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  1. I'm quite happy with those results...
  2. Re: Bluecoats - at least from the video I've seen (and no, I don't have either the CD or BluRay), at the end of the closer when they come down past the front sideline, the positioning of the mics isn't far enough back from the field so it sounds like a lot of their power is not being picked up by the mics...
  3. Mike, I think you meant 1996... I saw your post after finishing mine and it's almost like we channeled some of our thoughts/impressions...
  4. I knew this week had to come soon. For me, the hardest to do (except for SCV). My favorites (for the most part) all have some personal reason why they are my favorites (duh...). So many of their shows have moments which I absolutely adore, but the list below distills that down: Favorites 1976 - The first year I REALLY fell in love with Phantom. Competed against them, got to know a few of them, kinda infatuated with one of them. The year they really cemented their image. 1982 - They took everything good from the 81 show and enhanced it. One of the first shows where the guard really embraced playing the role. 1989 - I was really torn between Phantom and SCV winning. If 1988 turned out just a little different for SCV, who knows how I would have felt... 1991 - Music. Passion. Jingling bells on frames. THE guard move. LOVE this show. 1996 - Shostakovich and the black uniforms and overall stark feel. Drew you in from the start. 2008 - So much more than a Spartacus reboot, while staying true to those prior shows. Phenomenal stuff. HMs (each with great moments) 77, 78, 79, 92, 03, 07, 11 Umm, no. 2017 (and the witch puppet from 2013)
  5. All time shows: Troopers

    mmmm, 1974: Ghost Riders, yellow rose appliques, sunburst... The entire show video USED to be out there...
  6. Cadets 2018

    If they really wanted to make it a study/commentary, they'd stick with the oft-heard, much-cursed standard iPhone ringtone...
  7. What you want for 2018

    Agreed. IMO, multicam is too often TOO multicam - a barrage of quick cut views and lingering too long on closeup shots - that detracts from getting a good feel of the show. I'm not against multicam at all. I guess what I'd like to see is a THOROUGH job scouting the shows during the entire season to plan the shot sequence/camera angles for each corps come Championship Week so we're not cutting to a closeup just as a big drill move/hit happens.
  8. "Presenting their 2018 show, "Bingo!", the CAVALIERS!" Great fun to be had with buzzword bingo props...
  9. What you want for 2018

    Count me in that group, too...Dad marched with St. Vincent's Cadets in the mid/late 50's...
  10. What you want for 2018

    A lot of good points made by a lot of people so far, so I thought I'd quote the two that were closest to what I'm looking for in 2018. Some specific examples to go along with their excellent points: - the whole amplification thing: we shouldn't have to strain to hear the brass over the pit hardware amping...or vocals...or solos... - synth/electronic bass need to be MUCH lower; pain shouldn't be part of the listening experience if you're sitting low - less "amorphous pods" of the hornlines: i get the whole "staging" idea but pods (and for that matter, large amounts of nonunison work/movement by the MMs) make shows "look" sloppy/mushy and not precise - toning down SOME of the uniform/costume/outfit color explosions we've seen lately: overly busy/flashy/textural/etc designs exacerbate the non-precise feel of the visual program
  11. Cadets 2018

    May your water bucket's aim be true... Here in the Cleveland area they have a rather nice celebration... Catch you on the flip side...
  12. Faves 1975 - What else needs to be said? Swagger, bravado, power. Classic Madison. 1988 - Yes, even though SCV came in 2nd. When Malaguena REALLY came of age (I particularly love the video from England in the rain from the European for it...the crowd is SO into it at the end) 1995 - Oh, yes. More please! 1996 - Why, thank you! 1999 - Perhaps my favorite musical, put on the field the way only Madison can. HM 2010 - I saw them live at the first show of the season in Akron. Held my phone up for the opening hit so my parents could hear it. 2011- Didn't get to see this live or would likely be up above. Fan videos don't do the ending justice, but better than nothing. Leasts - (only from those I've seen live/on video, which aren't many) 2005 (video) - Had to watch to see what was what, so to say. Ummm... 2017 (live) - Sorry, I know people give them props for setting "stretch goals" but (to me) the show never went anywhere, no real climax/power hits or moments (even the "Music for Prague" section did poor justice to the source music given Madison's pedigree/penchant for volume). A miss for me.
  13. I MUCH prefer this performance sound / version / volume / intensity than the recent era encore performance versions. They just seem "polite"...
  14. My father marched with St Vincents in the mid- to late-50s and a friend of mine marched with Magnificent Yankees (found this out recently, and he also was at Ithaca which was my first Championships)...
  15. Muchachos 1974 Kingsmen 1974 27th Lancers 1975 (1982 HM...'cause I marched...and Niner-Two) Bridgemen 1980 Argonne Rebels 1972 or 73 (can't decide)