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  1. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    I'd say about the time Forbes stated that Ohio State football was worth 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS.
  2. Nice additions to an already very strong Bluecoats staff! http://bluecoats.com/2017/10/raiford-kusmierczak-join-2018-bluecoats-staff/
  3. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    A very strong Bluecoats team adds a couple of great folks... http://bluecoats.com/2017/10/raiford-kusmierczak-join-2018-bluecoats-staff/
  4. Massillon, Ohio 2017 version 1

    Noise from I-77 was indeed a problem, but not the only issue. It's a beautiful stadium, but how the stadium looks ranks further down the list of things to consider in what makes a great facility for a drum corps show. In talking to some of the directors that were there they also shared concerns with parking, access to the field for bands and equipment. They made mention that the noise factor was worse for the spectators than the bands on the field. That becomes a MAJOR concern for a corps show. Not sure there's a solution for that.
  5. Never Forget

    Thank you Madison Scouts and DCP. A fitting tribute. http://drumcorpsplanet.com/911tribute/
  6. 2017 DCA Finals

    Well my live stream had NO SOUND for Cincy. Used two different browsers...log out/log in...NO SOUND. No that I've missed the entire show I'm getting sound. What gives FLO M...I said such nice things about you during the DCI season!
  7. 2017 DCA Shows

    sorry, wrong thread
  8. Nashville's The Smoking Section

    Mike Rapp...THANK YOU for posting this. I had not heard of this band. AWESOME!!!
  9. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Any scores announced yet?
  10. Bravo Bluecoats!!!

  11. Posted on the Bluecoats Facebook page.... Bluecoats In support of our friends and family affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, we donated $500 today to the JJ Watt Foundation's Flood Relief Fund. We encourage our fans, alumni, and fellow DCI corps to donate to help those in need. More information can be found here: http://jjwfoundation.org
  12. So even a MULTI, MULTI, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR operation can have streaming issues!
  13. 2018 Schedule

    I'll defer to the post saying schedule would be released in November, but I was thinking it wasn't until January.
  14. For those saying a name change would make them feel better...that's already happened. Go to the DCI web site and you see "Drum Corps International Marching Music's Major League."
  15. Experience for Auditions?

    Anna, It's great that you are interested in marching drum corps. I assume you do participate in your school marching and concert programs. I would urge you to try to get private lessons for your junior and senior years. I would also recommend that you consider attending the Blue Way Experience camp that the Bluecoats hold each June. It is a two day event that allows you to experience working with some of the Bluecoats instructors and, part of the time, get to play along with members of the corps. The 2018 Blue Way would be at the end of your junior year and would give you a great idea of what you might need to work on your senior year. I would also urge you to attend an audition camp this winter. There is MUCH more to these camps than just the audition. You would have a weekend to be taught by some great instructors, be with other like minded young people, and get to see first hand what it takes. The Ohio audition camp will be November 24-26. (additional info on web site) Obviously making the Bluecoats is not easy, but what a wonderful goal to have. You do have something in common with EVERY member of the Bluecoats, and with every member of a DCI drum corps for that matter, and that is at one time they all started their drum corps adventure with a DREAM and a GOAL. Good luck to you and go for it!