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  1. to be honest, the sizes of the corps arent all that different from what they were 30 years only had one class then. So lets say 20 corps show up to Rachacha....thats still more than what attended every year until 1987, and 88 til what 2005? running a corps not easy. membership also has band and WGI commitments. Doesnt mean DCA is dying. 24 years ago all 13 corps that showed up finals weekend made finals...because only 13 corps showed up
  2. oh no...i remember him and Dan butting heads about that
  3. the write up just shows i'll have to see it.
  4. Bugs Bunnys greatest hits
  5. he had the 90/95 score from the corps which helped.
  6. show lineups are usually finalized in April. Hence the date
  7. True to the original and the field versions
  8. agreed. it will bleed over into all forms
  9. it will take years for the laws to catch up to technology and reform in place
  10. legally, saying too much could have made it worse
  11. i do believe you'll probably see it tied to
  12. they did a great arrangement of that for the party last year. and yeah Scott's known for his Brigs time, but his heart is here. Those of us that finally got our 96 rings, while Scott has some red ones, he said finally getting the blue one meant the most to him