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  1. I apologize ahead of time if this link doesn't work, but here's a link to a video that Zendrum made at Spirit's preview show Saturday night. Pretty sweet sounds.
  2. Tasty indeed!
  3. no/yes/no/ :) No, there is no show in Atlanta this year. Yes, there is a DCI Southeastern regional. No, all of the world class corps won't be there, and it will be held at McEachern High School in the metro Atlanta suburb of Powder Springs instead of in downtown Atlanta.
  4. We didn't buy ink by the barrel. We bought it by the train car. :)
  5. This discussion reminds me of an incident that I was involved in a couple of years ago that is somewhat similar (but not really), but shows how misinformed some people are. I was shooting still pictures at a local BOA regional for the newspaper I worked for. I had a BOA-issued press pass hanging around my neck and everything when this total dweeb who had been hired by Jolesch to shoot the show comes up to me on the track and informs me that I'm not allowed to take pictures of the bands. I basically told him to f--- off, because I had BOA's blessing, hence the BOA press pass that was hanging around my neck along with my regular press credentials. He then asked me for me editor's name and phone number and told me that Jolesch had exclusive rights to shoot the event, and that I was violating U.S. copyright laws by shooting pictures. I just laughed in that joker's face and kept shooting.
  6. I'll for sure be at the three shows that are within 15 miles of home (Lucky me, I know!): July 12 - Drums Across America at Hillgrove High School (6 miles from home) July 15 - Atlanta Brass Classic at Etowah High School (13 miles from home) July 29 - DCI Southeastern at McEachern High School (7 miles from home) Possibly may add these: July 7 - Columbia, SC July 8 - Orlando, FL July 10 - Jupiter, FL July 27 - Birmingham, AL
  7. Here's a little video of Matt Owen doing his thing. Very nice, IMO.
  8. And that's what scares me about the collaboration. If the BBB complaints against Flomarching are any indication, their biggest fail has been in their platform and its apparent inability to handle streaming demands. https://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/internet-services/flosports-inc-in-austin-tx-1000108975/reviews-and-complaints?section=complaints
  9. I understand that the above-mentioned Barbara Maroney was tonight named to the Cadets Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Barbara!
  10. Or this.....
  11. Spirit of Atlanta show announcement is scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday, May 18.
  12. Any hornline with Jim Ott in the front of it.
  13. The two loudest non-marching moments that I can remember hearing live were Slaughter on 10th Avenue by 1975 Madison Scouts, in the rain at DCI Midwest in Whitewater, and The Boxer by the 2008 Bluecoats, at the Fort Walton Beach show. My wife and I were running the show, and were down on the track during Bluecoats' show, and when they hit the opening of The Boxer, my, oh my. Thought I was gonna have to change my underwear, it was so loud.
  14. Hey, that's me, the soprano on the right in front at 2:43.
  15. '75 Madison Scouts '75 Muchachos