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  1. 2017 DCI A/V

    Sorry, got my BD's backwards. Mike
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    I'm all for ordinals. It eliminates some of the inherent silliness of the current system. Eliminating scores before 7/1 is going to #### off a almost all of current marching members, all in the name of "protecting" them. Mike
  3. I also felt the Xmen kind of were lost in the desert for a while. But looking at DCX (nee Corpsreps), it appears for me it started in 2005 and pretty much lasted until 2015. :( Mike
  4. Yay Crossmen! Favorites Songs for the Planet Earth (1992) - pretty easy answer, honestly. This show had everything - the best snare line ever, a hornline that brought top 6 quality, and a visual program that even then had some pretty cool and interesting moments. However, the 90 seconds from "Puma" are what elevates this show from great to legendary. Some of the most amazing stick heights ever. There is some early season VHS footage on YouTube of the drumline, and there was a *lot* more going on that the brass covered up in the broadcast! Even this year, Claudia Taylor Johnson HS played Under the Sun and Puma - they're still in the high school band rotation. Late Night Jazz (2001) - While 2002 had perhaps meatier charts, by Finals their scorched-earth approach to brass had been considerably watered down. The 2001 show has all kinds of music - Blues jazz, bright jazz, slow jazz and latin jazz. Fire Dance, in particular, is an all-time closer; if your feet aren't tapping by the end, you don't like music. (Edit: Holy Cow - how did I forget this?!?) New York Voices (1990) - such great music. Everything else takes a back seat to the charts here. Brilliantly done! If you *do* like music, check this one out. The Colors of Jazz (1997) - Old school - three tunes, stuck together. Light fuse, stand back, watch fireworks. The 97 version of Birdland to me is their definitive one. Energetic, driving and much louder than the CD's / videos give them credit for. I saw this show live, and it was blast-your-face-back loud. Niner Two also worked brilliantly as their closer as it built and built and built. Dat brass - amazingly clean throughout. Not so Favorites 1995 - Symphony for Brass and Percussion was actually a good song. There's just nothing Crossmen-ish about it. In more recent years, reinventing yourself like that isn't so much of a problem with audiences (see Crown, Carolina), but at the time, it was not well received at all. Planet X (2008) - Oh Aaron Guidry. It seemed like a brilliant match. Ronald Reagan's HS shows were spectacular, innovative and well-integrated. You'd think bringing it to the Crossmen and a top 17 brassline would have sizzled. I was *really* looking forward to this show - unfortunately, it never delivered like you'd think it would. The references to the various movements of The Planets are so ephemeral as to be wisps on the wind. Especially in modern DCI, I think a corps that tackled this approach would likely have more success (see Cavaliers 2017, for instance.) (Based on those two, maybe the problem was that the Crossmen are just before their time sometimes!) Mike
  5. 2017 DCI A/V

    Rihanna. I listened to BD yesterday - the old announcements are all on there. Mike
  6. 2017 DCI A/V

    8 seconds of voice removed from BD, and like 90 seconds from Spartans. (Sorry, doing the lengths off the top of my head, but I know it's just the two edits.) Mike
  7. Video edits 2017

    There is no 100% effective technological deterrent to piracy. There's just not. Bigger industries than our little corner of music have tried and failed a thousand times over. Music, movies, video games, live streams, paid live sports, even satellite broadcasts. However, you can limit the desire for pirated material and gut the black market pretty effectively. Case in point directly from our interest - DCI implemented the all-you-can-eat Fan Network, and IRC and BitTorrent files disappeared almost entirely during the first year. Again, not limited to drum corps - iTunes massively disrupted mainstream music piracy when it was introduced. Mike
  8. Pioneer 2018

    Well, *I'm* looking forward to Pioneer, and would like to hear more about how they're doing. Mike
  9. 2005 Phantom

    I absolutely love this show. It's a great mashup of two well-worn tunes, and it got turned in to something new and different. "Lighthearted" Regiment was kind of a novel idea, but it worked so well. (I think it worked for City of Light too - fight me, bro.) The featured dancer was brilliant, and this was the same year as Madison's featured Carmen, so it was a neat compare/contrast. Just because you're rooted in Romantic-era music, it does not mean everything always has to be Gothic and heavy-handed. There's room for both, you know? I'd love to see/hear more of it from them, honestly. Mike
  10. Video edits 2017

    Yup. Still have my unedited Phantom video. Mike
  11. Video edits 2017

    Sorry for crossposting, but the Audio Bundle is now available for $39 on marchingmusicdownloads.com. Don't hold your breath on there ever being a video bundle; I'm sure the reasoning will be "we can't take away from DVD sales." Mike
  12. 2017 Audio bundle is up on marchingmusicdownloads.com - $39. The video bundle is hahahaha just kidding they're never going to do that, no matter how much sense it makes. Mike
  13. Would absolutely love to see a more robust marching percussion editor. I love MuseScore, if for nothing else than to learn how much better musicians than me can create amazing compositions. Mike
  14. Video edits 2017

    "We sell more CD's than downloads." Well, you charge more for the downloads and release them later. Just ridiculous. Mike
  15. An ill-conceived FloSports venture ...

    It's mentioned in there that FloSports is still venture capital-funded. Does that add a degree of risk to their marching side? I'm assuming the sports side makes them far more money, but I'm guessing they still don't turn much if any of a profit yet. Or am I over-analyzing this? Mike