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  1. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    Well done, BD and SCV. Your shows are amazing and remind me why I love drum corps. BD, you bring me to tears with that beautiful ballad; to me your show is the best thing I have seen in a long while! Everything is top notch! Thank you Cavaliers for a fun show. I enjoyed it. Cadets, what a challenging show. I'm not religious but I love the works of Bernstein and I appreciate what you are doing this year. Congrats to all the other corps. What a season!
  2. Whoops. Don't know how I even got in this thread... Never mind.
  3. I have been waiting impatiently to see the show since the premier. Hopefully I will get to see Mars in Jupiter on Monday. (sorry for being so punny)
  4. From the audio I have heard, by the time the corps proper comes in at full volume they are the ones carrying the melody (specifically the chorus of the song, as the full melody was introduced by the trumpet soloist at the very beginning of the song). By this time the soloists' contributions are ornamental. And awesome, as is the whole piece, and the whole show. I think the design is intentional.
  5. Every time there the solos are different. I love this!
  6. The Cavaliers 2017

    I thought it was the best show on the field last night. The show was fast paced and exciting. The music book was great and I enjoyed the Mars/My Way ending, thought I read that it is not the final version, of course. I especially loved the Close Encounters section. Very intricate. Guard is very very good. Waiting to see how the show develops further and how the brass grows into that music book.
  7. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    1 BD 2 SCV 3 Bluecoats/Cavaliers 4 Bluecoats/Cavaliers 5 Crown 6 PR/Cadets 7 PR/Cadets 8 Boston 9 Blue Stars/Blue Knights 10 Blue Stars/Blue Knights 11 Academy 12 Crossmen/Madison
  8. The Cavaliers 2017

    Really enjoyed The Cavaliers show. Good job guys!
  9. Opening Night!

    Entertainment wise for me : 1 Cavaliers 2 Cadets 3 Blue Stars 4 Crossmen 5 Bluecoats 6 Crown
  10. The Cavaliers 2017

    Totally unqualified opinion, but I think the brass book is awesome. I was scared that it was going to be too.....Bluecoatsy (O Superman had me worried the most) But it is nice and complex and it goes somewhere. When the players get more comfortable with the show and clean up and project this will be something special. I wanted to see where the ballad was going... Really intriguing setup. Of the books I've heard so far, this one and the Blue Devils' amazing book pull me in the most. The guard and percussion is very enjoyable. I'm sure they will clean up the electronics and improve the script. Good job! Looking forward to the rest of the show!
  11. I'm a little upset that they wasted a lot of time on fluff instead of focusing on the 2 shows and The Cavaliers were the victims of that choice. That being said, FloMarching did a great job with the video and audio aspect and I will subscribe.
  12. The music in this show is so amazing. I can't stop listening to it!
  13. I don't think they improved on the pieces. A lot of the pieces are repetitive in motif and rather similar to each other. Repetitive motifs have been common to Bluecoats' repertoire lately, it seems to me; they seem to favor minimalistic sources and mesh them together, and they do that quite well. To me, the true joy of 'Heat of the Day' (the source material, I mean) comes from the individual soloists that break out of that motif and how whoever is in support mode at the time gets out of the way and then gradually nudges and then pulls the soloist, almost kicking and screaming, back into line. That's how it feels, at least to me, and I wish there was more of that represented in what The Bluecoats put on the field musically, instead of just the motif. But people loved what they did, and there were other shows that provide a variety of thematic and melodic ideas that were more to my liking like BD, Cavaliers, SCV, BK, and others, and I think those arrangers/composers have the fortitude to stay true to their path and not follow someone else just because it was popular. So I don't have serious qualms about the choices Bluecoats made. It was just not for me, except for the slow jam in the middle which was really good. I definitely understand where Lance is coming from. Again, as always, different strokes for different folks.
  14. Cadets 2016

    Cadets, I love this show. It will be on my playlist for a while to come. I'm glad you attempted something different and the backseat designers of this forum won't temper my appreciation of what you accomplished. Next year is coming up and I look forward to what the design team, with a new resolve and some experience working together, come up with. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying your 2016 show!
  15. The Cavaliers 2016

    Beautiful job, Cavaliers. Your improvement pleased me to no end and this show was immensely enjoyable from being to end. So happy to see how far you've come. Always proud to be a fan of yours. Keep it going!