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  1. Congrats to Artistry IN BLUE and Bluecoats Indoor! Hands down my favorite of the night was Pride of Cincinnati. I am usually not a fan of this style of show, but this show was incredible. Also loved the choice of music...Karl Jenkins "Benedictus" from his Mass for Peace.
  2. Her lyrics say it all! Many have willing given away their "privacy." There are a couple of interviews she gave about Acxiom that are worth the read/listen. (Sorry I don't have links) somebody hears you. you know that. you know that. now we possess you. you’ll own that. you’ll own that. is that wrong? isn’t this what you want?
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    Getting in on this a few days late...NBC version was pretty good, but not Madison good :-) John Legend is no Ted Neeley, but who is! Find it amazing that the same night as the NBC version he was in Europe giving a live performance....at the age of 73. The voice is still there. Simply a freak of nature. Madison 2018 sounds like a great show. Can't wait to see them!!!
  4. Summer Music Games Cincinnati

    jjeffeory...interesting data on the Columbus suburbs enrollment numbers. Can you imagine the MONSTER band program if Southwestern City had stayed with the ONE high school concept!
  5. Summer Music Games Cincinnati

    Looks like Dublin WAS a great venue. Centerville isn't a bad location and their boosters do a great job...they have a great lineup this year including the Bluecoats :-)
  6. All time shows: Bluecoats

    1. 2016 FINALLY!!!!! 2. 2014 OMG 3. 2017 That's enough for now.......until everyone gets to see what's coming in 2018
  7. Indeed a fun show that was much enjoyed by the crowd. They were up against the 2016 and 2017 World Champion Pride of Cincinnati and recent WGI medalist Onyx. Obviously some work to do, but to be in striking distance of an 80 in their very first show is certainly an achievement! Would also extend congrats to Rhythm X, with a few Bluecoat ties, on their winning the Dayton Regional today that had 2017 World Champs MCM. Great start and a GREAT SHOW!
  8. WOW...what an inspiring feature on an obviously AWESOME music educator. Best thing about the GRAMMY AWARDS this year!!! Way to go Mely. "They come to school FOR YOU." WOW!!! Congrats from a retired band director. DCI needs to promote this relationship in a big way. Gotta go buy some carrots.
  9. My inside sources say Spielberg is talking to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift for the leads.
  10. Dr. Dan Richardson passes

    A wonderful man. A big loss for Phantom and for all drum corps fans that ever met him.
  11. Cavalier January Camp 2018

    Gottcha...certainly nothing wrong with that!!!
  12. Cavalier January Camp 2018

    Great to hear the January camp went well, but I have to ask...what is "more of a DVD approach to sound?"
  13. Yes...timpani making a comeback with Bloo in 2018! It's been a while :-)
  14. For any of you science nerds/drum corps fans looking for something to do Tuesday night... https://www.thirtyone-west.com/event/steam-discussion-neuroscience/