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  1. Haven’t been on here for quite a while but best way I can get the word to some of our friends. Few weeks back Kris was admitted to the hospital with slight pneumonia and few other issues. The pneumonia went into both lungs and doctors could not help. After about 10 days she wore out and passed quietly with family and friends around her. Scary part is the doctor said how quick it spread is not rare so please be careful. Jim Fawber
  2. LOL we had a HS band director and volume wasn't a concern as much as "Don't lose the TONE". So if you could play loud and with a good tone in the RFL (real flipping loud) parts of the show.... lets just say WSM is where I really learned to listen to my self play.
  3. Easy as Hades to overblow lol.... And I have played piston rotor, 2v and 3v all in g.
  4. Hershey and Allentown as lived 10 miles from Hershey and would drive to Atown for Prelims and be home for supper. Just wanted to see them corps so skipped Finals.
  5. Was going to respond in another thread but might as well start fresh. Any idea or guesses on live feed ever coming back? Also any idea if the big killer was costs to produce or copyright licensing? Know DCA has shallow pockets and *sigh* the potential number of customers is not that great but can at least discuss it. Not being able to see any corps for two years now sucks big time. But we do what we can and the logistics of DCA Weekend is just too (physically) demanding.
  6. Remember swapping posts before the 35 rule went into effect with someone who ran a show that had 2 corps on the very small size. Comments heard from crowd members afterwards showed that it would hurt attendance if this continued. (iow - didn't get moneys worth, would not come back, etc) I was against the rule until I heard that part of the discussion.....
  7. Thanks all .... weird thing is I cannot get to the guest book to see it. Will have to ask Tuesday....
  8. If you two did meet it was 1979 or so. Sad timing thou as dad passed last night. Went to dinner, got home and got something from the garage. Between the garage and house his heart went. If there is a way you want to go this is it. Only found out as I call every Thursday and he didn't answer. So if you see my name in the Patriots Obits.... it ain't me.....
  9. Watch yourselves at the Turkey Hill on Mountain Rd (aka off 22/39). My old man might be buying gas or lottery there. Always b-words about the traffic...
  10. Remember them for a year or so at DCA Prelims in the early 80s. Along with Pine Tree Warriors from Maine. Think the DCA score history is a bit confused on that.
  11. Drum Corps Moment At The Super Bowl

    Caught the comeback and tie then got ready for bed. Just before turning in saw Pats won.... Just couldn't care about either team so watched a DVD bought with Christmas gift card.... Flintstones 1st season.. can enjoy that better than over blown halftime shows. IIRC one time SB was at Houston, ZZ Top (big fans in this house) were on and was an actual concert. Too bad sound was in the worse than suck range and all you heard was echo.
  12. Vintage Horn Restoration

    Try Facebook for Kenny... seen him there a few times
  13. Drum Corps = Politics

    To be heard on PBS...
  14. To go with last few posts my BITD is close to Frans and we (Westshoremen) were like Sun except less experienced and minus the great solo work. But also had the younger members and staff that went for the more musical and not "loud is good so louder is better". Bari line had members from music majors at PSU to guys who were blue collar. So instructors had to say "play it (bunch of Italian words)" and then sing it to the rest. And above all... listen.. never EVER lose your tone even on the final fffffff note of the show. Hear some of that with some CDs of DCI shows and yikes... Biggest difference IMO (and my last Bari was 3v G Kanstul) was horn construction. Just way too easy to overplay and lose the tone. And lets face it my P/R horn was more of a modified signaling device and the tone shows it. And we had the better horn of the da which was Olds.
  15. Shows we will never see.

    See where the woman who played Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" is set to play Harding... think about it "Forget About A Theme... Just Park And Blow"