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  1. Didn't Music City use them their first year? I know some Open corps had to for the one season. Mike
  2. MikeN

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Howard Weinstein's available, and his time at Boston covered a lot of straight-classical programs. (As well as some pushing-the-envelope stuff too.) Mike
  3. MikeN

    Pioneer What Next?

    Huge logistical problems with automatic promotion. My Open Class corps is perfectly financially and administratively stable... to handle the tour we asked for. Why would you make us secure funding and logistics to be able to handle a 35-show tour next year in WC as a prerequisite for competing in a 17-show tour this year? That's just punishing us for being good and living within our means. The jump from OC to WC - or back down - needs to be independent of placement, but *does* need to be inclusive of quality. Show sponsors are paying WC prices for a WC product. If a corps isn't providing a WC-quality product, then DCI has an issue. (Well, they already had an issue, starting with that back when they created the current divisions, they didn't implement a mechanism for this scenario.) Mike
  4. Congrats on surviving the season! Glad to see you got such rewards from it - they'll serve you well in the long run, no matter what you end up doing! Mike
  5. MikeN

    Carolina Crown 2019

    I have to admit, I have some experience with drum corps and I couldn't figure out what the ribs/claws/teeth were supposed to be. I said this midseason, but this sure still feels like a show that looked way better on paper than it did in practice. Crown's design team is awesome - one fuzzy show isn't a systemic disaster - and had been on a loooong winning streak up to now with their choices (except for the end of Relentless!), so I'm not worried at all for next year. Mike
  6. MikeN

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I just said over in the other thread, for so long Boerma *was* the Madison sound. Here's hoping they can reinvent themselves. Mike
  7. MikeN

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    That's a darn shame. Boerma *was* the Madison sound for so many years. I'll be curious to see who they get next. Might be time to reinvent their sound and approach. Mike
  8. MikeN

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Santa Clara Vanguard Bluecoats Blue Stars Mandarins Spirit Pacific Crest
  9. Sorry, I had to respond to this one as well: This paragraph is, to put it kindly, incorrect. I went back and listened to the show (always happy to have an excuse). Number of tempo changes within each movement - Preshow / My Body is a Cage - 0 Opener / Journey to the Center of the Earth - 0 Production / Metropolis 1927 - 0 Drum Solo - 0 Ballad / My Body is a Cage - 1 (rit/accel at the end of the first baritone solo) Dance Feature / Club Sound - 0 Closer / Metropolis 1927 - 3 (slight accel during the pit feature into the closing melody, slow down for the horn fanfare, a tempo through the end) There's just not musical ADD in this show. Now the pieces may make you feel uncomfortable or edgy, but in structure, like I keep saying, the parts of the show are fairly conventionally assembled. They're just *really* good parts! Mike
  10. I argue that it's not chopped and bopped at all. Each movement is literally an arrangement of one song - no splicing. In fact, having now listened to the source material, they did very little cutting of the parts they took from each piece - each movement is pretty faithful to the large sections they were pulled from. I maintain SCV did a *great* job with their music arranging this year - they were true to the source material and each piece flowed about as much as the original did with it. Mike
  11. Not yet. Once the CD's come out, they'll be available on marchingmusicdownloads.com. Mike
  12. Ok, then my picks for DCI on a budget, and considering these are audio-only: 1) SCV 2) Bluecoats 3) Blue Stars 4) Spirit 5) Pacific Crest Mike
  13. All of them. (not being flippant - I pretty much liked every show, at least at some part of it) Mike
  14. I actually think DCI has designed their tour, and their marketing, hard as an arrow towards #1. If you get #1, then they bring #3 and become #2. I *want* current bandos to see our corps and go "that is the most awesome thing ever and I want to do that." I'm happy if parents and family like it, but it's definitely less critical. In general, the parents support our group and our mission, so they'll generally go along with us. I'd *hope* FMM's continue to support us, but if it comes to a FMM or a CMM, the CMM is the one we're doing all of this for. Mike