days.
  6. For Regiment to rise, they'd have to beat a few corps, and I'm not sure which one(s) that would be, if any at all. But for Regiment to fall that far, they'd have to lose to a few corps. With all due respect to those groups, I think only Boston could potentially be up to that task. (I like Blue Stars but not sure they could do it, and I can't see Xmen or Academy doing it)
  7. Has Gaines been involved with the corps long enough yet to have much influence drillwise? His position was announced pretty recently, but maybe he's been longer than the announcement suggests.
  8. I really mean performance trajectory - I was mixing up my use of the word. They sound like a bag right now playing much more difficult stuff than they're used to. In previous years, the brass line has wound up with a competent performance. Speculation: maybe they had some juice left in the tank that they weren't using at the end of those seasons and that will certainly get used up with this year's show. But ultimately, we currently differ on our opinions of this year's design. I think it has potential to let them rise up from their current position.
  9. I think the point is this: Early on in 2008, Regiment was hanging around 4th/5th, and they ended up in 1st. Early on in 2017, Regiment is hanging around 9th/10th, and given previous years' trajectories, they could end up in 6th/7th. The argument isn't "they have the potential to win a title in 2017" (at least I hope no one is that crazy). The argument is "they have the potential to be a lot better this year, let's give it a little time." Yes, "all is lost" is declared for this corps early on for the last few years. And, in my opinion, that was justified. :) This year, I just don't happen to think it is. At least not to the extent that I saw in the Stanford thread.
  10. Wow - that Stanford thread... I didn't get to see the broadcast. But I think it's worth noting that Regiment brass always struggles early on and they just typically don't play this level of brass book. (I'm not justifying their early season struggles, as it's bothered me for a few years that they don't perform at a high level until the end of the season, but perhaps it can give some hope) Despite all the criticism (that I'm sure is justified), they were only a point behind BK.
  11. A lot of stuff by Ben Folds (Five) would translate well to drum corps. Also, he's been "composing" tunes (variations on Rock This B*tch) on stage for several years. Especially cool when he does it with orchestras.
  12. From what I've seen, corps that have costume changes wear their uni or some version of it during rehearsals.
  13. Just watched also... - Rach 2 in the ballad makes a lot more sense now, as I guess it's a "good ghost" section. - I remember back to someone mentioning how Cartwright uses "skirts as flags" a lot. Same here, but I think they look great in the closer. - The drill looks really competent (especially compared to last year). - The Khachaturian is going to take a while.
  14. I wouldn't say "bad," but outside of Bloo, I wouldn't be worried about the competition if I were BD and SCV. (not that I'm predicting that finish)
  15. Just got back from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. Wonderful theater experience. This ballad was especially great.