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  1. Have fun going home....as a member of the Blooo team!
  2. Interesting (to me) that 3 of tonight's judges will be judging in San Antonio. 1 of them gave their caption to SCV, 1 to BD, and 1 to Blooo. Will be fun to watch!
  3. Blooo was all I got to see :-) Congrats to SCV
  4. 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 90.325 2 Blue Devils 89.775 3 Bluecoats 89.050 4 The Cavaliers 86.100 5 Boston Crusaders 85.950 6 Blue Knights 83.100 7 Phantom Regiment 82.100
  5. of the shows I got to see......Bloooo all the way.
  6. Another GREAT run for Blooo. The singer, Olivia, gave an awesome performance for her hometown fans. Had to be a thrill for her.
  7. With the energy the Coats are bringing tonight...he won't need a battery!
  8. oldbandguy

    Olathe, KS - July 16, 2018

    "Hey, that was pretty funny last night when you announced in 2nd place the Blue.......coats. You can do that again on finals night, but it will be the Blue.....Devils."
  9. oldbandguy

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Go to EVENTS, click on San Antonio "details"
  10. oldbandguy

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Atlanta will be based on San Antonio results (groups of 3 drawing) Allentown based on Atlanta results.
  11. I've made this comment before. This drumline is contributing to the Music Analysis score in a big way and is contributing to GE in a big way and is contributing to Visual in a big way.
  12. oldbandguy

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    Congrats to BD Interesting recaps for sure: GE 1 Bloo GE 2 Bloo VP Bloo VA BD CG BD BR Bloo MA1Crown MA2 Bloo P Crown Is MA 1and 2 averaged? If so Bloo wins that. On to Broken Arrow...then the first really big one at SA