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  1. JimF-LowBari

    July 20 concert, which Buccaneers

    Thanks Tom, leave it to my sister to notice it and have the cell phone ready to take a pic. Wish I could post it.....
  2. JimF-LowBari

    July 20 concert, which Buccaneers

    Thanks Fran, would explain the confusion if wen pages set up by people not quite corps savvy. Sisters other quote was “guess people know where it’s at” as sign looked like it was next to an empty field lol.
  3. JimF-LowBari

    DCA Livestream

    Ok just signed up for Peckville and Prelims/alumni. Will have to wait on Finals when I can check my social calendar lol. Shades of driving to Allentown in the 80s for Prelims and then driving straight home. Question: is Friday night covered under either plan? Not sure way it is listed and no date.
  4. JimF-LowBari

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Check DCWs cd sale pages. Thought they got the rights to those recordings but need the money to restore everything. Last I saw they cleaned up and are selling what they think will generate more bucks so they can have the money for more restorations. Bought some very early 50s shows and great job cleaning up imo
  5. JimF-LowBari

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Can’t remember who had the DCA coverage before or the exact price but think the price this year isn’t bad compared to before. Other than Prelims and finals the alumni show was only done once or twice. And never the Friday night activies. Edit just checked the site and it’s 39 for Prelims/alumni, 39 for finals and a line about mini corps but no idea how they fit in. And 14 for Peckville show. Lol will get Prelims/alumni and wait to see if I want finals. Lol forgot my 12 month account was still good as last used it for West Chester University band show in fall. Just looked on tablet and not bad. Now if I can set the tablet for only horn and perc sound as that's what I enjoy.
  6. JimF-LowBari

    Standings as of now DCA

    Works for me as when rebuilding, Westshoremen did exhibitions at DCA shows and always requested to be judged. Score might have been a bit off as don’t think judges worked as hard with the exhibition corps. But man the tapes helped in showing what needed work... or help...
  7. Might as well ask here as most action is on this forum. Note: this will be for personal use only as trying to save waaaaay old recordings of all types. Years back bought a system that can record vinyl and cassettes to CD. Works OK but real time killer as have to hit a button to set when next track starts. Only about 5 years old but it’s already overcome by new technology. Haven’t tried yet but not sure it will handle DVDs with their different format from ye olde CDs. Also burns files with the format (wave?) that makes a large file. Main reason why regular CDs only handle about 80 minutes. Plus no software to smooth out static, etc from old recordings. WYHIWYG what you HEAR is what you get. Any suggestions on what to use to burn a ton of old format vinyl/cassettes to DVDs using the laptop? Figure copy to laptop, clean the sound and burn to DVD with an mp or other format that doesn’t take a ton of space. Thanks in advance
  8. JimF-LowBari

    Oid drum Corps problems

    Lol had a member inducted at PA Hall of Fame and speaker said Reading instead of West Reading. In a "stage whisper" most of the crowd heard he said "WEST Reading"..
  9. Sister just sent me a pic of a sign that says: Bethany concert Reading Buccaneers July 20 7pm rain or shine. Sign is on 422 between Robesonia and Womelsdorf. Both of us are wondering "regular or alumni" (her wording) Edit: googled and says alumni on one page and not another. And corps there for 2 hours? Did a 1 hour concert once and had to use stands to play everything we ever did. So 2 hours?
  10. JimF-LowBari

    Reality is a cruel mistress

    Hanover guy who marched in the 50s and 60s said shows would put Hanover between Archie and Reilly at retreat just in case lol. “Yeah like we would have stopped them coming through “ we had shirts that said “Hanover walks on water” on the front and “#### floats” on the back. Said shirts ONLY to be worn at our local practice site on the island. No way Hershman was going to let anyone outside the corps see that. Years later talked to a Lancer snare about it and had a good laugh as nothing personal. Just a way to crank the members up a bit. thus says the guy who wrote part of a WSM song about the Lancers. >:-). (Cell phone emojis not working here)
  11. Well if you didn’t get everything then you need more training cla$$e$ lol
  12. JimF-LowBari

    Reality is a cruel mistress

    I cring at some of the stuff we sang about... just want to find that younger version of me and bop some sense upside his head... even considering the era and what we didn’t know then *groan*
  13. JimF-LowBari

    Drum corps dreams

    We had an old refrigerator truck which was not as big on the inside as it appeared on the outside due to insulated doors. Drums and guard stuff only for one way lol. As far as buses horns went under one and drums under the other. If the loaders saw horns under the wrong bus they got yanked out and “owners” had to take them to the correct bus. “But I’m riding this bus” “what... ya gonna bleeping play it on the way over. We gotta get this crap to fit” PS on bus trips the truck stayed home
  14. JimF-LowBari

    Reality is a cruel mistress

    Rode with members who had been around a while. Kinda feel sorry for folks who never got a chance to hear those stories or too self involved to care. Nothing like seeing the couple foot tall VFW National trophy from 5 years before you were born to wake you up
  15. JimF-LowBari

    Drum corps dreams

    Lol rode the drum truck for years as free transportation. Can still hear “tymps go in first”. Surprised not nightmaring over that.