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  1. I'm cool with amps I'm not cool with a eulogy for sarah jones, talking about grandma's paper skin or screaming I know you
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    Madison already did Star Wars, we don't need to revisit it
  3. What you want for 2018

    It takes me out of the show, I prefer uniformity to individuality. I find faces distracting. I want big picture
  4. 2008 you had to be there 2006 could include their run from 2005-2008, dancing pentagram for the win 1996 what a horn line, music book 1982 maybe I do have a thing for gladiators 1979 Marching warm up and one of my favorite music books HM 89, 91, 93, 94, 95, 03,05, 07 Least favorite 1986 devoid of color musically and visually, looked 10 years out of date 1999 already covered 2015, 2016 and 2017; intrigued me as it was different and when I got the CD listened to them a bit until all the horn stick outs from the amps compelled me to buy Finlandia and I realized I like the source music so shelfed their version. I hope they can turn the trend around
  5. What you want for 2018

    I’d like tighter spandex and covered heads but not necessarily hats. maybe fruit bowls or viking horns. I just don’t like seeing the marchers’ faces
  6. I do that with BD too On the CD, I really notice the compression on corps that amped the entire horn line, it’s beyond the normal DCI compression and blows the musical dynamics. Bluecoats are the worst offenders, for their closer they drop everything way down. There also seem to be some phasing in BD’s but I think that is performance based, could be bleed on the mic though
  7. Cadets 2018

    I’m not counting words. I’m focused on the artlessness of title. Of how they have boxed in their concept before allowing it develop. How once again, they have to tell me what they are going for instead of showing me. It’s all rather clunky It’s good to have a focus but they are already backed into a corner and blew the visual of the t-shirts I do expect the title to change but it feels like what was supposed to be fixed, it’s stoned awakening statues all over again
  8. Crossmen Announce 2018 Program

    Symphony Pathétique? Mad props if they can pull that off in the horn line, massive boo’s if it’s all pit and thank you for not playing DMB
  9. Color Guard Trophies (DCI)

    In the days of yore they did announce top guards but it wasn’t on the sheets. This topic has come up here before and several posters filled in the gaps, I’d suggest searching for it
  10. All time shows: Bluecoats

    2011 after the opener took a dive. They tried to do that quadraphonic sound and it just didn’t work, they had to break out speakers a few years later to fake it 2013 has one of their best music books ever (if I ignore some nasty synth patches backing solos which is basically impossible) but their visual was clunky. They spent a lot of time trying to work the bleachers but the visual effect never paid off. The bleachers worked far better as ramps for 2014. They marched super dirty that year too Both shows were important as they utilized ideas they’d refine and better implement for their medal runs but on their own, a bit too flawed. Not all the risks they take pay off
  11. All time shows: Bluecoats

    the Blue Colts
  12. All time shows: Troopers

    I missed their glory years due to age so this will feel incomplete 2008 it’s a biased, sentimental pick for the little corps that could, they had a tiny guard, maybe 15 people but it was a great show designed to their corps and they punched way above their weight. It brought them back to being relevant. I was so impressed I brought the t-shirt 1979 hippies and cowboys, what’s not to love? 1985 their best version of the Red Pony 2015 was a well designed show, it was unfairly put in the shadows by Crown 2007, there is more than one way to skin a horse 1980 turkey in the straw bass drum solo
  13. All time shows: Bluecoats

    what years did you march?
  14. All time shows: Bluecoats

    that reminds me, 1994's C Jam closer is one the best songs to hit the field
  15. BD has posted numbers of where their membership came from, I think 36 were from BDB last year (but someone should double check as I do get things wrong) No idea of SCV’s number but they are on an huge uptick and I think that would affect retention going forward In the days of old when BD and SCV were equals, it was mainly a choice of style or section but there was a ton of back and forth between the corps. I’d be curious to know if SCV has been feeding BD the past few years and if that is changing now