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  1. Or across the palm of your hand...
  2. Any of the years in the mid-50s when my Dad marched with St. Vincent's Cadets... Honorable Mentions: Phantom 2008, SCV 1999, Madison 95/99
  3. Thanks, Biff...
  4. PRETTY sure the '76 Bridgemen show would have been negatively impacted by the '75 Bridgemen unis..
  5. Thanks, John... One other thing I noticed is that they are currently double posting... Greg
  6. ...that have recently started inundating the World Class Discussions forum? Is this intentional and planned? They make up approximately half of the posts listed on the first two pages...
  7. "...and the crowd liked them..."
  8. We (Royal Crusaders) were at the show when it was announced they were disqualified. As I recall, the announcement was made over the PA system after the scores were announced, maybe as the Crossmen were leaving the field? Regardless of the timing of the announcement, as they were leaving the field someone in the horn line yelled (some obscenity, I'm sure) and a horn came flying out of the horn line block and landed on the field.
  9. 11. Judge sheet "runners" and the "sheet bag" coming down on a wire from the press box (at some shows) 12. Score "easel" at the front right corner of the field (right near the tabulation table/tent) during prelims (at shows that had them) with handwritten corps names and scores with "dynamic" finalist postioning
  10. I love the Madison 1995 soprano and 1996 Phantom Buick choices! So so many memorable ones to choose from over the years, but I think i'll have to go with trumpet, 2009 SCV, if only to be in the final build and company front.
  11. DrumMan and Shofmon, I'm unable to watch tonight but your two posts made me so happy I was able to see this show live. Love this corps and this show. ❤️
  12. One can always hope...