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  1. I have only seen them on the computer, but I LOVE the show, and the closer is my favorite number, esp after watching a recording of the original piece.
  2. 2007 - Cadets 2008 - Phantom 2009 - Cavies 2010 - Crown 2011 - Cadets 2012 - BK 2013 - Crown 2014 - BD 2015 - Crown 2016 - Bloo
  3. I knew I was right before...
  4. I was referencing this statement..."My outmoded opinion is that the contest is becoming more about which corps has the most sophisticated sound system, best use of electronics, mics, etc. " I was not making a jvalue udgement of an un-micced group vs a micced group. I was saying that a group that uses whatever components they want to use "best" will score higher than a group that does not use whatever-it-is as well. Might be electronics...might be their snare line...etc.
  5. The town I live in split into two HSs back in time for the 2002 school year. I have been working with the HS band since 1994, my son's freshman year. In 2002 we had a grand total of 32 people on the field, 19 winds, 6 percussion, 6 guard and a DM. At one show we had more parents helping than kids on the field. In order to be heard at all, we wireless micced most of the winds...all except the first trumpet and the piccolo players. I don't really have an issue with it.
  6. Since the 'best' use of amps and electronics creates a better sound, of course it should be rewarded over a unit that does not do a good job of using them. It isn't the presence of something, but the usage made of that something that matters. Corps try and made the best use of every "something" that they have, be it an amp, synth, flag, trumpet, snare drum, etc... I'm an old schooler, for sure. Saw my first show in 1963, and marched from 64-72. I am still constantly amazed at what the performers and designers do, as I was back then.
  7. Actually, it has been going on FAR longer than that. There were comments about drum corps turning into marching band when contras were added around 1961/62. I read one on NanciD's website of old Drum Corps News articles.
  8. Personally, I find modern corps very unique in how each approaches costuming and show design, as compared to my era. Those that dared to be different back then got all sorts of flack, though with no internet it was limited to DCN editorials (the themed shows of Garfield, Madison, St Rita's and the Cavies), and comments by old-timers at shows (Garfield;s 1971 libretto or Bayonnes banana unis in 1976 to name a couple), or a t-shirt proclaiming 1971 to be The Year Drum Corps Died (due to a few corps creating those themed shows)..
  9. All corps are permitted to do it, if they so choose. It is a completely fair contest, as each corps creates the show and sound they desire. How well it works is up to the eyes and ears of those watching/listening, and in some cases, evaluating/scoring.
  10. You better SMILE when you say that! ...or at least have an umbrella handy...
  11. Judges should only care about the quality of what they are evaluating. if, for example, the balance between all voices is good in Ensemble Music, then credit needs to be given, regardless of miccing or not miccing...etc for all subcaptions under evaluation.
  12. That smile says it all!!!!!