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    Phantom Regiment 1989
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  1. Galen

    Pioneer Member Rant

    When I marched in 2001, we pushed those buses uphill both ways in the snow! Built character, it did. But seriously, get real buses.
  2. Galen

    Season 29 Championships Site - Canada

    Calgary... dramatic pause... Alberta, CA.
  3. Galen

    Season 29 Championships Site - USA

    Sal tlay ka siti!
  4. Galen

    Pioneer What Next?

    Yep. They also sent in some outside personnel to Cap Reg in '06 (correct me if it was a different year) to essentially run the corps mid-tour when things went to #### that year, so there is established precedent for DCI stepping in when it absolutely has to.
  5. Galen

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    Not really sure how I can improve my position at this point, just going to let it ride and enjoy getting 2 corps in finals this year.
  6. Galen

    Bids for DCPI Season 28 Finals

    I'm good with Philly.
  7. Kosmos will be there to give it a go! Kosmos- World Class Bloomington, IN Enchantment- Class A Santa Fe, NM Steel City Sound- Open Class Pittsburgh, PA
  8. Galen

    DCPI Season 27 - Sign-up List

    Posted in a fantasy football league I'm in.
  9. Galen

    DCPI Season 27 - Sign-up List

    Kosmos shall return! Corps name: Kosmos Director: Matt Briddell Division: World Hometown: Bloomington, IN Corps name: Steel City Sound Director: Matt Briddell Division: Open Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Corps name: Enchantment Director: Matt Briddell Division: Class A Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
  10. Galen

    DCPI Sweepstakes Standings

    I think that may be the first time a WC corps has ever won the Sweepstakes award!
  11. Galen

    DCA Williamsport Show Thread

    Where- at the Little League stadium or is something new being built there?
  12. Galen


    Three-way tie for first in world class! This is gonna be an amazing finals week.
  13. Proposal: Institute a new scoring system to accommodate the lack of official recaps. Rationale: DCI's decision to eliminate recaps threw us all for a loop this season. To compensate, I propose replacing the slate of 8 captions with three (GE, Visual and Music) and changing the current limits for each division as follows: World Class: 60 points Open Class: 50 points Class A: 40 points, retaining the restriction of not being able to use a corps above 20 points for the GE caption. I've determined these numbers using the ratio of current max caption points (155) to total possible caption points available (200) and scaled down for each division. This may require some reformatting of the website and scoring mechanisms to achieve.
  14. Proposal: Create awards for "Best Show Concept" and "Best Uniform", to be voted on by directors. Rationale: Lately, participating in DCPI has felt like a somewhat passive exercise of entering captions and just watching scores come in, with the occasional adjustment in scores as the season goes on. Creating these awards would encourage directors to be more active with their corps by rewarding them for creativity off the field as well as good numbers management on the field. We've had some extremely creative directors in the past who have created some really good show descriptions and custom uniform images- that creativity should be rewarded. Process: Directors would submit their proposals in the forums and directors would vote for their favorites, perhaps with the midpoint of the season being the cut-off point for submissions. Most votes in each category wins. Submitted by: Matt Briddell- Kosmos