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  1. Any word on if Regiment will use a choir octet for 2/3 of the show?!?
  2. Don't forget... Crown 2016: bro's dad was killed! The Academy 2016: bro's wife-to-be was killed!
  3. Love his stuff, and this is a great tune in particular. Should have some great electronic stuff in it.
  4. I was always curious where The Son of Man was heading...
  5. Aside from a couple seasons (Ballet for Martha, Les Mis), SCV shows have all had the same "feel" to me since 1997. And Pete Weber has a lot to do with that (only two drill writers during that span, though I think Ron Hardin did a lot of rewriting in 2005).
  6. Also, OU cap at :03. Clearly featuring the talent early on...
  7. I'd guess that Cartwright is running the show. Let's not forget that Pitts suggested at least the two ballads last year, and perhaps more of the repertoire, so he had quite a lot of say in his first year (I didn't really care for either ballad, so I'm not convinced more control is a good thing yet). Regiment always does a great job with these videos - feel good hype but without much given away yet. Anyone know what retention numbers look like this year? From what little I could see of the guard, they look older than last year.
  8. Curious as to which recent shows weren't "Vanguard"?
  9. Loved SCV's take on Melilo last year. Not looking forward to Brandt Crocker pronouncing this thing in Indy...
  10. Many brass band tunes have been used in drum corps. To my knowledge, the Cadets started the trend in 1997 with Year of the Dragon. And they repeated the next year with Stonehenge. BK did an all Peter Graham show in 2000, and other corps have played Graham since. BD used Paganini Variations by Wilby as their ballad in 2000, and Regiment did the same in 2009. The Academy did an all-Wilby show in their second season in world class in 2008. And there are many more in between. Crown gets a lot of credit for popularizing brass band music in drum corps, but it's been around for a while.
  11. In that case... love the Sibelius! #moresibelius
  12. I MUCH prefer the original acoustic version to this slower one. The slower one seems to be the basis for the Reagan HS arrangement. And speaking of the Reagan show, I wasn't expecting Festival Variations performed on the field in 2016.
  13. Sounds more like Variation 14 to me. And I <3 that closer (and the rest of the show).
  14. The Sibelius reveal first happened when some eagle eye noted from a camp video that Finlandia was the tune that was on the stands.