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  1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    after the statement they released when they left Blue Stars, I think they prefer to stay in indoor horn lines in their way LOL
  2. i believe in 10 when the Crown member broke his leg friday was spliced in on the video
  3. Rest in Peace Paul Cain

    RIP. YOU may enter the pearly gates
  4. i don't get personal. it's business. And in business when someone drones on and on and on incorrectly, you can tell them to shut the #### up. but delivery is key.
  5. no because any of those corps could be top 8. Look at Phantom currently. Look at Crown just over a decade ago. Look at cadets teetering towards the bottom group. if this were indoor guard with hundreds of scholastic groups, i see the need for a third class. This isn't that.
  6. no, as usual you're inserting things where they dont need to be Colonel Jessup.
  7. not my hero. i thought the quote was appropriate, albeit a slightly long winded way to tell you to shut the #### up that might make others laugh
  8. no because by 2014, the G7 issue was put to bed. It usually only comes up when you bring it up
  9. i did that to Hershey Stadium for a few years
  10. BD was finals on video, but semis on the tapes and later cd
  11. i really dont want to hog space on drives i'd rather have the dvd. and i work for company that allows customers to do disclosures for mortgages online...uploading documents you name it.....and i'd say 45% of the customers want nothing to do with it. Pen and paper baby!
  12. actually i was snooping around today during a conference there a link to the powerpoint? I lost my copy in 2014 when my laptop died