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  1. I'll disagree. if they are trying to enlighten anyone, it's the judging community
  2. yes. the criteria is on the sheets, and it's the same sheet everywhere. the training DCI judges go through is pretty hefty after talking to a newer judge. You don't get in just because you have a name, and just being in isnt enough to stay in
  3. well the panel can hold numbers,so i expect some erasers to get work
  4. by the early 80's. He was a former coach and AD in the school district. I know this because we found him in my wife's grandmothers yearbook
  5. rain is an understatement. not as bad as the deluge after prelims in 86 tat made finals a standstill....the creek in the park flooded with that
  6. amen....cries of slotting across the universe, yellow slips of paper and more!
  7. ticks varied from judge to judge. proven fact. next argument please
  8. won't make it better. those large windows on the ends of the stadium will actually make it worse
  9. they'll be seen by people who have seen others
  10. IMO....honestly...i get Allentown has its issues. But NJ costs will turn fans off
  11. i agree on the costs but.....Indys attendance is going up...except for one huge year, Allentown has stayed stagnant. I have no desire to go back to Indy after 10, tho when my daughter is older I'm sure I will, but I was amazed at how early downtown shut down. the 3 hotel bars i stopped by were totally unprepared for the amount of people after the show. food trucks outside the venue and encouraging a big tailgate type of gathering would be a great idea. the food in the stadium is meh and NFL pricey. I'm not looking for St Elmos quality, but for the price it should be better than McDonalds. the consurse downstairs was a pain, but after i heard from people about it going to the main level, i'd probably have claustrophobic attacks. but's not moving unless something huge happens. CA is so owed some finals it's laughable.
  12. now we need some Midwest and south numbers