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  1. Just remembering Sandusky had a smirk on his face until he heard the guilty verdict. Then it was a look of total shock. Best comparison I can think of.
  2. Thanks Mr Welles.... lol actually grandfather (21 yrs older than grandma) was a Spanish American War vet so I’m full of SAWar tidbits... along with full of other stuff
  3. Yep waiting for DCI to write rules about male on female harassment and nothing else. Always one of the gotcha questions in training is how many types are there. And check yellow journalism from years back. Supposedly real cause of Spanish American War was Hearst and Pulitzer going for readership.
  4. As AAs mantra goes: you can’t correct a problem until you recognize there is a problem.
  5. What’s dumber faking with someone less than half your size or the legend I heard when I started work. Guy disappeared on a trip and wife reported it to insurance company. Their response was without a body he’s not officially dead for seven years so no money. Went to plan b which was show up and go back to work. No laws broken supposedly as she did not file the false claim (she was in on it too allegedly). Moral is check the laws or watch more detective shows first
  6. Ok we’re the same age so you should get the reference... thinking Freddy Prinz saying “not my yob (job)”.
  7. Good question at this point would be who to go to next? Hopefully today DCI would be a good place. Back then (a whole few weeks ago) might have been police but if victim not willing to go further....
  8. Interesting question but suggest that some male directors would have not accepted him either. Glad to see you are still posting
  9. JimF-LowBari

    How Far Is Too Far?

    Thanks never realized what happened. Maybe will see it in the Antique Automobile Club of America magazine in the future in one of the “look what’s out there” columns
  10. Don’t forget the taxpayers in the “not too happy to have corps back” mix. Not to mention the neighbors
  11. I work with DoD so different situation than a company dealing with bottom line. And final say comes out of that funny five sided building two hours south of here. What scares me is the thought that he could be making a horrible mistake, doesn’t realize it and won’t listen to anyone who could explain why it’s a horrible mistake.
  12. Had more expensive meals but been a while since we had our checks.
  13. I didn’t read it as I make the final decision and accept it or leave. I read it as there will be no discussion and if you want to talk about it leave. The no discussion is unacceptable to me. Only Emil knows the correct reading of this as he was there...
  14. JimF-LowBari

    How Far Is Too Far?

    Was that the Hindenburg? They were at Carlisle ca 1978 and front of one bus was coated with black. My thought as my dad is an auto mechanic was that’s bus 2 and bus 1 is throwing a crap load of oil
  15. Thank you Jason for being brave enough to step away from the screen name and tell us first hand. Answers some questions I had about who knew what inside the corps. Quoted #2 as totally unfrigging believable. I believe you, I find it unbelievable and unacceptable that a head would run things this way. Wonder if this carried over in DCI.