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  1. +1 Just finished watching the DCI West performance and I concur. The opener is just, wow. Obviously this early they are getting the feel for some of the transitions and I'm sure the lengths of some segments will be adjusted for flow (a couple spots were unsurprisingly a bit abrupt) but this show looks to have a fabulous foundation to build on AND perform the hell out of. Horn book appears to be their toughest in years and if they get their hands around it, watch out.
  2. IMO, the unis are about as classy as you can get with with the form-fitting/performance-oriented style they adopted. I also agree, however, that they lost some of their identity (and they're not alone this year) and I was hoping that with their penchant for blending their traditional look with the show theme, they would have come up with more of a knockout melding of the two design ethics. A small part of me feels that they missed the mark in that regard, but again, IMO. That being said, they ARE well-conceived for the show theme and don't feel haphazardly thrown together. AND as someone mentioned earlier (I believe in the Clovis thread) they DO still somehow convey the Vanguard image. A difficult task, to be sure. And after seeing the periscope of the opener, I am VERY enthused for this season. GO SCV! I love this corps.
  3. If you're referring to the white down the middle, from my one watch of it, it looks like steps. The black on either side is sloped.
  4. So THAT'S where all the black from the uniforms went!
  5. Never said I hated it, that was my first impression. From a static viewing, I'm not sold on it (I think it's too busy/cluttered and the gradient shading on the overlay makes it look a bit like one of those padded muscle costumes) but I give them credit for being easily recognizable as Phantom and I'll be rooting for them as I do every year.
  6. This, I do not like.
  7. I still think the corps proper looks like a mashup of Darth Maul and Boba Fett...with a little Sidney Opera House on the shoulders...
  8. +1, and Crown's not alone. IMO, virtually all of the shako-style hats are too big. If they look like they are on the verge of going over your ears onto your face, they're too big.
  9. I would have stretches where the video would buffer, most times minor but a couple for over 10 seconds (laptop was the only device using wifi bandwidth) but no buffering during loooooong talk break...go figure. The audio was wonderful.
  10. /snark They played enough for you to be able to tell? /snark
  11. No blame, JL, just an observation on the timeline...all good
  12. Cavies - so...much...running...and electronics...and running....and visual....could the horn line play a LITTLE more? Please?
  13. so far laptop/wifi viewing is buffering like crazy...
  14. For sure there's Giannini's Third Symphony (think '82 and '83 SCV...) and London Bridge is Falling Down...