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  1. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    You just dated yourself! REO...one of MANY great Illinois classic rock bands!
  2. Please keep selling more souvies than the Beatles did on their last tour!
  3. Yes some band programs have been cut, but nationwide in the past two decade the number of bands and students participating as grown significantly. Many communities that had one high school now have 3-4 high schools. Each with their own band programs. Check with NAFME and you will find student participation in band is actually at record levels. Sorry....Not really OT
  4. Death to the Seat Poachers

    Don't mean to be ANTI the ANTI here, but I have NO ISSUES with POLITE seat poachers. For many years I buy 4 seats, near the 50. My seats are very easy to get to as they are on the aisle. Usually when I arrive there are people in my seats. I can't recall a single time when anyone has been rude to me when I inform them "sorry, but these are my seats." I especially don't mind when the "poachers" are current corps members. I'm fortunate to be able to get 4 of the limited great seats in LOS annually. I have no problem sharing them when they are not being used by me or my party. Unlike what some have posted here I have found the poachers to be very respectful and representing their corps in a manner that reflects pride. (I'm sure there are a few that don't do this...ever group, including DCP, has their jerks, but I've not really experienced it with poachers. On semi night there was a family (3) that had only wrist bands and they were going to have to view their child's final performance from "less than desirable seats." I told them they could have my seats and use them for THAT corps. (I knew the others in my party wouldn't mind taking a restroom break at that time.) They were most appreciative...and the joy I experienced watching them (and their tears) as they watched their child's performance was one of the highlights of the weekend. Yes, I am an old good guy (but had their been 4 of them????)
  5. I've heard rumors about an upcoming announcement concerning RETIREMENT.... from Cadets
  6. Bloo intro music

    And some of the sounds you heard prior to the official start of the show and the singing of "Prelude" (electric guitar) were from the sound check when Thank You Scientist came to spring training to give a private concert for Blooo.
  7. Congratulations to Graham Hopkins, assistant drum major, on being named the 2017 Bluecoats "Member of the Year" at yesterday's banquet.
  8. For those that may not have experienced LIVE the actual building of the stage...this let's you know what was involved, often twice a day, and the tremendous thought that went into designing from a construction standpoint.
  9. I guess it's human nature to a degree and personal perspective to a degree. A drop in score or rank is met with a degree of "less than"... I knew when the night started that Bluecoats were not going to win the gold medal, but just like last year, they had me on my feet cheering with everything I had. That WOW feeling was exactly the same as it was in 2016 and 15 and 14 and so on. Last night I also got to watch up close some of the different staff/instructors from the various corps as they watched "their" corps perform. I wish I had used my phone to video the folks from Boston. They were so excited about the way their kids were PERFORMING. I don't think the score/rank had a lot to do with it...and I hope it stays that way for them. Hope I'm always able to keep that perspective too. Thank you again Bloo '17! What AWESOMENESS awaits in 2018!!!!
  10. The judges mentioned no phasing with front ensemble, but did mention many times how great they did with the environmental challenges.
  11. Cadets 2017

    As their 1000 pages here clearly shows. Have a great run tonight Cadets. You have helped make 2017 an AWESOME season for drum corps.
  12. Well enjoy watching Golden Girls reruns tonight and not wasting your time with these boring bands.
  13. Just a reminder....this show has already broken 95!!! I repeat 95!!! Thank you Bluecoats for yet another year of AWESOMENESS!!! Have fun tonight as I know you will.
  14. Madison Scouts 2017

    Congrats Scouts on a great 2017! I'll be the old guy standing and cheering tonight... along with 30,000 friends