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  1. The silhouettes definitely have a Puritan / Salem, MA feel to them...along with the more obvious 'W' and 'A' in the title...color me intrigued for this
  2. Holy cosplay, Batman!
  3. As for my 1.8 cents view, and without the almost requisite tongue in cheek commentary, my initial reaction to those was "They look like something from All That Jazz, Chicago or Cabaret..."
  4. I was at this show...classic open wood bleachers, ring of souvie tables (and the Vanguard bass drum)...Marion was our big show pilgrimage growing up - then we went to Finals in 74 and everything changed...
  5. "Pwease Mister Game Warden, could you tell me what season it is?" "Everyone knows it's drum corps season!"
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. Reading both yours and George's quotes back to back kind of highlighted the different viewpoints people have on a given show (or series of shows) - as for me, my view regarding the Cavies is more in line with George's: to me, 'Immortal' was by far the best over the past few years. I was not a fan of last year's show, nor of Game On, but you could convince me to admit they were both better than Secret Society...
  8. Ah, yes, Tag Day - make a donation to your shako/can and receive a foldover lapel pin (tag) in appreciation... Candy, hoagies/subs, candles, jewelry, bingo, spaghetti dinners - bastions of the drum corps fundraiser scene from a bygone era (with the exception of a couple of bingo enterprises)...
  9. My first time attending Finals - 1974 As I recall, we had great seats (35 yd line or so, halfway up - Lord knows how much they would cost today) and the energy in the stadium for the last half of the show was amazing! My dad's cassette recordings that night still sound pretty good and even on those the energy is palpable.
  10. Or across the palm of your hand...
  11. Any of the years in the mid-50s when my Dad marched with St. Vincent's Cadets... Honorable Mentions: Phantom 2008, SCV 1999, Madison 95/99
  12. Thanks, Biff...
  13. PRETTY sure the '76 Bridgemen show would have been negatively impacted by the '75 Bridgemen unis..
  14. Thanks, John... One other thing I noticed is that they are currently double posting... Greg
  15. ...that have recently started inundating the World Class Discussions forum? Is this intentional and planned? They make up approximately half of the posts listed on the first two pages...