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  1. "Measues of Success": Your self esteem is/was in direct proportion to your placement at VFW, Legion, CYO, World Open, Bluegrass, Mid-America, DCA, and DCI Finals. Elphaba
  2. "Gone Buggy": How about: Did Joanie REALLY love Chachi? Elphaba
  3. "Last Crusader finish over 'Garfield' ": Hanover PA, 1980. Boston Crusaders 56.7, Garfield Cadets 56.5 Scores courtesy CorpsReps Elphaba
  4. "Propoosed Year Rule": How about 1962. Contra Bass "G" BUGLES and timbales were "Authorized"!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  5. "Name Change": How about "Mummers"? Elphaba
  6. "Hy Drietzer": The late great and much missed Mr Drietzer was our arranger-instructor "Back in the Day" (65-66) and is on record as stating that he didn't care how many valves were put on the old "G" bugles but that the horn itself should be kept in "G" as that was the identity of drum corps. The man knew a thing or two about drum corps arranging, and the high brass award at DCA Finals is named in his memory. Those "G" hornlines and their soloists needed no 'amplification' or staging. Hawthorne's alumni corps, the Skyliner alumni, Boston Crusaders seniors, Hanover Lancers and others are doing a rather good job of "Projection" without the use of microphones....... Elphaba
  7. "Bill The "Chief" Kemmerer": Haven't heard or seen that name in quite a while.. I understand the entire family was involved with the Garfield Cadets "Back in the Day". Elphaba
  8. Stiff Drink Time Again: Make mine a tripple..... Elphaba
  9. "Stiff Drink": Here here!!!!!!!!!! Make mine a double. Elphaba
  10. "Putin on the Ritz": The Bridgemen and Velvet Knights might well have done this justice. Elphaba
  11. "The Russians are Comming, the Russians are Comming": Russian Christmas Music, 1812 Overture, Russian Easter Music, Doctor Zivago, March of the Boyars, , Russian sailors dance, the theme from "The Hunt for Red October", and Red Army March. No doubt several more "Russian" numbers that have found their way into drum corps programs. Elphaba
  12. "Firts Time Since 1980": Hanover PA July 7, 1980 Boston Crusaders 56.7 Garfield Cadets 56.5 There's that .2 again Scores courtesy of CorpsReps.com Elphaba
  13. "Untouchable Pirate Crew" From this distance it appears the the DCA season is a fight for second place. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Keeping it, as Fran says: FUN!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  14. "Rewards Crap": Ding, Ding, Ding...... Hold all phone calls..... Ladies and Gentlemen we have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  15. "Techno Terrors": If the activity had stayed with the G BUGLES they wouldn't NEED any of this. I never knew any of the old super soloists (WAY too many mention) needing to be "Amped". Fire away............. Elphaba