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  1. discuss!
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    battery is set
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    one of the few joys in life is Iggles fans suffering.
  4. Maryland Hall of Fame Inductees Named

    not really if you followed Buddy at all. he was a ######## to his band. it was all about him. I think it's still on Youtube...a band member taped a Buddy rant after a show...apparently this was a daily way of life playing for Buddy. Look I could listen to Buddy play all day. But even the year he played at Serenade, he trashed the drum corps world on stage.
  5. Maryland Hall of Fame Inductees Named

    I think he was a confederate. I'll have to ask Dad
  6. Boston Crusaders 2018

    I feel dirty saying this but....Go Pats! Beat the Iggles!!
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    I know kids that when they heard the show bailed. They didn't want to spend the time and money playing stuff they hated. I know 3 kids back when Crossmen were with YEA that refused every overture to go to Cadets, because they wanted to be in the Crossmen and play jazz. They knew they'd place lower and pass up a shot at a ring. Didn't matter, to them, Bones was the holy name they wanted to be under
  8. Dr. Dan Richardson passes

    a great man. RIP
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    the corps create the scoring system. It's like Congress giving themselves raises.
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    when it comes to fans, they have one way to withholding their money. the Cesario initiatives on adjusting the sheets and encouraging corps to program less self indulgent faux inteligencia shows in favor of more fan friendly started truly paying off in 14 programatically. more competition started showing up in 11. if fans are truly that up in arms over all of the amps and electronics, they'd stopping showing up. thats what DCi will pay attention to.....less income. if people keep paying to watch/support, then they think nothing is wrong. #####ing on DCp has never once changed the direction of DCI. Leaking recaps did, but social media played a bigger role in that
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    i'm sorta in agreement with you. there's been a lot of bad. the years 13-16 saw a lot of improvement. 17 was a step backwards
  12. 2018 Rules proposals

    actually they can be quite useful. But no one praises those shows. they just ##### about the ones they hate
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    where have i blindly supported it? Perhaps you haven't truly read anything I have said since i helped launch the petition to ban it in 2003.
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    I never said they were top experts at it. if you've read anything I've said for the last 13 years, you'll see time and time again where i've called on the judging community to send harsher messages with their scores. I use "get off my lawn crowd" for those who continue to rant about it, always adding the caveat of seeing it going away, and then insulting others. It ain't going away. Like it or not, it aint going away. calling people names isn't going to make it better either. people have been #####ing about something in drum corps, usually something new or daring since, oh, day 2 of drum corps. yet drum corps has progressed. Despite now universal love, bayonne in 76 got lots of complaints. So did Cadets new styles of drill and music in 83. BD pretty much any year since 2007. And thousands of other examples. Not once did calling people names change anything back to what was. if anything, it drove some to change it more.
  15. 2018 Rules proposals

    ok so let me ask a simple question....if you disliked something enough, would you pay $4000-5000 to do it?
  16. 2018 Rules proposals

    get off my lawn isn't an age thing. it's a mindset
  17. 2018 Rules proposals

    it depends on the directors involvement on the creative side. of the 2 i can think of, 1 fits yours to a T. The other hasn't placed above 20th since there were 20 true World Class corps, and hasn't made the Friday show for a few years now
  18. 2018 Rules proposals

    honestly...11 is when DCI truly clarified their marketing approach. Since 1972 it was all about build new, but keep the "get off my lawn crowd". in 11, they finally focused on just building new. if they could retain, fine. And short of adding woodwinds, I dont think they could change enough to drive people away en masse
  19. 2018 Rules proposals

    yup. and it did drop. yet i dont think it was all amplification, because in year 3 of anything goes electronics, it started going back up.
  20. Cadets 2018

    the show i saw moved me. more so than Glassmens version
  21. 2018 Rules proposals

    here i'll do a brief summarization of where DCI is since A&E first passed: from 2004 to 2010, numbers dropped...attendance, corps, kids.....economy was also an issue at the time the numbers hit rock bottom. since 2011, with a minor dip in 2012, numbers have continued to increase. Paying fans, corps, kids marching...... so something is obviously worked. in 2010 you had maybe what....11,000 people paid for finals? LOS is full on concert side now. Regionals keep posting huge numbers. DCi is doing better filling big stadiums day in and day out. web viewing is up, and theater attendance is up. if it ###### that many people off.....the numbers wouldn't be growing. I'm not a fan of everything trotted out with the changes. in fact, i'll contend SCV's reliance on the mic'd brass ensemble hurt their brass core and cost them a title.So in some ways i do think judges punish groups for it...just not enough.
  22. 2018 Rules proposals

    i dont know, his position seemed vague