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  1. goo happens when a kid on a synth. takes his finger, and presses down with all his might, to blast out low bass sound. this is done at about 10 decibels more than a 747 taking off.
  2. 2016 Prediction Thread

    Saw the Cavaliers in Dubuque, I was not that impressed. someone needs to put a stopwatch on the horn line to see how much they actually play.
  3. Dubuque

    so I'm guessing this was not one of Vanguards best shows last night. there was a spot where it looked like 4-5 members were 10 yards out of position, leaving a huge hole in the form.
  4. Rook-Out Drum Majors.

    Mark Hourigan for Phantom 1989 was a rook-out, and I thought he did a great job.
  5. I thought that was the strangest thing. At a larger step size, it looked fine, but at a smaller step size, it just looked silly.
  6. Phantom Regiment 2016

    Introspection is a #####...almost as bas as getting phd-student-TTU to recognize he is a ###.
  7. I don't know about everyone, but we had no idea. We were getting ready to do a full uniform run through when they came and told us we had to go. ( I was in the brass ensemble that won that year.)
  8. I don't think Tim did. James played much better at I&E, we had no idea this concert thing was going to happen. we had spent most of Wednesday in brass ensemble, so we were all pretty gassed by the time he had to play.
  9. James and Tim had the solos in 89, James and Mike won individuals.
  10. Staff changes 2016

    Hey, do you all remember how much fun it was in the Regiment before Dan came back? 10th place in 86, almost calling it quits before the 89 season. yep, lots of fun.
  11. Regiment '15

    so your suggesting that the judges don't understand the show, and therefore do not give credit because they don't know the characters name?
  12. Regiment '15

    did I miss something? did Regiment give this character a name?
  13. Regiment '15

    who cares?
  14. Regiment '15

    I prefer the 79 version of the organ symphony
  15. i kinda just wanted to see pictures of new uniforms...