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  1. Cavalier January Camp 2018

    Great to hear the January camp went well, but I have to ask...what is "more of a DVD approach to sound?"
  2. Yes...timpani making a comeback with Bloo in 2018! It's been a while :-)
  3. For any of you science nerds/drum corps fans looking for something to do Tuesday night... https://www.thirtyone-west.com/event/steam-discussion-neuroscience/
  4. 2014 was an awesome show, BUT 2016 is on the DCI Founders Trophy and FOREVER put an end to the Bluecoats being the best corps to never win a championship! If that wasn't enough...2016 had "Great Gig" and "The Wink" :-)
  5. That is indeed perfect timing for you Terri. A good drum corps show and some Cincinnati chili should be just the tonic you will need to ease the pain of a 3 game sweep by the Reds over the Cubbies.
  6. The Fairfield (Hamilton) show is usually through Crown Tickets not DCI.
  7. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    An amazing BOA finals! Just wish Claudia Taylor Johnson from Texas could have joined in the fun.
  8. And they won Most Outstanding Music at today's BOA Super Regional with possibly the most talented field I've ever seen in a marching band competition...and they were indeed my favorite. Personally loved them going from Birdland into Medea.
  9. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    I'd say about the time Forbes stated that Ohio State football was worth 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS.
  10. Nice additions to an already very strong Bluecoats staff! http://bluecoats.com/2017/10/raiford-kusmierczak-join-2018-bluecoats-staff/
  11. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    A very strong Bluecoats team adds a couple of great folks... http://bluecoats.com/2017/10/raiford-kusmierczak-join-2018-bluecoats-staff/
  12. Massillon, Ohio 2017 version 1

    Noise from I-77 was indeed a problem, but not the only issue. It's a beautiful stadium, but how the stadium looks ranks further down the list of things to consider in what makes a great facility for a drum corps show. In talking to some of the directors that were there they also shared concerns with parking, access to the field for bands and equipment. They made mention that the noise factor was worse for the spectators than the bands on the field. That becomes a MAJOR concern for a corps show. Not sure there's a solution for that.
  13. Never Forget

    Thank you Madison Scouts and DCP. A fitting tribute. http://drumcorpsplanet.com/911tribute/
  14. 2017 DCA Finals

    Well my live stream had NO SOUND for Cincy. Used two different browsers...log out/log in...NO SOUND. No that I've missed the entire show I'm getting sound. What gives FLO M...I said such nice things about you during the DCI season!