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  1. EDAVE

    Ogden, UT - July 11, 2018

    It's pretty simple. At separate shows corps A beats corps B by 2 pts, corps B beats corps C by 2 pts. It can then be rationalized that corps A would beat Corps C by 4 points. It's a guesstimate, not a fact, for where things might compare.
  2. EDAVE

    Ogden, UT - July 11, 2018

    Just stop. SCV score is not inflated. Beat Knights by 7.3, similar margin as recent previous shows. Same night BK scores 78.95, Stars 78.75, Mandarines 78.6, Regiment 78.9. Stars, Mandarines, Regiment have been swapping close wins in recent shows together and are essentially even. Knights beat Mandarines by 1.55 in their last meeting. So unless Mandarins have caught Knights, either SCV and Knights are under scored or Stars, Mandarines, Regiment were over scored and therefore so was Devils as they were in the same contest as Regiment. Assuming Mandarines have caught Knights (thought doubful) then it can be argued that SCV is 7.3 ahead of Regiment who BD beat by 5.9. Comparing scores then shows SCV is 1.4 ahead of BD which is exactly what the scores show (SCV 86.25, BD 84.8). Do the math.
  3. EDAVE

    who Makes finals ( 12th )

    If my research is correct, only once in DCI history has the final 12 repeated. 1987-1988. Madison Scouts Vanguard Blue Devils Garfield Cadets Cavaliers Phantom Regiment Star of Indiana Velvet Knights Spirit of Atlanta Suncoast Sound Bluecoats Sky Ryders It looks like this year it may happen for a 2nd time.