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  1. To go with last few posts my BITD is close to Frans and we (Westshoremen) were like Sun except less experienced and minus the great solo work. But also had the younger members and staff that went for the more musical and not "loud is good so louder is better". Bari line had members from music majors at PSU to guys who were blue collar. So instructors had to say "play it (bunch of Italian words)" and then sing it to the rest. And above all... listen.. never EVER lose your tone even on the final fffffff note of the show. Hear some of that with some CDs of DCI shows and yikes... Biggest difference IMO (and my last Bari was 3v G Kanstul) was horn construction. Just way too easy to overplay and lose the tone. And lets face it my P/R horn was more of a modified signaling device and the tone shows it. And we had the better horn of the da which was Olds.
  2. See where the woman who played Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" is set to play Harding... think about it "Forget About A Theme... Just Park And Blow"
  3. OK finally watched and enjoyed the show .... except for the vocals (just not a fan oh non-horn/perc sounds).. Behind the Scenes sucked.. weird music and sounds and visual corps practice clips.... at least the hit and miss I suffered thru.. Anyway anyone want it for $5 or so for postage?
  4. Reading the back which is not written too clearly IMO. Has "features the documentary about (the corps)". Maybe watching that piece will fill me in. The performance is billed as the DCI Finals show. And (not clear part) "go inside the hornline, drumline and entire corps" which must be the audio bits. Must be WAY inside as screen is totally dark >:-)
  5. Skulking our new Goodwill Store and bought "2013 Behind The Crown" DVD about Carolina Crown. Haven't had time to watch but appears to have background piece, also audio with horns only, drums only and whole corps. Then high angle and multi cam of the DCI performance. Has both DVD and Blu Ray copies. Anyone have info on this? My jaw hit the floor when I saw it. Nice match to the Marine D&BC DVD I found at Salvation Army last year....
  6. Welcome to my world John. Have to rewrite two older applications for the Navy because the provider of the software we use is selling it to a company overseas. No idea if the soon to be new owner will keep providing service or start charging up the tail prices to maintain (had that before). Working IT 35+ years nw and keep re-inventing myself every couple of years.
  7. C'mon Fran you're from Joisey... New Years Day at Phila-ma-del-phia wit da Mummers..... At least I remember accordions way back when... . Trombones? Long story of college band camp when we did a squad drill based on shouted commands. Trombones were split and facing each other. Then we heard "about face".. End result 5 damaged horns and the only guys who ducked really good were myself and a Finleyville Royal Crusader. IOW the 2 corps guys had clear heads...
  8. Number of hits already for the corps... nice...
  9. Just got a link in the email... now need 20 minutes free time *ugh*
  10. See links to YT for some corps on FB.... no reviews.... Bueller???
  11. Was in a Senior/All Age corps at age 16 (yikes). Learned to work with people of different EVERYTHING you can think of. Worked real well with working overseas with my job and being about the only white guy in the group. Also learned age means nothing in regards of responsibility. IOW my screw up on the field costs as much as the adults field screw up. So everyone got treated the same (be in praise or screamed at). now I'm the old one in the group and that don't mean I have all the answers. Learned no BS when dealing with problems. Still remember have a PO'ed 40ish drill instructor yell "What happened" at me when our group mugged up in practice. Looked him in the eye and said "Beats the #### out of me, never happened before". His response to the 19 yr old (me) "Yeah me either... I'll watch next time". Comes in real handy when a high up boss or Navy officer tries to get things done thru intimidation (it don't work with me).
  12. Was in England 1995... way ahead of us (read US) in security. Their concern was the Irish Republican Army who actually had planted a bomb under a bridge we were on the day before. Tower of London (bombed some years before) was the tightest but the bomb checker we had explained as he went along. Of course it helped that I told him where I worked so the check was cool with us. Neat looking plastic explosive sniffer.. looked like a big ###ed pencil. Think we were the only ones who were told what it was and how it worked.
  13. Less security = bigger target...... And hitting kids would spread more fear in the parents so....... real tempting target. I DON'T want to be reading DCI show as one of the case studies in any future anti-terrorism training..... With lesson details saying "it was a music event so everyone thought it would be "safe"... the bad guys were wearing the t-shirts of the groups.... so no one thought that....".
  14. Are these the normal procedures or security got tighter for any reason? Work at a Military Base, can tell if crap hit the fan overnight if the security level goes up (posted on a sign at the gate). That gets your blood pressure up if something happened overnight and you didn't catch the morning news.