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  1. To be fair, he also may have been referring to how long ago your example is from, vs. providing one of a much more recent vintage...
  2. I thank you for our inclusion ... for Prelims we added us shouting "God, I hope I get it!" (a Chorus Line reference) at the end of the show...
  3. I was actually thinking about this last night - thinking "how cool/impactful it would be if they could somehow have a "tear away" version of the white tops (think 70s football jerseys) that would reveal a red-based version of the tops, maybe with a snake-themed/stylized white diagonal... Then, of course, I went to "what about an Ouroboros drill form, rotating through/behind the props, and shedding on the move, a la the tunnel pants change"?
  4. Were they "dutting"?!? posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Phantom might have made me shed a tear at the end...the Finlandia reprise was excellent! posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. How to put a pic in?
  8. I have a ticket...section 3 row Y if anyone needs one
  9. Try the target in the link I posted on the first pageTry the target in the link I posted on the first page
  10. Try the target in the link I posted on the first pageTry the target in the link I posted on the first page
  11. I also hear the paramedics will have antivenom on hand... :) Looking forward to tonight's show, both for the lineup and the potential to meet area DCPers... depending on when you see me I'll either have a 1999 Phantom Tragedy and Triumph T-shirt or an OLD teal SCV hornline T-shirt on... I'll be getting there early, probably around 6 or so, since I need to prowl outside for a ticket.
  12. Check my link at the beginning of the thread if you're willing to walk a little for a decent spot to park...
  13. Best Last Minute-ish of a Show

    Phantom 1991
  14. ISO 1 Ticket - 8/7 Massillon