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  1. were you there in 92 after the Allentown show? most of the corps had only "heard the legend", so Tree, myself, my dad and a few others took a big cooloer and filled with 10 different kinds of beers....but only one can of Strohs. we got him to finally agree to go for a dive and ###### if he didnt get the one can of Strohs
  2. I see Surf set up with a recruiting table at many HS band events in NJ and PA
  3. agreed. i would love to see them retain more of the kids, and push the staff to design for their growing talents.
  4. oh no you'll find other things i have no worries
  5. knowing several people attached to one of the groups that performed, this was an amazing event for all
  6. look i used to be like man, #####ing and moaning if i dont know the shows. Now, so many people are wrapped up in indoor, do they even have time to worry? We have 200+ pages of Cadets over speculation in March already. I think the suspense is becoming a good thing. Why? Listing tunes means nothing. With mashups, you could only hear 6 bars of a tune. I've still yet to find Come Sail Away in BD last year and i've listened to it a zillion times.Let Wgi end, then start announcing once the licensing stuff is solved.
  7. long time well heeled Cadet donors ##### about everything if it isnt the Cadet uniform. I know several and they ##### to #####
  8. kids today hear stories of McShane and wonder how he made it to 30 LOL
  9. oh yeah i forgot Rob Starrett at Crossmen 88-89
  10. and Becky still has it with Star United. and Marcia Hanson and Kristy Spears that Ryan Turner guy was ok too
  11. here's the counter. last year, 2 days before the first show at LOS we learned the tunes the Bluecoats were doing. The day before we learned the show title. Then on show day, they set the world on fire and ran with it all the way to a title. So how did it hurt them? Plus thru various media outlets, DCI and the corps themselves are putting out stuff from last season. My 4 year old daughter cant get enough of the finals warm up footage from inside the convention center. She tries to sing the first snare break of the show, even echoing the rim shot. if she gets tired of that, it's the Thurston lick video. And christ we heard that lick from 1987-1999, but it never gets old. so do we need to know? attendance is still going up.
  12. yes you gave proof. that you will argue anything into its molecular dust
  13. controversial? no. Amusing in a Cheech and Chong kind of way? Yes.
  14. the WGI influence has indeed moved outdoors....or under bigger roofs
  15. so sorry Jim I missed this online. Our condolences. I'll let Horner and Brock know