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  1. "Getzen Deluxe": Only had my trusty Getzen Deluxe GD valve slide bass baritone for 7 years, way back in the day. Didn't worry too much about "Overblowing". Joe Genero and Hy Drietzer usually said we weren't playing LOUD ENOUGH!!!!!! Elphaba
  2. DCI trivia question

    "Maybe Crossmen": "Bones" was my other choice. I didn't want to put too many picks down. Troopers over their long career have beaten almost everyone at one time or another, particularly in the "Dynasty" years (1965-1974), as a lot of todays "World Beaters" were on the rise. I have a memory of Crossmen having wins against almost all the "Giants" at one time or another, or holding them to a tie. Elphaba
  3. Shows that you wish made finals

    "Wishing, and Hoping.....": 1972 Madison Scouts. They had a really rough start, but picked up enough momentum and members that by DCI time they could have slipped into the first ever Finals. Another near miss that innaugural year were the resurgent Bellville Black Knights. Elphaba
  4. DCI trivia question

    Blue Stars & Troopers Elphaba
  5. What Year Stood Out For You?

    "Pivitol Years": INDEED!!!!!!!!!!! St Mary's Cardinals and St Joe's of Batavia had great seasons with the Card's over St Kevins many times, and St Josephs and the Cardinals great showings at VFW Prelims and Finals. The "Rise of the Casper Troopers" kicked in at World Open Prelims when their Marching excellence GASSED the AM crowd, and their near miss for Finals (To crosstown rival PAL Cadets) got them the opening exibition slot in the night show. The rest is history. It was indeed the "Best of times" to be part of junior Drum Corps!!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  6. What Year Stood Out For You?

    "Standout Season": 1964. Yeah, a very long time ago. That year to me was THE most incredibly competitive season ever in my short drum corps experience. Everybody was beating everybody else, with Racine Kilties "Out of Nowhere" win at VFW, Boston Crusaders torrid win streak going into VFW Nationals, Chicago Royal Airs staying penalty free at the VFW's "Singer Bowl" show to win (St Kevins, Kilties and Chicago Cavaliers all sufered from the penalty hits), and St Kevins Emerald Knights upset win at the Dream show. The great "Comebacks" of SKEK and Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights at the World Open, with Sac's Prelim win, and St Kevins tremendous show at Finals, which I thought they had won. Great memories. Elphaba
  7. "DCA Champ Fave:" Quite possible the very first one at Milford's John Law HS in 1965. Not the greatest of locales, but "VERY up close and personnal" with the corps, as the concert side bleachers were so close, and the sell out crowd, both sides got me a seat on the sideline grass at the "50", with the super soloists of the day seranading me only a few feet away!!!!!!!!!! One of my best ever drum corps memories!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  8. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    "Big Announcement fro Chicago": Hey: How about "G BUGLES!!!!!!!!!!!" Elphaba
  9. When did halftime get hijacked?

    "WCU's Imcomparables": INDEED!!!!!! THE "Drum Corps Style" college band, or at least the most like one I've ever seen. I understand their director wrote/arranged Hawthorne Caballeros shows the last couple of years, Elphaba
  10. Never Forget

    "Never Forget": Thank you Madison Scouts and DCP. Truly a wonderfull tribute to those we lost. Elphaba
  11. Missing!

    "Radiohead": Are they like Herman's Hermits, or the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?????? Elphaba
  12. Missing!

    "Malaga & Maleguena": Wouldn't mind hearing those two old chestnuts again. Maybe Hawthorne's Alumni corps will get Larry Kerchner to pen a chart for them. On G BUGLES too!!!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  13. 2017 DCA Finals

    "Southern Knights": WAAAAAAAYYYYYY back in 1990, an UK corps called "Southern Knights" made the trip over the pond to take in DCA. They were in a show in Connecticut prior to the Championship and achieved a 82 + (12the place) in DCA Prelims, not enough to qualify for Finals. I don't remember if they were designated an "International Champ" or not. Anybody out there have a clue????? Elphaba
  14. 2017 DCA Finals

    "Moved On": Did not know he had left. Thanks for the info. Joe had marched with Park City Pride Alumni at the begining of the corps run. Last trip we were able to make "Back Home", he was still Top Cop. Thanks again. Elphaba
  15. 2017 DCA Finals

    "Not a Bad Summer": The person mentioned as a member of the DCI and DCA 1981 Champion is also now the Chief of Police in Bridgeport. His Dad (Also a Bridgeport cop) was a snare drummer for the old Stratford Yankees and Bridgeport Troopers senior corps as well as a drum instructor for two of our cross town rivals, the olde St Raphael's Buccaneers and PAL Cadets. Elphaba