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  1. May not be their responsibility, but if it does get removed, it's the second time in three years their ballad will have been cut. Sad for the fans, if nothing else. Mike
  2. ... ok then. I guess there's nothing left to discuss. Thanks for clarifying that for everyone. Mike
  3. So the director, tour manager and brass staff from Legends are all moving West? Mike
  4. I do have to admit 2003 was in my top 5 list until I realized I had 6 in there, so it didn't make the cut. I loved loved loved Kaval Sviri as an opener, and as a historical footnote, I think their closer Prologue (originally from BK winter percussion) was only the second time a percussion ensemble piece got adapted for winds (SCV's Stained Glass in 2000 being the first, AFAIK). Mike
  5. Hooray! (No, seriously. These most recent uniforms ... ack.) Hooray for Adam Sage too - dude's definitely done and seen it all, and they look to be well set up for this summer! (And if you haven't checked out their design staff ... ay, caramba! Those are some heavy hitters there!) Mike
  6. Oh heck yeah BK! Favorites - 1998 (Masters of the Symphony) - This of course was back before we tried to tie every little bit of a show together from start to finish. It's simply great music played well. They had a *really* tight hornline that year, and they made the whole thing sound like it was easy for them. Special mention to Largo from New World Symphony - they played it straight, and not many other corps do that (then or now). 2002 (Fear and Trembling) - Look past the 13th place for a moment, and linger on the friggin' menace. I maintain this is one of the most evil openers ever pulled off in DCI. It might have been too much for this hornline, but I give them such credit for having the stones to throw this show out on the field. Black music, black visuals - so cooooool. 1992 (Portraits of Aaron Copland) - I'm pretty sure mine is the first voice to ever bring this show up on DCP, but honestly - they pulled it off well. They played to a pretty dead crowd, having gone on right after VK, but they had a very honest, straightforward set of adaptations that was musically and visually sophisticated. In some ways, this might have been a more well-received show had it been done in 98 or 99 rather than 1992. 2012 (Avian) - Yeah, I know. Everyone's heard The Firebird. But I promise you nobody had *seen* it like this before. They took what should have been a pretty tired and familiar program and turned it into must-watch drum corps. In this case, the comfortable music *helped* in that you knew what was coming next, but you were glued to your seat to see how they were going to pull it off. Music and visual made it a wacky, crazy program that was just insane enough to work. 2004 (A Knight's Tale) - music, music, music. This show had a brilliant music book that had just the right amount of dark and light to it. They did a wonderful job managing the many different moods while keeping the whole thing together enough in a framework strong enough to make it sound like it was composed as one long piece! Honorable Mention - 2017 (i) - I did not expect to like this show at all. It looked weird during the setup and the salute was... yeah. Then the show started and holy cow - they had it all! They did the thing, then the thing with the snare, then the other thing, then that thing with Hide and Seek... That was pretty much my experience with their program. Unexpected and so entertaining. Bravo. Not So Favorites 2001 (Blue Toons) - I get what they were going for here, trying to lighten up their program a bit, but it'd be like Phantom playing Metheny - it's just too entrenched at this point. They didn't sell it well, and the music book didn't really do them any favors. So glad they went back into the darkness for 2002! 2014 (That One Second) - Swing and a miss for me. Once you add lyrics / narration / whatever, there is a whole other layer of meaning, intent and focus that becomes necessary. Nowhere for me in the show did the music actually match the lyrics, and it never clicked at all. (I know, I know, I'm in a very small minority here.) It just felt like the music wanted to be one show, the voice wanted to be another, and neither was what the actual concept of the show was supposed to be. Mike
  7. The idea that they were forced to adjust the "mission and focus" of the group seems wrong. That said, I'm guessing WGI doesn't exactly have the same touring requirements that DCI does, so I'm also guessing the financial impact of forcing a winter guard or drumline up a class doesn't carry quite the bottom-line impact that DCI would. Mike
  8. Madison Scouts 2018

    Not a ton of news to comment on yet. I'm sure it will pick up once we know more about what they're doing in '18. Mike
  9. Cadets 2018

    I've never had anything much to do with Hop directly, but I will say as one small point in his defense that when I was running the DCP forums BITD, I sent out several requests to all corps for help with various contests, giveaways and other behind-the-scenes issues. The Cadets always stepped up without hesitation and often went beyond what we asked for. I'm much less about torches and pitchforks than I am about seeing the Cadets contend again and letting the drama die down, no matter how they do it. Mike
  10. In pipe band a while back, Simon Fraser University's B band got to be good enough to be moved up to the top division and challenge their A band. The school protested to the governing body, explaining that they're a school - they're not sending out two A bands. The governing body didn't care. So the school dissolved the B band, created a new one in it's place in the second division, and made it clear they would do that every year if necessary. ("alllowing that unit to get competitive"... ) Mike
  11. Cadets 2018

    Yikes. Scorched earth. Mike
  12. I think we're talking decades here, not years. And I suspect the activity, if still around, would just move indoors at that point. Mike
  13. I hope Arsenal makes the cut this year. I like them a lot. Guardians have created a second group, Hub City Guardians, this year. Weekends only, much smaller fees, micro tour, but aiming for Open Class in the shows they do participate in. (That's literally all I know about them so far. Will know more once my son auditions.) Mike
  14. Open to World Class

    My daughter marched Guardians this year. I don't see them moving up anytime soon, though it may be the long-term goal for them. They had the shortest tour in DCI last summer, and their goal this year is to expand that both in days and distance. Mike
  15. I don't think you watched Open Class this year. Mike