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  1. I don't think their competition had anything to do with it, honestly. And if they were indeed measuring themselves by BDB comparisons, there are about 10 World Class corps that came up short. Mike
  2. Glad you approve! Mike
  3. I know the Paul Winter one (a Crossmen <among others> classic) - what's the other one? Mike
  4. I loved the music in '99. "Da-dat da-dat da-dat da-dat! Da-da-da-da-da--da-dat da-dat I did not love the visuals as much. As a drummer, I got a kick out of how from 93-2000 the tenor features kept getting longer, and longer, and looooonger... The '99 one is particularly insane. Mike
  5. Only in drum corps does 30 seconds of a sewing machine get people excited. And I literally *just* got that the logo swoosh is the letter Z in AZ. Mike
  6. Good deal. I trust Crown. Even when I've never heard of it, I know I'm going to like it. Mike
  7. So what's the repertoire? Mike
  8. I mentioned this in the uniform thread, but they look (admittedly, from a darkened image) similar to Pacific Crest. That's not a bad thing. Mike
  9. Colts have announced a uniform fundraiser. There's a darkened sketch on the page, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what they're doing. http://colts.org/uniforms.html My first thought was - Pacific Crest in Red? Mike
  10. Not sure why that's LOL worthy, but... ok? Mike
  11. They are. My kid's corps is switching this year, and they're absolutely ecstatic about it. Mike
  12. Oh heck yeah. 2002 opener FTW. Mike
  13. Apropos of nothing, I just want to mention how much I loved that show. It was quintessential Cadets. Mike
  14. This is an interesting idea to discuss, because it forces us to pull out of the comfortable and ask why things are, in fact, the way they are. My personal ones are: Slide Whistle = comical. That went out of fashion in the 40's. Drumline Feature bunny hops and bug stomps - it's fake aggression, and if everyone does it, it loses its effectiveness Guard soloist reaching for the sky at the big ballad chord cutoff. Again, it's so overused, and in every possible context, that it has no meaning anymore. Mike
  15. Nooooooo! Mike