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  1. Madison always looks good, even in those resurrected boy scout uniforms from 2010-14 (shudder). I'm not worried about their uniform this year. Mike
  2. I've volunteered for several Texas corps. With all of them, as long as you let them know in advance (and I don't know any corps that don't ask), they'll work with you. Your menu will be more limited, mainly because of storage space, but I've seen it done firsthand. Mike
  3. "Now the first thing every gentleman needs is a good suit. By which I mean, a bespoke suit. Never off the peg." Mike
  4. I've heard most of the source material, and I'm excited by the possibilities. Definitely sounds "Bluecoats," no worries there. Mike
  5. While most corps are only slowly picking up on the 24/365 nature of real social media engagement, I'd have to say that The Cadets historically do a good job letting you know what they're up to and why. This season was a bit less, but I for sure would not throw them in the Shako of Silence with the others. Mike
  6. Looks like a pretty good repertoire. Mike
  7. It's DCP. We do that. Honestly, I've liked the last couple of Vanguard shows far better than I expected to based on the repertoires. I'll give them a chance. Mike
  8. In the context of the "other" image of their dance suits, adding the coats makes the collar and cuffs make sense. I'm suddenly *much* more down with this idea, assuming they'll be ditching the coats at some point of the show. Mike
  9. Based on the Cali corps program announcements, it seems that the lessons learned from the last few years are - - Visually, Bluecoats showed you can move to dance/athletic wear and the audience and judges seem ok with it. - Musically, Crown has proven everyone must put a British brass band piece in their program now? Mike
  10. Let us never speak of that again... Mike
  11. Spandex is easy to move in, relatively cheap to outfit for a large group, and can give performers a ... dare I say it... uniform... look. While the Bluecoats' squiggly design has little to do with "Down Side Up," I do heartily agree with the idea that for what they were doing, more athletic-type apparel was both appropriate and effective. The "traditional" uniforms have been headed this way for almost 20 years now too - lighter, stretchier material, digital printing, etc. To be honest, I'll be surprised if some corps doesn't go full on athletic and use track/warmup suits at some point. Mike
  12. Using Spirit as an example, headwear for the "dance" based uniforms is going to be problematic. Small and short hats (a la WGI) don't tend to project well from the center of football fields, and big (traditional) hats will look extra clunky against sleek dance suits. Not sure where this is headed, honestly... While Spirit's prototype does look vaguely like the Riddler there, I can see where it might look pretty cool from the field, especially if they use a lot more body movement. Kind of like a slim version of the Bluecoats from 2007-2012. Mike
  13. Feeling underwhelmed by this one. I guess I was expecting a more radical change from them this year. Mike
  14. I'm all for Hamilton, honestly, but I'm not sure how it would fit with that giant fanfare piece already (indirectly) announced or some of the other rumors that have been flying around. Mike
  15. Forgive me, I know I've told this story before: 2001 Blue Devils at the Alamodome for the Southwestern championship. The end of I've Got Rhythm/Fascinating Rhythm when the horns come back in with the drums on the drum rack. Never heard this before or since - it was so loud all you could hear was distortion. No horns, no drums, no nothing - just a white noise blast of sound. After the cutoff, it took me a moment to process what I just heard (or didn't hear), then I look down and the lady in front of me has a sleeping baby in her arms. ☺️ Mike