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  1. Both years, actually.
  2. Maybe I should have gone to a diner after the show? :D
  3. That was actually a general issue with the cinecast. The Cadets Vocal Ensemble had the same issue. Neither were issues for the live attendees at Lucas Oil, however, from what I've seen. It's tough for the cinecast production crew to properly mic six completely different shows on the first night of the season.
  4. Totally unrelated, but I noticed your "Wicked Strong" avatar and realized that the "Wicked" in Boston's "Wicked Games" theme has a whole other meaning considering the Boston/New England slang.
  5. Never underestimate Kristy Templin and what she, her staff, and the guard members can do.
  6. And that concludes tonight's show! My next show is literally 4 weeks away on July 22nd at the Legends Drum Corps Open. I'll see you there!
  7. And now, the scores: 61.4 - Troopers 68.15 - Boston Crusaders 69.2 - Cadets 71.45 - Carolina Crown 72.7 - Bluecoats
  8. The Boxer posted from the DrumScorps app
  9. But, of course, we can't finish the encore without moving the brass as close as possible to the fans and melting their ears. The Boxer.
  10. Rhythm in Blue join the hornline. Drumline moves front to join the guard. Autumn Leaves.
  11. People, if there is one track on the 2017 CDs you'll want to put on repeat, it will be Bluecoats. It may not be the only track, but it is definitely on that list.
  12. Oh my God, tubas, that bass groove you lay down during the closer is something I want to share with the rest of the world.
  13. posted from the DrumScorps app
  14. Breaking out the trombones for the closer. Excellent.
  15. posted from the DrumScorps app