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  1. Cadets 2018

    Agree. Show themes with deep meaning, political or social messages are not the way to go. As someone else said, this would be a great year to just put together 4 new works and teach the drill at spring training. Show the world you can learn new music and drill in a short period of time. It might be fun and give the members a nice challenge. I'd love to see them do something fun. I realize that is not very realistic. I'm sure they will cut some of the show music and come up with something nice.
  2. Totally agree with you here. It's a fine line. Some colleges allow it, others do not. I can't think of any drum corps that will allow it now.
  3. I agree, which is why I did say "I just wish Dan would have remembered that conversation better..." I will let Dan speak for himself on this. It definitely doesn't look good, but what evidence was given? Did Stuart give Dan a phone number, email, some way to contact the accuser? Did he contact YEA board members? I do not know.
  4. Having finally read the Stuart Rice claims what I came away with was this: He says he spoke with Dan at DCI and mentioned that he had "heard" that a staff member was sleeping with a student. Then he called again and says he was more specific that it was Hopkins of the Cadets who was sleeping with a student. In each case he said he "heard" these claims but had no proof. He did not provide names of the accusers, nor did he provide contact info for Dan to follow up. The accusation he clearly mentioned is "having sex with..." Not sexual abuse, rape, or other charges. Even though most corps may have a POLICY that staff and admins are not allowed to have romantic/sexual relationships with corps members, we must remember that providing this encounter was consensual and the girl/guy was 18 or over, then it's perfectly legal. Very inappropriate...but legal. Dan had to be careful about how he proceeded, and with no proof and no contact info for the accusers there is not much he can do. As much as I want to see justice served (and in my heart I believe these young ladies who have accused Hopkins), I feel Stuart is trying to stir the pot more so than is needed. He didn't offer us anything back in the days on RAMD, and he didn't offer anything credible to Dan A when he called him. And why did he NOT call the YEA board? All of this is unfortunate because in hindsight Stuart Rice -- who I always felt was a super smart guy even when I disagreed with him -- probably heard a very true story, but with no evidence and no accusers willing to talk it simply had no legs. I believe he was trying to do the right thing and I commend him for that, but DCI needed more. Stuart is a good guy but I am not sure where all of this goes from here. I still side with Dan A on this one. I just wish Dan would have remembered that conversation better, but in fairness he gets so many calls about inappropriate behavior or other complaints that it has to be difficult to remember all of them. And we must remember that the accusation was that "Hopkins was having sex with a student." Not, Hopkins is having sex with a minor, or Hopkins is raping or molesting or sexually mistreating women of his corps.
  5. No doubt. You're right. I'm just thinking out loud.
  6. Sheesh...if true then the old YEA BOD was paying a lot of money to Hopkins ($177,000 per year) and getting nothing for it. Seriously. The guy apparently couldn't manage a budget, had no clue how to delegate and let his staff do their job, was alleged to have committed any number of crimes, and has now left The Cadets in a very difficult position.
  7. Star '91 Question

    I want to say when I saw them at DCI Canada in 1991 (a show I miss very much) that they ended in some Crown shape. I did not see the new ending until DCI Mid America in Bloomington, IN. It is still the greatest visual/musical ending I've ever seen.
  8. Yikes. And the more I read about Hopkins the more I want him locked up. What a creep.
  9. Sync rights.......

    This is likely correct. Many composers, publishers/rights holders of music content will allow music ensembles to perform their music and to even arrange it for a different kind of ensemble (like drum corps). What they may not allow is recording of that material. They may ask for a fee for recording, as well as for performing and rights to arrange; but they may also deny recording to protect the quality of the original music.
  10. Sync rights.......

    I believe sync rights fall under Mechanical License. Not positive. Essentially this is the licensing deal that allows one to record the original score/song, record their own arrangement of the song, or use a professional recording of the song for various purposes (commercial, documentary, film, TV, etc). Rights do need to be secured whether you use a recording of the music for profit or not For Boston it would have been to record (audio or video) their arrangement of the music. For a commercial they are using the original music (or slightly edited version of the original). Perhaps in this case because it is faithful to the original music (or is the original) and also because it brings in a bigger chunk of money it was allowed. Typically this is up to the content rights holder. Such is the music business.
  11. This is the correct way to look at it. If someone went to an authority and said I heard so and so is having sex (or other violations) with his/her students, my response would be "how do you know this?" I need a name. I need more evidence. In most cases unless the student/staff member comes forward -- regardless of whether it was consensual or criminal -- and unless the accused admits to the infraction it is nothing more than 3rd-party rumors. It may be enough for a person in authority to question the accused, but if they deny it and no one comes forward then the story goes away. These ladies that have bravely come forward have admitted that now was the time. I don't know if they tried to speak with someone years ago or not. If they did then that is certainly something for the investigation. That is beyond my knowledge of this whole thing. Through the years I have always got the sense that some folks had some dirt on Hopkins, but I always figured it had more to do with inappropriate use of funds, poor management, or relationships that were consensual and legal -- but perhaps unethical.
  12. Just a guess, but if she has any sense of right from wrong -- and I have heard she is outstanding as a teacher and designer for guard -- that she has likely said goodbye to Hoppy. Maybe she will stand by him until further proof comes out, IDK.
  13. YEA board resigns

    Finally! I like the new BOD so far. Great choices. All seem to bring a different skill set. Love the statement made. Well written and it cuts right to the core of the problem. Still lots of healing to do and there may be more accusations (against Hopkins or others). We may see any number of civil suits over the next year or so, and the black eye slugged onto DCI's face because of this has not healed yet. We need to help these women in need, and we need to encourage others to speak up if they have been hazed or harassed in any way, shape, or form (men and women).
  14. Cadets 2018

    Thanks for posting. They sound wonderful and I love the arrangement. It has just the right amount of dissonance carefully woven into the chordal structure to suggest difficult times and a sadness and sorrow for those hurt by their former director. Yet it has an elegant resonant quality and peaceful flow that speaks to a positive future.
  15. I agree. I want to give the BOD some level of respect. I do not believe they intended to allow someone to continue a pattern of sexual abuse, and perhaps they really didn't know this was going on until January. But they enabled GH by giving him too much control and power. That is never a good approach and DCI will be better off now because of the lessons learned from this horrific episode alone. From this point forward I doubt any director of a corps will have this kind of power ever again. More to the point, as much as I believe the BOD are good people who would never want such horrible things to happen to these young ladies, the bottom line is the news broke while they were in control. In the end, that is enough to have them step down and allow for a new BOD to move the organization in a new direction. Those are the breaks for people in charge. In an indirect way they were enablers. They didn't mean for this sort of thing to happen, and we all hope they didn't know about this until January. Now, if any of them did have prior knowledge of these criminal actions by GH before January -- and rumors have suggested that some did -- then they are guilty of not blowing the whistle on a sexual predator. That is serious stuff and most certainly calls for stepping down and potentially could lead to law suits. I hope for their sake this is not true.