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  1. All time shows: The Cadets

    Favorites 1. 1992 2. 1989 3. 2000 4. 1987 5. 1995 Least Favorites 2002...My least favorite show of all time 1998...Most forgettable championship show of all time. Z
  2. 1 1992 Big gap Tie of all years Chuck Naffier arranged for Bones. Z
  3. What goes around comes around

    2002 cadets is my least favorite drumcorps show of all time. Z
  4. All time shows: Pioneer

    As a 5 year member of Pioneer I can say that my completely biased answer is 1996 and nothing else is remotely close. The 1996 corps was finalist caliber in all performance captions but struggled on the GE side. Go look at some recaps from mid season of 1996 and you will be shocked to see where Pioneer's hornline was scoring. Z
  5. I believe 3 corps played Javelin in 2002. I'm pretty sure Troopers played Javelin as well. Z
  6. Pioneer 2018

    I would be down with Pioneer using all music from How to Train Your Dragon... Z
  7. It's pretty crazy that 2000 Southwind finished top 12 in every caption at semis yet still finished 13th overall. My votes would go to 1991 Spirit 2013 Troopers Z
  8. I did have some issues with marching members looking for open seats on Friday and Saturday. Here is what I don't understand...every marching member had a cell phone on them. Go to the ticketmaster website and look at the seat map for semis or finals. Find an unsold seat. Go sit in it. I understand it's not going to be a "good" seat, but at least it's an unoccupied seat. Technology should make this process easier and less intrusive. Z
  9. Roku Express. Been streaming Netflix and other services through it for 36 hours with no issues. The feeds on an iPad have been perfect for me. Thinking I may switch back to that at the first intermission. Z
  10. Watched previous shows through the FloMarching website on an iPad with no issues at all. Just got a roku box and am streaming today through the FloMarching roku app...and the feed is freezing every 45-60 seconds. Z
  11. Genesis is a great addition to World Class. All 25 shows at semis on Friday are going to be solid. Z
  12. I thought Ritual Fire Dance was one of the tunes that was nearly impossible to get copyright permission for... Z
  13. It's weird seeing these uniforms and not hearing music from "The Godfather" Z
  14. What type of shoes is Gold wearing? Are they brown or bronze? Z
  15. No "IOWA"?

    Also, Pioneer did not play Gary Owen as they trooped the stands. Z