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  1. That's a good guess! For Guardians, in fact, that's exactly how they're doing it. Mike
  2. Can't speak for everyone else, but my MM thinks theirs are incredibly awesome. Mike
  3. Best. Uniforms. Ever. Mike
  4. Um, Phantom (since 1987) and Vanguard (since friggin forever) would like a word. Mike
  5. These are the greatest uniforms I've ever seen. And I'm not saying that because my kiddo is going to wear one and I'm watching their ensemble rehearsal right now... Mike (...yes I am...)
  6. Holy crap. Those Madison uniforms are epic! Can't wait to see them in motion. Mike
  7. Just last week, I was helping my kiddo get ready for her move in, and I tried doing the drill she was working on. Made it 4 steps before I was hopelessly behind and stumbling. Yeah. No idea how they march >180. Mike
  8. Looks like they're digitally drawn on along with the muscle pattern? And yeah, they're asymmetrical. Mike
  9. Yeah, our whole audience of high schoolers went "oooooooh." Man, even the teens knew there was drama going on there. Mike
  10. As always, thanks for your review! One thing that bugged this drummer during the Bluecoats show - I get the commitment to the black/white color palette, but the drum wraps looked half-###ed. Almost "let's stick some electrical tape on a stock drum." I know, I know, less can be more, but... yeah. And I said on another thread, but the Crown singer's uniform (and hat!) was ridiculous, cheesy, over the top - and I loved how it fit in with the show. Visually, Crown had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted the field to look like and did a good job with it. Cavs - oh, heck yeah. More, please. Loved the integration of electronics, the DudeBro vibe, the whole thing. I very much like their recent trend of dark (and not so dark) humor woven into the shows. Cadets - I'd prefer they ditch the skirts and move directly to the Movement 2 uniforms. Those just looked so much better. And if they're going to keep staggering the uniform changes section by section and creating an unbalanced look, use the drill to highlight the contrast between colors (a la 2011). It just felt like they weren't sure what to do about it yet. Mike
  11. I actually liked Phantom's more when they didn't have the shoulder puffs. That said, that's a very cool look for them, and I am all in favor of things that take them out of their wheelhouse. Mike
  12. To me, it felt like Crossmen last year worked in a dozen different small passages displaying different styles of jazz between tempos, meters, bass feel, etc., into a slightly darker brass production. This show feels like they were going for the same ADD-Jazz idea again, but without as much contrast or effectiveness. Too early to say if that's just needing cleaning or additional writing, I think, but on initial viewing, the brass didn't have the oomph they did last year. Mike
  13. Based on the angle of the LOS camera feed, they might need to figure out something to do with the parked stages behind the pit for the first 80% of the show. It won't be that obvious in smaller stadiums, but in the big ones, they're just... there. Mike
  14. Pretty much full in Austin, apparently full of Crown-loving band kids. Giant ovation when they came out. Polite applause when they finished. Mike