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  1. Crowd excitement has never helped a corps get higher scores from the judges! BUT who cares, it's all about the excitement anyway!!!!
  2. Coastal Surge has folded

    Just watched this video made by the young man from England: He cracks me up! So glad they got to stay and continue their summer, and hope even more from CS did.
  3. I heard with the venue change that it will be a record attendance. The old venue could hold around 8 thousand on concert side. It would be nice to hear if that holds true.
  4. This just in: Cavaliers will be performing in exhibition. "Tonight at the Winston-Salem, NC contest, The Cavaliers will perform in exhibition. As many members of the corps continue to recover from a recent illness, it is important that we take the necessary steps to get back to 100%, which will include tonight's non-scored performance. Thank you to the Cavalier Nation for your continued support!"
  5. Coastal Surge has folded

    Just out of curiosity, would these 2 young people be the ones from England?
  6. OR other corps like it did a few years ago.
  7. Coastal Surge has folded

    I ran across this. I would like for everyone to see the 10th video. The "Musical Travels" from 1 year ago. Last video on the second row. Thank you!
  8. Coastal Surge has folded

    Are you sure you mean "Music City Legend"? I only ask because they were an all-age corps, but I can't find anything for them coming out this year. Maybe you mean Music City Drum and Bugle Corps?
  9. Coastal Surge has folded

    From last Saturday: And one of the young people from England:
  10. Coastal Surge has folded

    Just posted from CS Facebook: Coastal Surge To all ... It is with a very heavy heart that I am reading all of these posts. As a member of the education team and a caption head, I can tell you that we are all devastated. The instructional staff was informed approximately 20 minutes before the membership so we are all feeling shocked and heart broken right now. I am confident that the administration will be open and willing to address all questions and concerns once the members have all left the spring training facility. I understand and appreciate the anger and frustration. I also share those feelings with you. However, if we could, let's please put a pause on those emotions momentarily and all be here to emotionally support these kids as they return home. It is my sincere hope that all the members of surge find corps homes and continue pursuing their dreams. As much as my own heart is breaking right now, I would do it all again for the opportunity to stand in front of these amazing kids for the 4 short weeks that we shared together. I know I speak for all caption heads and the entire educational team when I say that it has been our distinguished honor and pleasure to work with such amazing and talented students. You will always and forever be our little peanuts, our pumpkin pies, our tater tots, our storm troopers and our babies. Much love to all of you!!!!! Xoxoxo
  11. Coastal Surge has folded

    What breaks my heart most of all about these kids from another country is what are they supposed to do now? Do they have a place to stay before their flights back to England, and are their flights from Indianapolis? I just hate to think what a change fee may be for their airfare to return home now. This happening within 2 weeks of what would have been their prelims performance in Michigan City and just days after their preview exhibition is just irresponsible. AND, I certainly hope no adult got paid for their experience since those kids did not get the experience they paid for.
  12. San Antonio Lineup

    OR paint that WHITE helmet green!!!!
  13. San Antonio Lineup

    Just according to the judging lineup at finals week.
  14. Back in the day, most high school bands used to replicate drum corps shows. These days it seems that designers of drum corps are getting their ideas from high school bands OR winter guard that compete at Winter Guard Internationals Championships, since a lot of their judges gives the scores for Drum Corps International Championships.
  15. 27th Lancers 79-80