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  1. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    If true a Shame indeed especially on a very important anniversary year. They missed on other anniversary years in the past such as the redo of Firebird. Would love to of heard something like an updated The Cavalier Anthems. Going to keep an open mind until we hear and see it though
  2. I would bet they will use and not abuse the usage of electronics. Corps take notice :)
  3. People add more words to things to make them sound more important...
  4. Trends I would like to see continued are Bluecoats musically Crown visually
  5. What you want for 2018

    As a brass person I want less music in the pit and more with the brass. The pit (after all these years) should still only be a compliment (seasonings, spice) and not the main course IMO. When being more visual and visual demand came along brass parts of the music were put in the pit
  6. What you want for 2018

    Most importantly I hope everyone has a safe and healthy 2018 season !! - no more bass synth or at the very LEAST turn it waaay down or be penalized severely - less mic'd brass and brass solos - significantly reduce the musical contribution from the pit. - reduce the size of the pit (wasn't the addition of amps almost fifteen years ago suppose to do this ?) - less (or better yet no) narration, signing and prerecorded narration
  7. All time shows: Blue Devils

    Favorites are 86 (I have listened to and watched this show an obscene amount of times...could be thousands) 88 Incredible 92 94 least favs 98 and most of the 2000's
  8. All time shows: Blue Devils

    I love 94 BD but here's the thing, in my opinion it's where the chop and bop arranging started (lots of perc breaks where in the past the brass musical lines flowed more)
  9. DCI Uniforms from 2018 and beyond

    And don't forget 2003 spin cycle
  10. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Thanks for doing this :)
  11. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    You got that right LOL . It is after all the DCI tour anthem!!
  12. Decorum Between Groups at a show...

    Well my group of people broke up years ago now so being I am flying solo at almost every show I go to, I always enjoying engaging with folks sitting nearby. I gage their interest in chatting and if they don't mind we'll Chat. I enjoyed chatting with so many different folks over the years :)
  13. Ok folks, just recently turned the calendar to November and Thanksgiving weekend is three weeks away. Has anyone seen or heard about any 2018 show announcements...even rumors?
  14. All time shows: Jersey Surf

    2003 Down the Shore with The Jersey Surf - Theme from A Summer Place * Wipeout On The Waterfront * Set Free On the Boardwalk 2004 Elvis hair show :) Lounging Around with the Fabulous Jersey Surf - Shangri-la * This Could Be the Start of Something Big * Girl From Ipanema * Also Sprach Zarathustra * See See Rider * Hound Dog & Jail House Rock * Can't Help Falling in Love * My Way 2005 The Jersey Surf Enjoys an Evening at the Pops -Symphony #5 in C Minor * William Tell Overture * Toccata and Fugue in D minor * Poet and Peasant Overture * Barber of Seville * Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 * 1812 Overture * Stars and Stripes Forever 2012 Bridgemania - In the Stone Fanfare * Land of Make Believe* William Tell Overture * Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) * Party Rock Anthem 2013 SOUL SURFIN': Bring on the FUNK! - Soul Intro * Always and Forever * (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher * Faces * Always and Forever * Let's Groove * That's the Way I Like It * I Want You Back * Respect * Apache * Play that Funky Music * Proud Mary dislikes...when Surf presents shows that are more conventional. They have the ability to have an ultra strong unique identity which is rare in the cluster of corps they compete with
  15. Madison Scouts 2018

    Hopefully he can bring the magic back… Because the men of Madison need it !!