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  1. ROC gonna miss DCA

    hey 581 sat there at 81 from the 70's til 96. and 15 heading north being widened to 4 lanes above Perdix isnt quite 30 years old. Look how long it took to finally get an interchange where 95 meets 276?
  2. ROC gonna miss DCA

    unless it's being changed as we speak, yes bleacher seating
  3. MB

    DCA sends judges around the circuit. Just last summer a few worked in Reading PA Saturday, then worked in Georgia the next day. Seemed to work out ok for CV
  4. i would imagine DCI will have some serious restrictions and auditing taking place before they give the ok
  5. The future of the Cadets

    agreed, but it seems that in reading the victims stories....they were mostly away from corps activities. What one does in a hotel or private residence isn't going to be seen by staff or other employees.
  6. The future of the Cadets

    serious question: who here has said it's going to be a quick fix? Please, point that post out to us all, because I have yet to see anyone say that. And no the corps isn't imploding. It's hanging tight in tough times, and with many smart decision going forward by people that plan as well as build a better organization with better policies, it can be a model for all to follow. But that aint gonna happen overnight, and no one has suggested that except you seeming to think people believe that.
  7. the DCp facebook page gets more traffic
  8. WGI/Indoor discussion

    sorry i missed this...i was too busy watching!
  9. MB

    indoor's explosive growth. one of the underlying reasons why I think Winds was formed
  10. MB

    more people live in the region you mention that in MN.
  11. not necessarily. we don't know what other skeletons are out there...and they could be intertwined
  12. well i think many have suspicions about the what the guy may have done with the finances
  13. ROC gonna miss DCA

    the first half that crosses the river is on pace. Still finalizing the route on stage 2 due to some environmental issues. Mother in law lives right below it all, so I hear about it weekly
  14. ROC gonna miss DCA

    too large? eh....problem was the way it was built, not enough seats in the good sections.
  15. MB

    you have 4 corps in a pretty tight radius...Govies, MBI, River City and Chops.
  16. Cadets 2018

    yeah...if I am the design team, i take my time to make it right, and not just rush it out there
  17. The future of the Cadets

    agreed. I know several who have marched or taught there, and they do not condone rape. In fact if you ever heard a Hop Talk, he preached a lot about personal behavior. Not that he apparently practiced what he preached, but... but yes, Cowtown is very anti Cadets...well George. he like many consider the corps and the man to be one and the same. And it's not, and won't be ever again
  18. The future of the Cadets

    only if it was to their benefit
  19. well...why need anything in your name when you can let YEA cover it? Were the credit cards only used for YEA business?
  20. he made it solely because he hates Hopkins ( like many) and is using his new fame to further his agenda
  21. proves everything I have said about Rice to be correct
  22. The future of the Cadets

    find ways to put it to use, be it building reserves, investing for revenue streams etc
  23. ROC gonna miss DCA

    after the Little LEague World Series leaves, not much happens there. the shale gas boom once filled up a lot of the hotel rooms, but not now. So Williamsport is looking for some business.
  24. ROC gonna miss DCA

    that bypass is at best done by 2024
  25. ROC gonna miss DCA

    depends on where you're coming from. I had to drive through Williamsport every year. Same thing if coming up from most places in MD