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  1. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Found this comment that addresses the horrible sound at the this week's Garth Brooks concert, but also touches on how the marching bands sounded at one of the college football games that have been played at the new MB Stadium... "I've been to the GT/Tenn game, a Falcons game, a United game, and the Garth concert. All four events have had the same inexplicably poor sound quality. Couldn't hear either marching band at the NCAA game, couldn't understand anything the referees said on field calling penalties, and couldn't understand a word of anything spoken from the stage last night."
  2. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Agreed that it's a bit apples vs. oranges, but a lot of the comments that I've heard today focused on the terrible echo in the building, which I would guess is by design, since the Falcons have already been fined by the NFL for piping in crowd noise, which to me means they built the place to be as noisy as possible. Interesting to read all the complaints on the Mercedes Benz Stadium's official Facebook page. To put it mildly, the stadium is taking a shellacking.
  3. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Hmmm. Wonder if this is any indication for what we can expect.... http://www.wsbtv.com/video?videoId=623962740&videoVersion=1.0 (BTW, the guy interviewed at :48 into the video clip marched drums in Spirit in the 80s. I've sent him an email asking for his assessment of how the stadium might sound for drum corps.)
  4. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Cool video of the demolition so far on the Georgia Dome. Final implosion is scheduled for later this year.
  5. Teal actually competed in six shows before heading home following the Centerville, Ohio, show on July 9. I was at the Centerville show, traveling with and shooting photos of Spirit of Atlanta, and something told me that night to go into the stadium early and shoot a bunch of pics of Teal Sound. After finding out the next day that they had folded and headed home, I was SO glad to have captured a couple hundred images of what turned out to be their last performance. https://www.facebook.com/mike.morris.581730/media_set?set=a.10151397398785910.396315.585195909&type=3
  6. Is Atlanta in or out?

    And the Falcons have already proven how serious they are about wanting a noisy stadium: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/falcons-fined-350k-lose-2016-draft-pick-over-crowd-noise-scandal/
  7. DCI 2017 Photos?

    Dawson, if you're looking for Southwind pics, here's a link to the SW photos that I shot at the show in Woodstock, Ga. https://www.facebook.com/mike.morris.581730/media_set?set=a.10155050011730910.1073742113.585195909&type=3
  8. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    And if he hated Star, I'm sure he also really hated Spirit of Atlanta in the beginning when the corps had a corporate sponsor (the local ABC affiliate at the time) basically writing the corps a blank check each month. I'll say one thing, though. The affiliation with the TV station led to some pretty crazy fund-raising efforts. In late 1977, the station decided to throw a New Year's Eve party to raise money for the corps - rent a banquet hall, hire a band and sell tickets. Well, the station's marketing department took the idea and ran with it, and before we knew it, they had rented out a portion of the World Congress Center (the local convention hall), and hired the Charlie Daniels Band to play. Despite the high overhead, the party, which was called "SuperBall '78," made a decent amount of profit, which only emboldened the TV station to try to outdo themselves the following New Year's Eve. For Superball '79," the station rented out the ENTIRE convention center and hired a bunch of bands that, at the time, were major acts. The entertainment that night was Charlie Daniels Band, Little River Band, Ambrosia, Wet Willie and, get this, CHEECH & CHONG! Corps members were enlisted to work backstage that night, and I was assigned to Cheech & Chong's dressing room. Now THAT was an interesting night.
  9. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    DCI got lucky that weekend with such great weather for NightBEAT on Sunday as well as stellar weather for McEachern on Saturday, especially considering how abnormally rainy this summer has been in Atlanta.
  10. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    I just hope you didn't see (or more importantly HEAR) our debut performance that night, when side one and side two horns somehow managed to get about four counts off early in the opener. But I'm pretty sure we were on first, sparing your ears the painful agony since you were probably in warm-up or not even at the stadium yet.
  11. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    Hell, in 1977 most Spirit members wore t-shirts from other corps pretty much all the time. At least half (and probably more like 70 or 80 percent) of the 1977 Spirit of Atlanta had never seen a drum corps show live before we "entered the field in competition" at Wheeling, Ill. on June 26. Our score that night was 10 points behind the Guardsmen, but we were tickled pink because we beat SOMEONE (Colts, by just under a point).
  12. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    Okay, confession time. I always looked forward to shows with the Guardsmen for two reasons. I always enjoyed their shows. And I knew we wouldn't have the worst buses in the lot. :) Seriously, though, I always admired Guardsmen for touring on school buses.
  13. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    When Spirit bought our buses in the early 80s, only one of the four buses had a working air conditioner. We immediately disabled the A/C on that bus, just for the sake of fairness.
  14. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    True story: Spirit's buses in the mid-80s were such pieces of crap that one of them broke down on the drive home from finals in 1984. Home (the bingo hall) was only 6 miles from the stadium. But as crappy as those 1953 buses were, they were OUR buses and we were proud of them! (Well, sort of, LOL!)
  15. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    A couple of things gleaned from the reports coming out of today's media day at Mercedes Benz Stadium: Concession prices will actually be very reasonable! For instance: Hot Dogs - $2 Bottled Water - $2 Popcorn - 2 French Fries - $3 Nachos - $3 Soft Drinks - $2 with unlimited refills! Specialty items such as Mongolian beef, barbecued brisket sandwiches and hand-breaded chicken sandwiches will all be less than $10. For events that allow beer sales, a 20 ounce domestic beer is $7, and 20 ounce craft beers are $9. I also heard that for Atlanta United soccer games, they have large blackout curtains that they will use to block off the upper deck, so I would guess that some of those curtains could also be used for sound buffers at a DCI regional.