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  1. gak27

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I did the same - YT viewing - and feel much the same way with one additional comment/observation: I like the last half of the show WAY more than the first half. Perhaps I'm more of a "Soul" than "Heart" least the way the show portrays...
  2. gak27

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Jeff, I remember the Allentown (and other cities as well) practices and participation - in some years the crowd would do the "grunt" in time with the corps and then just scream...and the DM would get everyone revved up as well...I think it was '86 when it rained so everyone did a standstill and the Boston DM was just sprinting up and down in front of the horn line as they started the bugle calls. It was awesome!
  3. gak27

    2018 singing and narration

    I believe Crossmen have a vocalist... Sorry, didn't fully read the previous post...
  4. gak27

    Akron, OH - June 23, 2018

    For those who haven't been there, seating faces east so no sun in the eyes...and press box is decently high so members won't be terribly impacted...
  5. One could ALMOST think that SCV 17 unis and Madison 17 unis had a looooong weekend together and "merged DNA" to create these...
  6. gak27

    2018 Uniforms!

    ...and look! There's Blue Stained Glass (windows)!
  7. gak27

    Blue Devils 2018

    Nice! When I hear things like this there are times that, just once, I'd like to hear it on (well-tuned) G horns...just to see/hear....
  8. gak27

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Semi-obligatory opinion post just b/c...been a fan (phan) for years: I already like this WAY more than last year.
  9. Heh. My first one was removed awhile back as well...
  10. gak27

    Drum Finishes 2018

    Troopers posted a FB vid reveal of their drums:
  11. gak27

    2018 Uniforms!

    And if they just happen to be particularly awful, or by the end of the hot, sweaty tour season: Unifumes...
  12. It's from Allentown, but... HELP ME / RALPHIE
  13. gak27

    Drum Finishes 2018

    OK, so, years of old corps bus fumes must have addled that particular part of my brain (no comment on how other parts were addled) but your post triggered SOMETHING that suddenly connected the Conquest "hits" with the corps initials THANKS!
  14. Indeed. And it was kinda like "soooo, what are we competing for again?" DCI's attempt at a Miss Congeniality award...
  15. I was about to mention that song! Ahh, yes, the associate championship - i remember it "well"...