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  1. And Boston (the city and sports teams). And peeing.
  2. Wait, who is the snowflake here?
  3. This post is delightfully blunt.
  4. Yes. I thought Regiment's show was very much in the style of a Broken Arrow show: some loosely tied classical tunes with a guard theme.
  5. I heard he had conversations with Cadets after last season.
  6. I've been calling for Divertimento for years. And add to the list his Olympic Hymn.
  7. I think Frozen Cathedral would fit well with a "Mysterious Mountain" idea, including stuff like the Hovhaness piece, Alpine Symphony by Strauss, and Symphonia Antarctica by Vaughn Williams. I like this idea! Add in some pre-show stuff from Deep Field by Eric Whitacre. But don't seel it as a comparison to Cadets/Mass... :)
  8. If you mean finals, then last year. If you mean season, then I'd read 1986. (They scored over 90 in 2009 in at least semis).
  9. This is my hope as well, along with keeping the design team intact (unless you can get Shaw and Rennick back ). Great show, and something to be proud of. My best "feelings" about this corps to start the postseason in a while...
  10. Really like the closer!
  11. Like what? Like PR 2010? Or like Blue Knights 2017? (legit question - I'd like to hear)
  12. Any idea if the Allentown ending is the Indy ending (Ind-ing)? Was hoping to see a little more movement in the final 30 seconds, though perhaps the flag work is what is receiving the spotlight.
  13. At least there's only one ballad this year...
  14. Loved his arrangements with Madison in 2010. Any idea why he only lasted a year there? I understand he left on his own - just wonder why.
  15. Yeah, but how does the "fantasy," "illusion," "beauty," etc. reinforce the narrative?