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  1. gbass598

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I would guess for clarity and readability for the times when performers are on top of them. If you put a design on them it could clutter up what is actually happening on top. The color scheme of the show is generally pretty minimal in the uniforms and staging so they clearly intend for a bland color palette to let the colors that are used pop out.
  2. gbass598

    Thank You

    As an artist, I would assume that Chuck just feels that Genesis has b*stardized his product to a point that he no longer feels comfortable calling it his own and just wants to make it clear.
  3. So honest question, is there a line where old school macho turns into overprotective mommy? I only say that because I live in an area where districts cancel school because of single digit temperatures while schools in Vermont scoff at those temperatures and still go to school. We know Texas is hot in July and this is not the first time it’s been 100+ for the North Texas shows. I would just like to suggest if the Texas heat is too much for July perhaps the schedule needs to be adjusted and have those shows in late June to start the season for everyone’s safety and comfort.
  4. Granted I don't live in Texas but isn't it 110 in the Dallas area this time of year every year. I know it was this hot in '98.
  5. gbass598

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    In prior years I think they were being overshadowed by the horn line. It was about 10 minutes of look at how good we play. The show design is much more balanced now to give them more exposure. Their battery is not the chop monsters that SCV and BD are but they are playing their book very well. They being said, they lack the wow factor in their playing because it isn’t as complex as some other groups. The front ensemble is doing their job well too. They just don’t have memorable moments that set them apart that I have seen.
  6. I just think their book will peak before the others because the complexity is not there. Once the groups playing beefier books are close to spotless in August. Crown was 3rd and 5th on finals night last year and I expect them to be the same at the end. SCV will be on top. I think BD will ultimately top them and Crown can give it a run when it comes down to it. Its going to be tough for Bluecoats to get into the top 5 in percussion this year because I think the Cavaliers will ultimately stay ahead of them too.
  7. Or longer to be honest. BD are the masters of being spotless when you are drawn to watching them and doing nothing hard when you aren't IMO.
  8. My initial observations after seeing the show online twice and not necessarily doing a direct comparison to everyone else. Content is what it is, it is essentially a show design caption so it won't drastically change without rewrites. 1. More front ensemble contribution is needed. They get overshadowed by groups like the Cavaliers, SCV and BD when it comes to the front. I'm not a huge fan of the pod set up where players are either playing vibes or marimba and in most of the show they are all playing vibe or all playing marimba. They also don't have wow moments when the front plays. They are always overshadowed by the brass or the battery. 2. Battery needs to show more dynamic contrast than playing or not playing. They have a couple of moments where its not all out drumming but the general Bluecoats M.O. when it comes to drumming is basically ram notes, play a groove pattern, or don't play. They also seem very snare drum focused and not much spread around the other sections. I'm honestly surprised Crown is scoring as high as they are but I think they are doing a better job of spreading the love in the full musical package this year. I always felt in the past their shows were 11 minutes of "Look at how good our hornline is!" but they seem to be doing a better job as spreading the contribution around the whole corps which has led to higher content scores from them at this point. I don't think it will hold up by the end of the season however. Crown will max out their package before finals rolls around. When all is said and done, there is no percussion package that even touches SCV from a content and contribution standpoint. Barring a performance meltdown I full expect them to runaway with things this year. Ultimately percussion placements will probably fall into a similar order as last year. everyone seems to be playing at a similar level as last season, Boston may sneak up a bit further but I expect Bluecoats to most likely be ahead of Cadets in the end. It's a dog fight in the percussion caption.
  9. I don't doubt you. It just justifies my general perception of how the YEA board would have functioned even before these allegations came out. How did the Cadets function before YEA was formed? I would believe they would have been some form of non profit organization back them that also should have had a BoD.
  10. Yes, I still have the ones back from when I marched and it was printed on paper. I subscribe to the online version but I never read them.
  11. So does anyone read DCW anymore? I would think someone would notice an ad looking for board member applicants and think it was weird. Maybe someone should ask DCP if they ever sold an ad for such purpose. I do believe and have said that I think that the board existed only because they legally had but I don't know that I would believe it would be filled by a newspaper ad. Board positions are supposed to be voted on by members, not applied for and awarded like a job.
  12. That director's wife continued to run the program after he left and the word was she did most of the work anyway. That same program also failed to make finals the next year after she retired and went through 2 directors finding a permanent replacement. One of which resigned before even starting the job because too many assistants thought they were going to tell him what to do. A whole other story none the less but success can all come down to the difference between a figurehead director and someone who is more hands on with the success of the program as to what impact it has. I give that program a ton of credit for accomplishing what they did in spite of the early season distractions but the program ultimately became quite dysfunctional as a result because of an internal power struggle. Something the Cadets need to be very cautious of as it moves forward.
  13. That being said, my own perception of the YEA board is that they exist simply because the law says they have to exist and Hop was pretty much the sole decision maker for everything.
  14. And that’s really all they can do. They can’t force the organization to be different or take them over or anything. They can help guide the organization but there shouldn’t be a misconception that DCI can just swoop in and save the day. DCI shouldn’t own YEA’s mess but should just support them if they ask for help.