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  1. The only thing is, what do you do/think if the staffs reactions to their show interferes with "your"ability to enjoy the show? That is issue/concern. A lot of staffs are fine but others are not and that's why it's important to point it out and address it. Nobody wants or expects the staff to sit there with their hands folded politely. It is the excessive clapping and constant cheering that is a problem. If some staffs can be respectful of the people (fans) around them then why can't all staffs do that ?
  2. When 'I' was on the field with a DCA corps for 5 seasons 'I' had no idea where 'My' staff was during performances and nor did I care. the staffs who do this act like it's a private performance just for them with no regard for anything or anyone else
  3. Thanks for this information… It is great to hear they are addressing the issue. :)
  4. Hi Folks, This is directed in hopes that someone from the DCA staff running the DCA Prelims and Finals this weekend can be aware of this. If you can help out getting this over to them (Whether you are going to be in Rochester NY this weekend or not) I (and many fans) will truly appreciate it. On to the concern.... The stadium is on smallish side and the area where staff/instructors and other corps supporters get to stand during their corps performance is right on top on the lower tier seating area. A good number (majority) of staff and instructors scream out and yell and clap for 'Their' corps to the point that it completely interferes with the fans ability to enjoy the show. This problem has been getting worse not better. Last year it was so bad that a verbal fight broke out between staff and fans and if not for a wall, it might have gotten physical. DCA Staff...this is a big me. To the corps staff and instructors who can't seem to be respectful: STOP IT!! You are embarrassing yourself, your corps and most importantly you are impacting the ability for fans to enjoy your corps show. It's amazing how some corps staff and instructors can stand in the same spot and you barely even know they are there. Tells you something...tells you quite a bit. I will be posting which corps staffs where out of control (hopefully none) here in hopes it will stop... STOP IT!!
  5. Labor Wknd weather DCA's back in Scranton pa? :) PA is infamous for wacky weather. Never forget how cold it was on finals night in 1994
  6. How About Some Common Ground?

    I agree!!
  7. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I am hoping their show choice will be more like 2016 vs. 2017. Not a fan of 17 especially compared to 2016...
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    I think Crowm has to win the fans back a bit in 2018.
  9. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    I would like to see them tackle music from the movie Zorro They are great story tellers and the music is fiery/Spanish which is something they can certainly present
  10. Carolina Crown 2018

    Something like 2007 and 2008 would be great!!
  11. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I am not sure why what I wrote in response to the OP is so hard to understand. Basically all I am saying is it would be refreshing to see a change in their creative direction and having new blood on the creative team is a great way to accomplish this; in my opinion. rarely does sarcasm come off as comedic in written form.
  12. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Not at all. I just think BD should be taking a lot more chances with their show choices because of their success. Also, careful how you treat success. Who predicted that within a couple of seasons The Cadets would drop from 3rd to 7th?
  13. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I feel BD's creative staffs approach/formula to designing their shows has not changed since 2008. Result? Shows that feel, sound and look a lot a like. Sure during those 10 years (2008 2017) there have been a few shifts but by and large their has been a lot of sameness. With their success, they should be taking mad chances on things. Bluecoats never won a title before and look at the mad chance they took in 2016. So, again my hope is that the current creative BD staff steps down after their long run of success which will allow for some fresh people to replace the current to see if that might cause more of a change in course to show design. BTW not to get in to playground responded to my original message in a snarky I just returned the favor....
  14. HI All, I am selling 2 tickets for DCA Championship Saturday Prelims and Sunday Finals for face value. Details below, Saturday Prelim Tickets $40.00 each Sunday Finals Tickets $45.00 each Total cost two tickets both nights = $170.00 Section: 107 Row: H Seats: 8, 9 If interested please PM me....
  15. Selling 2018 all 3 days :)

    Do you know which sect/row the seats are located?