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  1. Jeff Ream

    As The Season Gets Underway...

    judge your sheet and judge the show of the day
  2. Jeff Ream

    Cadets 2018

    C2's success is a huge part of what is helping YEA in these troubled times. The good work they do there will help C1, as do I say this....a better organization in place, we may see more kids going from 2 to 1. I know several past 2 members that chose to go elsewhere and not go up to 1.
  3. Jeff Ream

    Cadets 2018

    thank you!
  4. Jeff Ream

    Cadets 2018

    #### you for using logic on DCP, especially against those that love to not practice what they preach
  5. Jeff Ream

    Cadets 2018

    I'll see C2 on 7/7 and looking forward to it!
  6. Jeff Ream

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    I couldn't tell you whats happening on 80. 80 is above the spots I listed on 15, so this shouldn't affect you, and I'm not sure whats happening above lewisburg. I can nose around
  7. Jeff Ream

    Cavalier's "Closing" Ability

    and Bloo just kinda held in place. every year theres that one corps that surges daily. last 2 years its been Cavies. This year who knows
  8. Jeff Ream

    2018 Predictions

    I predict insanity in these forums in 48 hours or less. Sadly it already rules the DCP Facebook page, but for other reasons
  9. wasn't that a Blue Knights show?
  10. when drum corps died the first time. per some, it's been dying annually since
  11. the problem is going back may not be good. going may not be good. there's far larger issues at play than gender within the organization
  12. Jeff Ream


    I have alerted the authorities. will probably have a gathering in the parking lot pre-show for a quick remembrance of Kathy Hepner since the person in charge of her estate has pretty much dropped off the map
  13. Jeff Ream


    No I won't be there. other commitments. Plus 2 DCI shows on my laptop. I'll be at Hempfield