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  1. Marchingmusicdownloads.com?
  2. I imagine our World Champion Blue Devils show will have edits and cuts in it due to the use of the Rihanna material...pure speculation of course. I wonder what other edits and cuts we will have to see for various corps on the DVD's/CD's/Blurays due to the licensing being too expensive or not being granted at all....
  3. High Camera Vids

    Cadets 91 definitely exists - no 95 or 98 though that I'm aware of. High Cam vids were not released those years, just multicam.
  4. I feel like I'm 17 again, watching 1985 finals on PBS and trying to tune in the UHF channel with the rabbit ears antenna!! Lol
  5. Really sad that many of these corps 2017 performances from prelims, or even some from semis will not be on videos due to the licensing issues. Top 12 again this year I assume, although you never know...it was so great a few years ago when we had the Fan Network with so much access to videos, audios, and then the video sets would include all the corps from Open Class and World. :(. I know it's a sticky issue, but I selfishly wish I could have access to all of it every year at will, not just live...that's the obsessed fan in me. Will it ever go back to that? probably not in the near future. Even On Demand that was offered last year for some of the corps but not all has mysteriously disappeared from the radar this season...haven't heard a peep from DCI.
  6. Hmm, well look...they added the extra speaker mics and two other mics held by people. Kind of sad that wasn't there for the Open class corps.
  7. So, how is the sound for everyone on the broadcast? It doesn't look like they are using the pit "speaker" smaller stand mics like they normally use to get any of the amplified sounds into the overall speaker mix. I only see the three large field mics...
  8. Beating a dead horse, but I just don't understand how the feed can be fine for four hours plus, then bam, it just stops or freezes. Hi cam has been fine all season, but not tonight. Multicam sporadic all season, fine tonight. So frustrating...
  9. High cam flickering, multicam not.
  10. Anyone know if FloMarching will provide a high cam stream AND a multicam stream for all of the events? I know DCI Live did that for quite a few streams over the last couple seasons, and Fan Network before that. I have an email in to DCI, but wanted to see if anyone knew here...
  11. Don't know how much interest this will garner, but DCI's On Demand service subscription ended on June 1 for those of us who actually purchased last season. Now the On Demand videos from 2016 and few from 2015 are no longer up on the DCI site, and there is no mention of getting a new subscription for this season. Anyone have any inside info as to if they are going to offer that again? or are we back to just the live subscriptions with FloMarching and purchasing video downloads from Marchingmusicdownloads.com due to licensing issues? It seems like one step forward two steps back the last few seasons with all of this...
  12. For any Crown Fans out there: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332230427780?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 This is the "Rach Star" year - nice Tour DVD and tough to find.
  13. Cory Band performance of Triumph of Time...long, but worth it :)
  14. Pick one show you are glad you saw live

    88 Blue Devils
  15. For anyone looking, DCI store now has BACK the Legacy years and some of the 2000 - to 2009 vids and cds...some are still missing, but it looks like they have everything available from when they closed the old online store and opened the new one. Nice to see...I was able to purchase the 2008 13-25 corps DVD to replace the one that I had (it had a scratch on it that prevented it from playing). Get all those years while you can :)