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  1. Faves 1975 - What else needs to be said? Swagger, bravado, power. Classic Madison. 1988 - Yes, even though SCV came in 2nd. When Malaguena REALLY came of age (I particularly love the video from England in the rain from the European for it...the crowd is SO into it at the end) 1995 - Oh, yes. More please! 1996 - Why, thank you! 1999 - Perhaps my favorite musical, put on the field the way only Madison can. HM 2010 - I saw them live at the first show of the season in Akron. Held my phone up for the opening hit so my parents could hear it. 2011- Didn't get to see this live or would likely be up above. Fan videos don't do the ending justice, but better than nothing. Leasts - (only from those I've seen live/on video, which aren't many) 2005 (video) - Had to watch to see what was what, so to say. Ummm... 2017 (live) - Sorry, I know people give them props for setting "stretch goals" but (to me) the show never went anywhere, no real climax/power hits or moments (even the "Music for Prague" section did poor justice to the source music given Madison's pedigree/penchant for volume). A miss for me.
  2. I MUCH prefer this performance sound / version / volume / intensity than the recent era encore performance versions. They just seem "polite"...
  3. My father marched with St Vincents in the mid- to late-50s and a friend of mine marched with Magnificent Yankees (found this out recently, and he also was at Ithaca which was my first Championships)...
  4. Muchachos 1974 Kingsmen 1974 27th Lancers 1975 (1982 HM...'cause I marched...and Niner-Two) Bridgemen 1980 Argonne Rebels 1972 or 73 (can't decide)
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    I thought that as well on first read. I was also disappointed it didn't extend its scope to addressing 'thunderous goo' in some way (volume, use, extent, etc.)...
  6. I, like just about everyone else that has commented so far, find this nigh on impossible. I make no bones about SCV being my favorite corps and always find something about every show that makes me think "that's why I love them". With that said: Top 5: 1974 - The first year I saw them live (and every year after through '92...then kids). And I fell in love with everything about them: uniforms, presence, performance, you name it. 1987 - Like so many others that night, I REALLY thought they had won. Just a fabulous spectacle. 1988 - Although 89 was a juggernaut, take no prisoners onslaught, I thought 88 captured the essence of PotO better and was more nuanced and less forced. 1999 "New Millennium" - I wish I could have seen this live. I had heard so much about this show and then I watched the If I can put this in my top 5 based on a video... 2016 "Force of Nature" - Breathtaking, like a modern version of so many of their mid-80s subtle shows. SO close, this could be another top 5... 1975 - Perfect GE score. Wonderfully scored (I still marvel at the tympani/tenor voicing during the concert piece) 1978 - One of my favorite little details of theirs, ever: Just before the big push of "If You Believe" the guard clicks their heels 3 times, a la Dorothy 1986 - Festive Overture. 2003 "Pathways" - If I had seen this live, it might be above. SO good. 2015 "Spark of Invention" - The engineer in me LOVED this show, as did the drum corps fan. Least enthralling (because I have to?) 1993 - The first year since 74 I hadn't seen them live, and watching the video, I'm truly not sure how I would have reacted to this 2005 - Watched on video. Didn't do much for me, to be honest. God that was hard. I could have EASILY put 1982, 1991, 2009, 2013, 2017, etc. somewhere in there and been perfectly happy with my choices.
  7. My "current (read: 25+ years)" hometown! :)
  8. As of this afternoon, they are now posting 7 times for each news feed topic...
  9. To further clarify on OCG's directions (and laudable effort on bringing this together): 1. After you search (in this case, "drum corps 1979") click "Filter" at the top right. You will get a drop down. 2. Under "Type" click "Playlist" 3. OCG's playlist will show up as "Drum Corps XXXX" (for the couple of years I tested, it will be the second one listed) 4. Enjoy!
  10. I'm thinking he might be referring to the mics associated with the live feed (Flo broadcast). Having seen a couple of the Flo broadcasts of the Bluecoats, I noticed (especially at the end of the show) the horn line is past the front sideline to the point of being under/even with the Flo mics. There was a noticeable drop off in sound quality/volume.
  11. FloMarching makes a funny

    They certainly did a stellar job proofreading, huh?
  12. leed17, Thanks, I had forgotten about that site...
  13. If I had my druthers, I'd like them to offer a la carte sales of BluRay-quality videos via download - let me pick and assemble my own collection...
  14. Ah yes, that vid...I agree wholeheartedly with your original comment!
  15. Sorry I missed your post, George - what was the vid of?