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  1. 2017 DCI A/V

    Another cool thing to see is 2017 videos are available for download on Marchingmusicdownloads.com now...and they have corps out of the top 12 available, INCLUDING Seattle Cascades who didn't make the CD! Nice, because I liked that show :) Cost is $15 a video though, so if you want all thats available outside the top 12, its gonna be a little expensive.
  2. 2017 DCI A/V

    Got mine today...just watched Crown...Sound is awesome. There is one spot where they fixed the singer’s part where there is a noticeable audio to video issue ( slightly out of sync ) but overall pretty great job by Tom Blair and his crew getting that show on the discs cleaned up considering the mic issues on both Semis and Finals night. watched Boston as well, and...the cut of the ballad is beyond frustrating, but I know there is nothing I can do about it. As I have said in other threads, something has got to be done about the licensing issue that benefits all involved. The shows that are cut-up are like watching a Broadway show with scenes cut out. The quality of the Blu-ray is out of this world...picture and sound feel like you are there live.
  3. 2017 DCI A/V

    Yes, but I think that cut was only made to the DVD/Bluray set, not the CD's. I'm listening now to the show and I think its all intact audio wise. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
  4. 2017 DCI A/V

    I thought it was just BDB and Spartans that had edits on the CD.?(according to DCI website) I have the CD set so I’ll listen again, but I thought the Blue Devils had their complete show on there, including Rihanna...I’ll check again.
  5. Video edits 2017

    2008 has Phantom Regiment edited...I don't remember edits earlier than that year. I think it was around then that things started to get more complicated for DCI in regards to licensing... 2015 has some edits - I think if you go to the DCI store and click on the years you want they list the edits that were done (although 2017 doesn't have the edits listed, you have to go to a different spot on their website to see those). Get the Essentials volumes while you can - I believe they are already sold out of Vol. 1.
  6. Video edits 2017

    Just a note for all those wondering about the CD's - got mine on Saturday and they sound great as always. All the corps performances are complete except for the two edits that were listed on DCI's website (BDB and Spartans). So, I assume they only edited out those other large sections due to copyright from the videos for the Cavies, BD, Blue Knights, Boston and Blue Stars. I'll be interested to see the reaction to the videos once they get released - I have a feeling a lot of people aren't in the know about the cuts and will purchase and be unpleasantly surprised with missing parts of shows - more so than any other year since all this started. Drum Corps planet will be busy with lots of posts expressing their displeasure...
  7. Video edits 2017

    Good question - you could probably go to the Tresona website or contact them to find out how they define it, but I know every time I enter a new piece of music to arrange for marching band on Tresona's website, there is a spot where it asks if I want to add another piece to the arrangement to make a medley. So I would assume its where you use two or more pieces and connect them in some way to make one arrangement (no stops in between each piece, maybe layer each piece over each other, etc). It there is a clear stopping point between one piece to the next, then I would say its not a medley.
  8. Video edits 2017

    Just received my cd set today...
  9. Video edits 2017

    Were the three tunes played on their own, or were they created into a medley? If they were created into a medley, then Tresona charges using the Most Favored Nation clause. If they were played as three separate pieces, then you would pay for each individually according to what Tresona charges.
  10. Video edits 2017

    Getting back to the sync rights issue - I have a question for those who might know. Is there a most favored nation clause for sync rights? I know for example, for arranging licenses for marching band when I arrange each season, if I arrange something that constitutes a medley of three songs, Tresona charges whatever the most expensive song rights are for ALL THREE songs...in other words, if I arrange a medley of songs that has Rainbow Connection, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Fly to Paradise, each song will cost the arranger whatever the most expensive tune is. So even if Rainbow Connection and Somewhere Over the Rainbow by themselves would be 100 bucks each, because Fly to Paradise costs 500 bucks, all three then cost 500 bucks. Someone can correct me if I am wrong in that, but I believe thats the case. I encountered that a couple years ago when arranging and using Tresona for arranging licenses. Does this occur for sync licenses as well? If it does, I imagine that is what kills DCI financially. They might be able to afford some of the tunes in the Blue Stars show this past season if they were stand alone tunes, but since they constitute a medley where they are mashed together, if the most favored nation clause takes effect each song would cost whatever the most expensive one is...if some of these Pop tunes that are used cost a lot, if they are used in a medley, it really kicks the price up for the other tunes used. Thus the financial burden on DCI and the edits. I still wish to know whether permission wasn't granted for all of the tunes edited out this season in various shows, or if it was just a financial decision by DCI that they could not afford those songs...
  11. Video edits 2017

    My question is this: are the edits this year and in previous years due to the composers, songwriters, and publishers saying "NO" to the requests from DCI, or are they saying "yes" but the cost is just too high for DCI to afford and DCI makes the decision to cut due to that. I have a feeling its more the costs are too high than DCI getting "no" answers... It would be interesting to know this, because you could then see the composers and publishers who are charging astronomical fees for syncing their music to video. I imagine DCI is not allowed to publish this, but it would be interesting... I too am glad that at least the CD's appear that they will have most of the shows in full
  12. From DCI website today, edits are listed. Over 2 minutes of Blue Knights, Cavies, and Boston shows are cut, and over 3 minutes from Blue Stars...42 seconds of BD as well. We can discuss the licensing issues ad nauseum, but honestly, this all just stinks. Something has got to be done to fix this so that everyone gets paid appropriately and the shows still stay intact. Probably will never happen, but it just seems wrong to not see full shows after the kids and staffs work so hard. So frustrating...
  13. I think its just easier to get audio licenses for the CD's than it is sync licenses for the videos. Last year there weren't any cuts to the CD's, but some cuts were on the vids and also they never released some of the 13 - 25 corps on video for downloads at the Marching Music Downloads site (the 13 - 25 were all on the CD set though). The video licensing is probably much more expensive and much more difficult to obtain. I'm glad at least the CD's will be out soon... :)
  14. In an email to DCI Friends members who renewed their membership, it was stated that 2017 Cd sets would be available soon, but the Blu-ray/DVD would take a bit longer to be released...hope they can get it out before the holidays.
  15. Marchingmusicdownloads.com?