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  1. I'm thinking he might be referring to the mics associated with the live feed (Flo broadcast). Having seen a couple of the Flo broadcasts of the Bluecoats, I noticed (especially at the end of the show) the horn line is past the front sideline to the point of being under/even with the Flo mics. There was a noticeable drop off in sound quality/volume.
  2. FloMarching makes a funny

    They certainly did a stellar job proofreading, huh?
  3. leed17, Thanks, I had forgotten about that site...
  4. If I had my druthers, I'd like them to offer a la carte sales of BluRay-quality videos via download - let me pick and assemble my own collection...
  5. Ah yes, that vid...I agree wholeheartedly with your original comment!
  6. Sorry I missed your post, George - what was the vid of?
  7. 2017 DCI survey

    That was the follow up email I got after i received the initial survey email - the survey link didn't work - and the follow up email had an email address to provide comments...
  8. 2017 DCI survey

    In my specific case, and I apologize for not being more specific, I did mention in my correspondence that I did attend shows (spending money), just not championships. Engaged yes, Championships, no. From the discussion here it sounds like some people attended but Championships didn't get the survey email (for various reasons) or, like me, still attend shows and would like to have the opportunity to complete the survey. Perhaps by limiting the audience to the Championships ticket order mailing list put too narrow of a focus on issues brought up in the survey that are of great interest to the drum corps audience en masse.
  9. 2017 DCI survey

    FYI... I didn't attend either 2016 or 2017 Championships so obviously didn't receive the survey link. I contacted DCI via the webpage yesterday afternoon stating that I would like to participate and by early evening had received 2 emails from someone at DCI: one introducing themselves and saying they were sending the survey from their DCI email address and a second that forwarded the original survey email from Dan Acheson. Works for me.
  10. Waffles

    And how do we know actual Waffle House and/or Huddle House employees MADE the waffles? AND that the batter used was ACTUALLY Waffle/Huddle House batter? Big can o' worms...
  11. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    "Moments" I experienced live (Massillon - in essence, my home show): - How good Boston was - Cadets' closer - "Clowns" tag in SCV's closer - How good the Massillon crowd is - enthusiastic for EVERY corps performance, they GET drum corps, and genuine applause for the victor even though it wasn't Bloo 1 video "moment" (that I really wish I had the opportunity to experience live): - SCV Alumni corps performance, especially 1) the current corps members' enthusiasm and response to the show, and 2) the rimshot during "Clowns"...for those of us who experienced them performing "Clowns" live in a show it was the perfect emotional grab
  12. Only the 12 member ensemble (those in the grey/gold tops). Members of this ensemble also played the solos in the ballad.
  13. Well, if the '10s are any indication, 2018 should have a soft ending: Bartok - "soft" (technically soft with the guard/cymbal jump sound effect) Staircase - loud Starry Night - soft Les Mis - loud Scheherezade - soft Spark - loud Nature - soft Ouroboros - loud
  14. To be fair, he also may have been referring to how long ago your example is from, vs. providing one of a much more recent vintage...
  15. I thank you for our inclusion ... for Prelims we added us shouting "God, I hope I get it!" (a Chorus Line reference) at the end of the show...