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  1. Cadets 2018

    Cadets show in 1971 was "America, the Brave - 1776" . In 72 it was "No More War".
  2. Crossmen Announce 2018 Program

    Hmmm...my marching era started 20 years before yours, and I love shows of today. I really am THAT old.
  3. Yup. I had some friends in the hornline, and to a person they extolled her skills. The sound they produced for 1971 was miles ahead of everybody else. Even as an almost-18-year-old I heard the difference.
  4. The very best hornline in the country in 1971, the Argonne Rebels, was a mix of guys and gals even before DCI.
  5. Cadets 2018

    We are each entitled to our own opinions, and yours is just as valid as anyones, though I hope it does not pan out as you are thinking it will. To me, the show content so far seems a lot less George-like than usual. I guess we'll see what ends up on the field
  6. Cadets 2018

    On the video George posted, he said 9:00 PM.
  7. ENCORPS, NJ's newest Drum Corps

    Best of luck! You rehearse about 10 minutes from my home.
  8. Post your dot book

    Here is one...
  9. Marching - 1971 in Garfield. That was an amazing year of drum corps, as a bunch of us broke the old mold and created very radical shows for the era. We were very young, but actually pretty decent, placing 6th at the World Open and 7th at VFW Nats. Just a magical year all around.
  10. Cadets 2018

    It was a suggestion by one member, not the people in charge of the group. The final decision was 'no', since you are not a former member, or staff member. The person asking made it clear it was his idea, not yours. .
  11. Boston Crusaders 2018

    That is an amazing photograph!
  12. Cadets 2018

    Really? You did not get a raise as a mod? I got one....it was actually 5% over what I was already making.
  13. WSS was originally going to be ESS, with the story taking place on the lower East Side between Irish Catholic and Jewish families.
  14. Yup, that was the one.
  15. I loved their closer last year.
  16. But...it does have Sharks in it.
  17. I really loved Karen Olivo (Anita) and Josephine Scaglione (Maria). "I Feel Pretty" sung in Spanish was a very nice touch to me. I attended the dress rehearsal and Arthur Laurents came out and did a pre-show overview to us. My daughter-in-law was a production assistant on the show.
  18. Hey, we are getting "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" this year. What MORE could you want?
  19. 2018 Rules proposals

    As I had stated...."Totally obscuring the rest of the ensemble at one and, and slightly out-of-balance on the other end is a wide continuum" There should be a difference in the scores based on the level of the issues. However, IMO the term 'sending a message' in general terms implies a judge going beyond the normal reaction and over-penalizing an ensemble for whatever that "message" is that is being sent. Judges should not send messages in that context...they should evaluate what is being presented within their caption. Maybe we have different meanings tot the term.
  20. 2018 Rules proposals

    IMO judges should never "send a strong message" to the staffs. Their one and only job is to evaluate what they hear, and give numbers accordingly to properly rank and rate the groups being evaluated. How much an out-of-balance situation will impact a score is up to the defined judging criteria and what the judge thinks it deserves, number-wise. Totally obscuring the rest of the ensemble at one and, and slightly out-of-balance on the other end is a wide continuum. Factor in all of the other components being evaluated on a caption, and the net impact of one element may not be as much as some here want it to be.
  21. 2018 Rules proposals

    The band I have been teaching since 1994 lost half its members in 2002 when our town split into two HS. We marched 32 people total, DM, winds, percussion and guard. We had 19 total winds. We ended up putting wireless mics on most of them....everyone except the piccolos, tenor sax, tuba and 1st trumpet. I think we micced like 14 or 15 of the winds. It worked out very well for us...and I would do it again in a similar situation. It isn't cheating or "impure"...what matters is the totality of the sound that is produced. Acoustic or supported with mics makes no difference to me, as long as it is balanced and sounds good. Two other years I used a cellist with an electronic cello...no way an acoustic would have been heard. We used a micced English Horn as a feature another year...and a clarinet soloist another. I've used micced flute soloists...did a flute/trumpet duet in "Ghost Train" this past year as a matter of fact.
  22. 2018 Rules proposals

    Judging ensemble balance is the sound of the ensemble that makes it to the judge in the box. Period. If one section overpowers the rest, the ensemble balance should suffer in the judge's evaluation. That is how I have always judged, regardless of whether or not the band used electronics. I have used electronics and amps with the band I teach for 15 years. We try and get the bland and balance right, but sometimes we just mess up....we as staff cringe when it is not good....and we expect the judge to comment and score us appropriately. It usually happens that way. When we get it right...the same...we expect good comments and scores in that area. Now, a sheet is full of criteria to be judged. How much one area of weakness will impact a score is open to interpretation by the judge. I see comments here about bad electronic balance and its impact not being seen in scores....maybe it is...but just maybe the amount one area reflects in the score is not as overwhelming as those who complain want it to be.
  23. Big news!

    Best of luck!
  24. Have the summer of your life!!!!! Best of luck.
  25. 2018 Rules proposals

    They play into my facts as I made no value judgements on what members were thinking and ascribing my thoughts on others, just stated facts that members march in corps that use electronics. I even said some might like it and some not so much. But as Jeff noted....they are spending 4K to 5K to march, so balance that alone says something.