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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    Since this is a youth activity, and presented outside in public to people of varying, if you consider it "backpedaling" to be in favor of adhering to general rules of public decency, so be it. There are laws on the books that do not require special rules within DCI, but whatever.
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    Outside of safety issues, you are correct.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Increase maximum membership to 154 Me: Fine by me. Proposal: Extend World Championship Finals to 15 corps Me: Fine by me as well. The quality is just so great now beyond 12 that I'm fine with it. Proposal: No scoring before July 1 Me: I understand the desire, but I would rather not see this one pass. Early season fans at shows deserve a competition, IMO. Proposal: No scores – ordinals only Me: I understand this one too. It is not as bad an idea as some make it out to be. It completely flattens out the impact of how various judges create spreads in their captions. On the other hand, the historical purpose of judging a caption has been two fold...ranking (the placement) and rating (the spread). This eliminates the rating aspect of judging that has been around as long as there has been judging. So I am on the fence on this one. Proposal: Annual Rules Congress Me: OK either way on this Proposal: Brass amplification limitations Me: Do not favor this. IMO corps should be free to do as they wish as their own show dictates. Proposal: Add a “Brass 2” judge at large shows Me: Rather see all judging done from the stands. If this is step 1 of that, fine. Proposal: Percussion adjudication and music analysis Me: See above. I'd lose the field judging and place a percussion judge in the stands. Proposal: Update the music analysis adjudication sheet Me: Sounds good to me, to review and tweak the sheets. .
  4. What goes around comes around

    My first year out of college (graduated in 75) I could not find a full-time music teaching job, so I worked a few part-time teaching gigs. One was being hired as a one-day-per-week orchestra director at the all-girl Holy Family Academy High School on Ave A in Bayonne.
  5. What goes around comes around

    I went to the Fife and Drum museum in CT back in the 80's, when I was doing a lot of MB judging in that state. CT was a hotbed of F&D corps.
  6. What goes around comes around

    But, I do know a guy named George who loves turkey
  7. What goes around comes around

    Of course I am biased for 1971, but I would also add 1997 Celebration/Year of the Dragon to my list of favorites.
  8. What goes around comes around

    My first viewing of Bayonne in the banana unis was at their home show in Bayonne, if I recall. I do know there was a lot of "This is not drum corps" amongst the older fans, but I loved them from the beginning of that era. I used to compete against them in the GSC in 68/69 when they were St Andrew's, though being 15-20 points behind them, it wasn't much of a competition. I do recall at the 69 GSC champs they and St Martin's Troubadors from Newark got into a huge fight on the field at retreat, so bad that St Martin's moderator folded the corps that year.
  9. Video edits 2017

    Ah, that is the difference. We played them on their own. I wonder what the rationalization is for how they charge. Other than "because we can". .of course.
  10. Video edits 2017

    Hmmm....that s odd. The band I work with got the rights for three tunes a a couple of years ago, and we paid different amounts for each tune to Tresona.
  11. Looking at my sig, a very young Dick Burns also taught the first corps I marched with, the Livingston NJ Hilltoppers, for a few years in the 60's, at least through 65. We were a Garden State Circuit corps (I was ij the feeder as a 9-10 year old) until VFW post politics reared its head, and the main corps split away to form another GSC corps (the second in my sig). The feeder corps I was in became the one and only Hilltoppers. We were a parade corps only, never making the field again; that horn line was taught by Jimmy D'Amico.
  12. No, they would not score well. Nor, IMO, would they generate the type of reaction from current non-legacy fans you might think.
  13. I arranged his version of the great BSGK color presentation of "America, the Beautiful" as a parade tune for the HS band I work with. It still works amazingly well. BS was my favorite corps as a kid growing up through the 60's. Their 69 show is one of my all-time favorite shows of any era. "El Cid", "Hang 'em High", "Eleanor Rigby", "America, the Beautiful" , and one of the great exits of all time, "Free Again". They had two concert numbers in 69, I think, "Aquarius"/"Let the Sun Shine" and "Grazin' in the Grass".
  14. Sign the Petition

  15. Madison Scouts 2018

    Yeah...VFW States were in Wildwood in June, but the Atlantic was FREEEEEEEZING then, but the Boardwalk was still great. Oh, well, back to the Scouts!
  16. Madison Scouts 2018

    First show I ever saw in mid-September 1963 was at Livingston, NJ, sponsored by the Livingston Hilltoppers junior corps. I was 10, and in the feeder corps. I was a judge runner, and I sat on the sldeline during the show to go out and pick up my assigned judges's sheet after each corps. The Boonton show noted above was sponsored by the Harmony senior corps, a pretty good parade corps that wore all black Cadet-style unis. In a foreshadowing kind of way, they used band brass instruments, not corps brass.they also had a glock section. A log of corps looked like swiss cheese due to missing members by that time of year. There was also the Wildwood NJ American Legion States that happened in early September. Always loved that show, as that is when the ocean was at its warmest.
  17. I think the NewsFeed machnie got stuck, and somebody had to kick it to get it moving.
  18. Video edits 2017

    My guess is the Cadets may have included the rights in whatever master contract they had with the Bernstein estate, since you are correct, it should not be easy to get permission from the estate in general..
  19. Video edits 2017

    One reason is video rights are not the purview of the individual corps.
  20. Cadets 2018

    Going waaaay back (to my era!) at the World Open the prior year champ did not even compete in prelims. In 71 the Troopers went straight to finals, and only the top 11 prelim corps made it to finals. 12th place Blessed Sacrament was therefore left out (they had been 2nd in 1970, their last great year).
  21. Cadets 2018

    Not according to the thread you posted. No mention of that, and in fact, it seems like the other directors voted together on the change.
  22. Finals Format

    Hmmmm...must be Charles ' brother....maybe he and his bro played separate tunes on the piano at the same time. Actually, did something like that in our 71 "America, the Brave" show, for part of the season, anyway. The sops did a hoedown as the Americans while the lower brass did a minuet to represent the British/Hessians. Judges did not really get it for some reason, so we ended up changing a lot of it.
  23. Finals Format

    I think they should shorten the show duration by having two finalists start at the same time. One starts facing the pressbox while the other starts facing the opposite side of the field.