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  1. goalieguy


    Just a friendly SHOT across the bow here Smoothie - but even if there were 3 times the corps - you have close to 10 X the bodies! I've always thought it would never come to this, but I cannot 'come out of retirement' to do my part to field a corps...The age difference and philosophy of the creative 'experts' in our area have taken the corps in a different direction my brother. Not too involved, but you know how that's worked for me the last few years.. The numbers alone will make it easier, until local bands start dropping the programs. Gotta see if I can get to Williamsport or elsewhere. will keep you posted, buddy! Pat
  2. goalieguy


    Thanks for the props, Dubya.. I'm still sitting here trying to wrap my head around this..For the 'centuries' I've been around MBI - I guess I'm trying to sort out my instinctive feelings and my emotional feelings about this. My head slapper is how a group as sound and stable with it's incredible longevity of excellence (and YOU know as well as anybody that the brass caption was what the identity of the group until the late 90's) can have the anemic recruiting draw that is what is causing MBI to go inactive. I think your idea of the vets 'just getting older' is a big part of it...or there may be other things causing the discord of interest. It looks as though my return to DCA may be unfortunately sidetracked for this Labor Day. I'm looking forward to making more inquiries to the group of alums and vets to see if an unbiased idea or remedy can be found. Pat
  3. goalieguy

    Minnesota Brass

    RH - I was at the humble adobe watching with the wife and sister - I WAS a bit concerned with 26 horns - but more concerned that if they try to keep the books as is - they will hurt more than their scores..You and I both know the history going back to the late 70's and early 80's - I'm hopeful that our family leaders can make the decision to adapt the package - or we might see another "meeting at Earl Orf's house". Sorry for you fans and friends - it's an inside joke among MBI dinosaurs Pat
  4. goalieguy

    Minnesota Brass

    Hey Rookie - you just decided to be REAL for a season - can't say I blame you, brother...It's just taken since 80,81 and 82 for the corps to shrink this far..It doesn't matter how much money you spend on the program, travel, world class arrangements or hoity-toity uniforms and equipment...If you ain't got the horses - it ain't gonna happen...gotta work with what you got, and make it the best you can.. BEEN THERE - SEEN AND DONE that!!! Pat
  5. goalieguy

    DCA Rules Congress

    W - IMO "sub-optimal" is being kind to the old Tromboniums.. I played one that MBI got from Madison during winter rehearsals and even with my Bach 2G Bass bone mouthpiece(given to me by Dan Groth before he left MN) it was like trying to force air through a cotton wad at the end of the lead pipe. Pitch centering (even with a smaller mouthpiece) was "fun"... We shipped them to the Jesse James Gang corps from Northfield(yeah, THAT Northfield) and they found a couple of folks that managed to get a decent amount of sound from them, although I can't imagine how. Pat
  6. goalieguy

    DCA Rules Congress

    Hey Chris, we HAD low brass with bite BITD.. Baritones (smaller than Bass Baritones) had smaller bores and had much more "bite" than the bigger size baris and euphs put out. But I suspect the sound would be crisper with the smaller, trombone like bores of the old baris and of course those fabulous Tromboniums (NOT) Baris and Euphs today have been used to make that low brass power sound that the old baris ouldn't cover by using massively large mouthpieces to gain the airflow.. Just my .02 worth after 45 years of playing.
  7. Not as much sour grapes - as much as "out of pattern". I have noticed over the years that plot twists "behind the curtains" has more to do with how the results pan out.. Those things have been going on since the dawn of DCA - although I have only watched the last 40 years or so. It seems that the more things DON'T appear to change, the more they actually DO. Personally, I like to watch the Class A groups continue to battle among themselves, and still get great crowd response as well as be technically proficient - even if they are 'limited' to 65 members. The level of performances may not be worthy of the "standard" increase of numbers as the championships approach, but it acts as a device to keep all of us engaged until Finals.... even though the results of the finale don't always end in the way each of us wishes...Ahhhhh, DRAMA at it's finest!! Face it gang, it's DCA - anything can and usually DOES happen - just let your imagination run wild..Conspiracy theorists will always be there to cast a shadow (or two). This provided by a long time witness to just about EVERYTHING possible that can happen to a group during a tumultuous nearly 40 year journey at DCA - basically seeing ALL that a corps can endure on the journey from laughing stock to World Championship - and SOOOOO many stops in between! Oh - the tinfoil hat is NOT out of the realm of possibility, Terri! It just depends on how receptive your antennae are! Good, bad or indifferent - Unless YOU have influence on the decision - it'll never be 'perfect'.. Pat P.S. FRANK!!!!!! Where the heck you been, old friend? Good to see your input - hope you are well - and don't lose that Sconnie attitude bro - almost time for the border battle to resume !!!
  8. goalieguy

    Another Big Week-End

    Having just arrived at home after the trip from St. Peter, I am very surprised to see how close the top 5 are after tonight, and the 2nd five spots are as well... As far as the "Drum Corps Expo" hosted by the Govies - all in all, the show was much better from both a performance standpoint - not to mention the weather was much more cooperative.. Next to NO rain - even though the souvie booths and some of the fans had to use cover for the last 30 minutes before show time - NOTHING like last night. Everybody was able to utilize the electronics to enhance their productions, and in the case of MBI - they were able to use their entire front ensemble and the pre-recorded commentary to make full use of their props, although a couple of equipment/prop malfunctions may have slightly altered either way. I expect the last weekend will deliver the seedings, and it will increase the drama to keep everyone guessing when Rochester rolls around. Thank again to Frankie P. for posting the numbers from all the shows. Love ya, man! - See you in a couple of weeks! Pat
  9. goalieguy

    Another Big Week-End

    I would expect so as well. After seeing Brass last night with NO pit or electronics - and only giving back less than two points to the field - I consider that a positive. Of course, it stopped raining right after Brass finished...I give them credit for going on - even though as a dinosaur, I think they need to toughen up to do shows in the rain..Not a lot of wind, but steady rainfall - we missed the heavier, more intense storm cells - so it could have been worse. It's raining here in "the Cities" as I type this -and the rain is expected to keep going to mid-afternoon. Looks like the Expo in St. Peter may be dry, but as usual - it's tropical Minnesota! Want the weather to change, just wait 15 minutes or less. Looking forward to tonight's show - heading down to Petertown with my wife and sister-in-law in tow, planning on spending time with Gwynne's aunt and uncle before the show. And of course - Patrick's on Third after the show - gotta buy my boy Flash a belated birthday beverage - and maybe order a 'pint of bacon' from the kitchen!! Pat
  10. goalieguy

    Drum Majors Milking Applause...

    I'll jump on this one Fran! The list of DM's in DCA over the years I've been going has had ALL the showmanship covered.. About the only one left that remotely covers that style is John Mayer from the Govenaires. I wish one or more of the DCI DM's would add something to make them less of an 'automaton' - Joel Alleyne with Oakland Crusaders and its predecessors usually had the crowd cranked up back in the mid 70's, but there were not very many in the DCI and Pre-DCI era that had as much flair as he did. My only gripe about the DCI and newer DCA DM's is when they "attempt" to turn around to salute at the beginning - most of them TURN TO THE LEFT!!! OK - the paramilitary basis for "drum corps" is gone, but like Flag etiquette - there are some traditions that should be maintained - like doing an 'About Face' by turning to the right - as it should be done - all the extra 'ruffles & flourishes' each DM chooses to add or NOT add, that shouldn't be messed with. I just think it's as important as keeping some resemblance of 'military bearing' in the activity - more like a tribute than having total Broadway take over.. Some of the newer service veterans who have come into the activity or back to it - I'm sure they're a bit prouder when something that military in roots keeps some of that as the activity evolves. Pat
  11. goalieguy

    Minneapolis Musings

    To piggy-back some of the aforementioned facilities - just to add a couple - Original Pancake House also has a location in close proximity to TCF Bank Stadium- in Roseville just to the north of the Rosedale shopping center. Birchwood is a little tough to find but it is only a couple of miles from "The Bank". Bridge and road repair might make it tough to navigate, but the quality is worth the look. Northbound Smokehouse and Brewery is about 8 blocks from my humble adobe, just west of the 38th Street station on the Blue Line light rail. Excellent burgers and Cajun fries - and they sell "growlers" (1/2 gallon) of all of the on-site brews - some with HIGH % APV.. My son's favorite is about 8%.. In that same neighborhood - (basically across the street) is Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ - one of the long standing BBQ and Soul food purveyors in Mpls. I've been going there since the early 70's..Jojo potatoes are to die for - and 3 temps of HEAT in the sauce. Peach cobbler is really good, too!! If you choose to go to Lund's and/or Byerly's - great food - but prepare to open your wallet! Personally - B-Dubs across from the stadium, Applebee's on Washington - about 3 blocks away. Can't forget Stub & Herb's - basically across the street from the stadium - on Washington and Oak - a campus legend for food AND beverage.. Hope y'all have a great time - just remember - Minnesota has 2 seasons...Winter and Road Construction...There will be LOTS of the latter around the Metro this weekend, along with the Twinkies, Saints and Lynx in town...Safe travels and enjoy your visit!!! Pat
  12. goalieguy

    2016 DCA - Latest Scores

    If so - that'd be a point for every member of the hornline - BUT - I've seen stranger things happen!!! (82, 87, 90, 96, - lest we forget, '13) You KNOW why I highlighted 82, dontcha Fran??? Pat
  13. goalieguy

    2016 DCA - Latest Scores

    Providing of course - they are NOT versed in BOTH circuits.. Most of the panels may not give a rat's posterior what they put down, but it is what it is.. IF THEY ARE, and are still putting down DCI numbers, "just because" - they should be shot!! I can't see where judges can get the idea that DCA corps don't rate getting a DCA -type eval, unless the individual judge doesn't know the difference! After all of the years MBI got judged on the DCI D-1 sheets through DCM, we got used to having to "calculate the difference" before going out East.. Part of paying the cost of trying to stay competitive! Pat
  14. goalieguy

    Intrigue In Indy

    After seeing photos of BAC's new guard uni's on FB - I'll definitely be watching for how they impact the presentation!! Hoping Crown and 'Coats hornlines knock me out! Pat