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    Bluecoats 1982-1988, Royal Lancers Sr - 1991, Bushwackers Sr. - 1995, Kingston Grenadiers Sr (Staff) - 1997
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    Bluecoats 1987 - 1st time in Finals baby
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    1986 & 1987 - it was fun to finally be competitive and beat corps we had only looked up to before
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  1. bluecoats88


    actually, the vocals BD did in 2005 (Yowza Yowza Yowza) were live and performed by a pit member. I thought they sounded the best of all the voice work done to that point.
  2. bluecoats88

    Rockford Files - Show of Shows

    first meeting of the west coast and east coast corps, now we will see how the scores line up based on Blue and SCV's spread
  3. bluecoats88

    Marvelous Minnesota, July 8

    actually no, SCV & Phantom meet Bluecoats tonight in Rockford for the first east meets west meetup
  4. actually it is the Bloophbaris who put the stage together, and they wear blue hard hats not the bowlers during construction and tear down
  5. bluecoats88


    on July 7th East meets West for the first time in Rockford when Phantom and SCV go against Bluecoats. Based on the spreads from this show we should get an idea of how the east and west corps all line up
  6. bluecoats88


    How has Bluecoats surprised with their percussion? they were 2nd last year, not much of a surprise to see them being one of the top units again this year
  7. bluecoats88

    Incomplete Shows

    Were these corps with incomplete shows onthe field for 10 minutes? If so then they met the minimum requirement for a complete show. No where in the rules does it say youhave to move at all ordo anything more thanstandstill and play music. Although doing that will hurt your score but unless you are on the field for less than10 minutes the no penalty is required
  8. bluecoats88

    Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    They played it a couple times in the 70's and it was also the corps song in the 70's. it kinda faded out during the middle years corps after folding in 1979. then in 1988 autumn leaves became the corps song.
  9. bluecoats88

    2014 uniforms

    it's the same shoulder as last year just white instead of light blue and tilted.
  10. bluecoats88

    2014 uniforms

    it's interesting how people complain about the new trends in uniforms and wish things would go back to the old style, then complain about the length of the bluecoats jackets, when in fact this uniform was designed to look similar to the original bluecoats uniform worn from 1974-1978 and can be seen on the left of this picture showing our uniforms through the years.
  11. bluecoats88

    2014 uniforms

    Normally the horn line wears the strap under the chin so it won't interfere with their mouthpieces while playing, but the drum line wears the strap across the chin (or in the mouth) since there's no mouthpiece to interfere with and it looks cooler.
  12. bluecoats88

    Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    Also the Bluecoats Alumni Group Rythym in Blue will be performing a few tunes at the beginning of the show. I believe the rep is Creep, Bridge over Troubled Water/The Boxer, and autumn Leaves for this performance. Make sure you are there early to see this innaugural performance of RiB.
  13. bluecoats88

    The staff merrigoround

    in 1990 one of the Bluecoats keyboard players wrote the pit book for limited edition. She did this while she was still a member of the bluecoats, and she also won the keyboard I&E competition and got the highest score in I&E.
  14. bluecoats88

    Warrensburg, MO TOC Smackdown!

    The Bluecoats have just spent the last few days making changes. hopefully this will propel them up over phantom and maybe even SCV
  15. Les Eclipses 1984 was also busted for marching over age members.