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  1. well...but....remember in your years with the corps, i went from kid to just starting puberty. Many people did try to ...uh....behave when they saw me around. Good lord I rode busses with the Rebels at age 5. Ralph and Dottie used to give people hell if they saw us seeing the corps be the corps. Bruce didnt care
  2. not always. with the number of adults living past the age of 62, reverse mortgages are growing more popular by the day....yet I work the the largest lender in the country and we got out of the game 5 1/2 years ago solely because you can't escrow taxes and insurance on those loans. others scoff at us for this, and call us short sighted? Are we? Well when you consider the number of tax liens being put on the homes of reverse mortgage holders because they cant pay their taxes and they max out their equity in their mortgage, no, not really. We arent foreclosing older people who cant pay their taxes.
  3. Christ i havent cared about a post count since 2007
  4. can we get this pinned?
  5. diggin it
  6. loved Bruce. one of the guys who let "little Wally" hang around and not try to be something other than themselves.
  7. DCI only gets a set fee from local shows
  8. The interesting part to me was seeing who the biggest leakers were. It wasn't non finalists
  9. Winds is a great genre
  10. To do that you'd have to have people well entrenched in their views be willing to go for it. It's no secret Hop is all about 80's and 90's run and gun while the game has adapted to "staged" moments. Visually to me, nothing seemed fresh or new since 11. The black uniforms killed the effect of the Zpull. Musivally ive seen more willingness to gamble, but not enough to write home about. And if if they're going to tell stories, they need to hire a writer who can do plot lines
  11. I'm sure at some point. I don't follow most corps on Facebook
  12. Proof. Want to shut em up? Get proof. Like I did with the g7
  13. When was this announced?
  14. Well you're doing a fine job of playing the victim card here Mr. Kraft. So they they were butt hurt. I'm sure 27 danced when George and Peggy went to Garfield. Know how to get em back? beat em. On the field. Make them need you. Don't #### and moan on DCp. That's how you win. Remember just oust a few years ago, 7 corps tried to hijack dci, with one of them truly leading the way. Did the other 16 directors come here crying? No. They got their #### together and made sure the others couldn't do it without them. howd that standalone tour of champions thing working out anyway?