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  1. Upstate NY Circuits

    I think I saw them at a show in Johnsonburg, PA in 1973. Place was smelly too but remember seeing, I think, Royaleer Mounties (All Girl), Purple Lancers, Vestal Grenadiers at that show. Cambria had a real cool street beat to get on the field too!
  2. I started corps in 1970 and remember attending competitions that were Penn-York or NY-Penn. I also recall a few Ontario corps would come down to compete as well as Cleveland Buckeyes one year (I think 1972). Seneca Princemen, Opti-Knights, Opti-Lancers, Flying Dutchmen, Durham Girls, Krescendos, St. Johns Girls all came down . From PA.....Cambria Cadets, 84th Bucktail Regiment, Silver Sabres and Derry Patriots would make it up. Besides Buckeyes, a new corps from Canton came over....called the Bluecoats! My corps, The Royal Coachmen surprised everyone in 1970 by making finals at Penn-York Championships. I wasn't there then but somewhere down the road I did compete at a Penn-York Championship in 1974 or 1975. I remember it was at a field that was not very memorable to me and I think Black Knights (Oswego) went on after or before us. I also remember for the Senior corps there was the Red Carpet Association and 2 corps down the road from us (Suburban Knights and Hamburg Kingsmen) were members. So many corps back then and today? Nothing (well White Sabres in DCA and thank God they are still there and doing a fantastic job!!!!).
  3. Why 1976?

    I enjoyed watching Gene Rayburn and his wife as they were sitting near 50 on field doing the telecast.
  4. Why 1976?

    I bought 2 tickets from someone who was sitting on the 50 yard line in the Phantom Regiment section.
  5. Why 1976?

    Since there isn't much happening on DCP I thought I'd pop on here and talk about why 1976 was such a great year in drum corps. It was the Bicentennial year....1976 and celebrations were happening all over the country. No more war (Garfield's dream came true), 80 plus corps attending DCI Championships in Philadelphia. Blue Devils win their first World Championship and have won many more after that! Open class corps were ALL exciting to watch from Blue Devils to Polish Falcon Cadets. Class "A" corps were also exciting to watch. Who can forget Wausau Story walking away with the 2nd ever DCI "A" Class Championship? St. Ignatius Girls winning their 2nd All Girl Championship too. 2 Canadian corps in the top 10 of Open Class. Kilties drop from 8th in '75 to 28th in '76? Schaumburg Guardsmen were in 31st in '75 and slide into 12th place in '76. Thank you Colonel Sanders? Phantom Regiment hops into the top 4 by beating 27th Lancers by almost 3 points. There were tons of shows all over the US and Canada every weekend. I don't know about you but that was the most fun I had ever had in drum corps that year. My corps won a little championship too...NT Open A Class beating out Peterborough Krescendo and Simplex Minutemen. Marquis won Open Class. Many of you have your own special years BUT if you liked 1976 please comment.
  6. A Look Back at 1971-1972

    My first full year in The Royal Coachmen (NY). I remember doing a lot of contests in Upstate NY starting with Endicott, NY where the Watkins Glen Squires were starting their climb into the big leagues. July 3, 1971 Endicott NY 1 Squires 67.350 2 Shoreliners 62.250 3 Mello-Dears 60.000 4 Mark Twain Cadets 56.200 5 Royal Coachmen 48.250 6 Barons of Steuben 43.750 7 Gauchos 41.200 For some reason, I thought the White Knights from Baltimore were there too. Contests went from May to about the third week of September.
  7. Trivia....again!

    Bleu Raeders 1972
  8. Trivia....again!

    #1 is in correct
  9. 1. What corps, who made DCI finals, only competed in 18 shows all season long? 2. These 2 corps were within a point of making DCI finals in 1975? (No Googling!) 3. First All Girl corps to compete in DCI finals? 4. Highest placing All Girl corps ? (1972 -1974)
  10. Freelancers in 1984 movie

    Oh Barbara Eden!!!!!!! I was forever in love with here!
  11. Music City 2018

    Thus moving another corps down another peg!
  12. What Would You Do......

    Yes it was an escape but to something that I was in love with! Drum corps taught me more than I could learn at home or at school too.
  13. What Would You Do......

    Fran, Great response! I used drum corps as an excuse to stay away from my family. from the time I was 10 I would go to practice religiously during winters and definitely in summer when I was always 30 minutes early. Won't go into my boring story but even later on when I taught Patriots, Renegades and even Rochester Crusaders, I used it as a way to stay away.
  14. .....different? Would you choose another corps to march with? Play another instrument? Change an instructor? If you could go back in time to change something about your corps experience, what would it be?
  15. .....different? Would you choose another corps to march with? Play another instrument? Change an instructor? If you could go back in time to change something about your corps experience, what would it be?