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  1. Cascades were REALLY good last year! Z
  2. Really? Would you like to tell me what my 5 years of marching Pioneer was all about. 5 of the best years of my life. Z Pioneer 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
  3. The end of 92 VK was pretty crazy. The crowd was very loud...then the shark eats the fat lady and the crowd on the recordings gets noticably louder. 1992 as a whole was a good year for crowd reaction. Madison, SCV, Cavaliers, VK, all had excellent crowd reaction. Z
  4. If the revoking of scholarship monies is in the Crown contract, I see no problem with Crown attempting to get that money back. To be clear...I think this policy is a bad look for Crown or any other corps that attempts to get back "scholarship" funds. Maybe for 2017 Crown should add to the contract that the estimated cost to feed, transport, educate, and house a Crown member is $3,000 above the member dues and if a member chooses to March elsewhere in 2018 they will be asked to pay that money retroactively to Crown. If it's in the contract the kid has to pay...correct. This just makes me wish Pioneer would have had a stipulation like this....they could be rolling in dough. Z
  5. How about all original music by Gordon Goodwin??? Just a shot in the dark guess... Z
  6. 1997 Colts was loud. Very, very, very loud. Z
  7. They have had shows in Crew stadium before. I was there in 2007 where I got to yell "EUREKA" in the middle of Vanguard's show and everyone turned and stared at me. They may have had a show there in 2003 or 2004 as well. I remember seeing Capital Regiment perform in Crew Stadium. It's an awesome venue for a show. I would say in the top 5-10 places I've seen a show..and I have attended A LOT of shows. Great sight lines, great acoustics. Would love for them to put a show back in Crew Stadium. Z
  8. The 1992 BD drum majors had 10 letters between their two names...Al Go and Dan Ray. That has to be a record. Z
  9. You want good, smart teachers. Who cares where they come from? You would want someone less qualified from Crowns staff than someone more qualified from BDB? Methinks you should care more about the job someone does and less about where they come from. Z
  10. 1991 Spirit of Atlanta. Z
  11. Glassman had G-West. I always assumed they owned that. I also learned drill at the Star of Indiana facility in IN. I believe it was a converted elementary school. Z
  12. Pacific Crest is good. Wish the whole show could have been Pat Metheny...rather than the awesome 30 seconds we got at the end of the show. Z
  13. It was 2002. Magic also made finals in 2003 but the year they were division II was 2002. Z
  14. Is this the best Cascades ever? I liked the 2002 show that made finals (and Myron Rosanders drill) but I think the 2016 corps may be better. Z
  15. I wish the male guard members coats were blue....they would look just like 93 Blue Knights corps members. Z