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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    Increase maximum membership to 154 - not a fan but it's only 4 more people so whatever Extend World Championship Finals to 15 corps - Everyone is a winner and gets a prize but really, its paper thin reasoning “To give added status to corps for use in local fundraising and general recruitment.”” That's needed at the local level, Really? Only into it if they add the extra corps to the DVD/ Blu ray and don't jack finals tickets prices because I smell a money grab No scoring before July 1 - everyone is a winner baby move No scores ordinals only – another everyone is a winner baby move Seriously, are they all going to march in diapers too? Sometimes, that spread is need in a caption. What’s with all this wimping-out the competition and that 'All decisions are equal. ' No and they shouldn't be Annual Rules Congress - don't care but I recall it was a cost moves so no more crying poor DCI limit on the number of brass musicians who can be amplified at any one time to be set at six - yes, yes and yes. I love you Cavies, the marchers love you Add a “Brass 2” judge at large shows - sure, why not Remove the Field Percussion and Ensemble Percussion judges and replace them with a percussion judge who will evaluate performances on the field. The second: Utilize a Music Analysis 2 judge at large regional events and the DCI World Championships who has a percussion focus. - no, it's not WGI and "there is a growing consensus that these evolutions will lead us to a more desirable system for all. " oh please, there is a growing consensus you shut up and stop talking for other people Update the music analysis adjudication sheet.- can't tell as we don't know what that update is, electronic are supposed be judged now
  2. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    ya but its Marching Bands
  3. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind their 2017 uniform being a dino and a fan of their traditional look. I couldn’t get into their music and the 12 mic brass was not to my taste, what I would consider a music GE killer at best, a cheat at worst. The visual was great though
  4. Video edits 2017

    Anyone crack 4K bluray yet? What I read about it I hate as even the connecting cable are proprietary, I understand you can’t even watch it off-line. I feel it’s a maybe a platform killing move as I know a bunch of tech a/v nerds that bought the last issues of a top of the line UDP as back ups to avoid 4K altogether, telling as they are usually in line for the latest and greatest
  5. Accepting offers to crash it and report back, cash only
  6. 2005 Phantom

    I cringed with dread at the announcement and then ended up loving the show which developed a ton over the season they marched great that year
  7. Decorum Between Groups at a show...

    if someone is too super homer.... I'm not a nice person
  8. Madison Scouts 2018

    she was with Regiment recently (last year?) recent enough that it didn't seem to help them move up, for what its worth
  9. Decorum Between Groups at a show...

    I don’t like to talk to people around me. Usually between corps I stretch, run to the washroom, grab a beer or whisper snarky comments in the ear of whomever I’m attending the show with. If someone feels compelled to talk to me, I say as little as possible, never offer much feedback and try to kill it politely. See, we all hate know it all boars which is what I would come off as if I were to indulge the chatter. Plus I sort of like letting people show me what they don’t know. I also never wear any drum corps gear to shows and would never cop to marching
  10. Interesting matchup, Cavies 2010 has one of the best drills ever but Regiment 08 was a GE monster and I’ve never seen a show hit like that at finals so Regiment 08 gets my vote I did my monthly pop in on reddit and they are running a thread about Regiment 08 using mics for the “I am Spartacus’ vocals, besides being legal then it kind of missed the point of Spartacus. I wonder when those crazy kids on there will figure it out
  11. Difficult as they are usually one of my favorites, after consulting DCX to figure out the years Top 5 in no order 1985 1987 1991 2004 2007 Hm: 80, 81, 88, 96, 2000 3 least favorite: 2010, 2011, 2014
  12. All time shows: Pioneer

    need to figure out the name and year but my favorite was some early 80s show
  13. Video edits 2017

    So if the CDs don’t have the edits, DCI should upload the videos without any sound (or include the full unedited show on the DVD w/out sound as a bonus) with a countdown watermarked at the start of the show videos to ‘press play on the CD now’ so we can do an at home synch…then do the same for all the corps outside the top 12, maybe even sell a soundless DVD for non-top 12 with a CD as a bundle
  14. Finals Format

    I liked the more random prelim order, it was fun. Maybe try it for San Antonio, make it a 2-day event, prelims and finals. Put some of the higher-ranking corps on early at Prelims to get people in the seats. it could add some drama as it’s often the first big meet up of the season…could also see the corps benefit by not having to travel for a day. Could also see the attendance going up on both days as it’d be more trip worthy. Didn’t they do the corps in seeded chunks for finals there anyway?
  15. Cadets 2018

    so Hop is going be there too?