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  1. Age Outs

    I know some may not want that info out but I would be interested to see which corps are getting high marks from their members. BD and BAC at the top don't surprise me at all.
  2. This year the darlings were the puppies. I predict next year it's all about the kittens.
  3. Carolina Crown 2018

    This corps has the pieces now. Great visual program, stellar brass and a now solid percussion program that can hang and challenge. With slightly better programming and one more year of interpreting Sacktig's drill should make this corps very dangerous. Guard just needs to step it up a little more in design, but those were some talented ladies and gentlemen. They have a crowd favorite show next year, everyone better look out. They are one of my favorites to win it next year.
  4. Bump. This needs to stay on page 1 for a little more.
  5. Wouldn't it be funny that after all these years of comments about BD pushing those boundaries too far that now a good old fashion blow the house down moment becomes the trend again. BD brought it back full-circle with this show. Perhaps not trend setting but definitely brilliant programming. I think we can thank the Coats for this and their ballad in '16. BD took it a step further this year. I expect to see more of this next year and it's a win for the fans. On a side note, being in the stadium last night for BD's performance was electric. To the critics, they owned that audience last night with multiple standing ovations throughout. Seriously a full standing O as soon as that last push began was just wow! This was the best audience response I've seen for a BD corps since semis in 2002.
  6. BEST BD BALLAD 2014-2017

    What I loved about this year's ballad is the powerful impact midshow and then they brought back the reprise with the soloists wailing to end the show. Talk about emotional. My son said the ending felt sad and reflective at the same time. Just some wonderful arranging that made such an emotional impact on those who have been part of the BD family as a member, staff, parent or fan over the years.
  7. Awesome! Same here for my son - his first finals. He gets to see what his old man once did and why this is always a special night. He was so enthralled with semis last night, we went to go see BD rehearse today.
  8. Just got done at BD rehearsal. This corps is locked in! Awesome run through! In the stands we were toasted, but on the field it was Blue Smoke!
  9. Perhaps for the season, but SCV was packed yesterday all day from beginning to the end. BD was doing well too. We went past Coats during the long break and they were standing around and asked if anyone needed help. DCI was a mad house and I couldn't get out of their shopping area quick enough so they were the winners yesterday from what I saw.
  10. Woooo that was hot Coats! Standing O a full minute before the show ended!
  11. Great production Cadets! You're making me a believer.
  12. I really liked this BK show all season but seeing it live, I absolutely love it now.
  13. I thought Young and Beautiful was just okay on video. It sounds fantastic live. Nicely arranged Mr. Sullivan.
  14. Sitting in 239. No noticible sound you're referring to.
  15. That Colts show was beautiful!