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  1. A new FieldPass came out today
  2. There have been several that I have listened to via my subscription on my phone.
  3. martin84

    Cadets 2018

    Cavies also performed in exhibition only at the TOC show held at Winston-Salem day after Atlanta due to this.
  4. martin84

    Cadets 2018

    Yay CrownBeat 7/7
  5. One of the local news stations this morning had a story on these sexual abuse allegations. It lead in to a brief interview with Jim Coates and him assuring that Carolina Crown takes the safety of their members seriously and has practices and procedures in place. I hope that is true (no reason to believe otherwise). This was the first I had seen any mention of this here in Charlotte, NC and I wondered how long it was going to take for the story to surface here locally.
  6. martin84

    All time shows: Troopers

    Favorites: 2013 1974 1975 2009 2016 Least Favorite 2017
  7. martin84

    All time shows: Bluecoats

    Favorites 2010 2014 1995 1987 2016 HM's 2008 2017
  8. martin84

    All time shows: Blue Stars

    These are in no particular order Favorites 2011 2010 2014 1977 1975 Least favorite 2017 liked the horn line but not the musical selections
  9. Boston SCV Crossmen Crown Bluecoats BK Mandarin OC And a clandestine copy of the Seattle Cascades
  10. martin84

    Cadets 2018

    I fear that we are in for a deluge of "Sound of Silence" similar to "Kaleidoscope of Mathematics"
  11. martin84

    Cadets 2018

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. martin84

    All time shows: The Colts

    Favorites: 2014 by far 1996 1999 2010 2006 I have no least favorites
  13. martin84

    All time shows: Blue Devils

    This is a tough one but here goes (ask me in a month and it probably changes). Favorites: 1988 my most listened to show 1994 2012 loved from the first time I saw it 1993 1999 1990 Tommy! Honorable mention: 1976 2003 1980 2007 And finally the one BD show I dislike intensely: 2010 about three times a year I force myself to listen to it. It never gets any better.
  14. martin84

    All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Favorites in no particular order: 1975 2012 1980 1999 1988 HM's 1989 1985 1979 1990 1984 And a big thumbs down to 2017
  15. martin84

    All time shows: The Cadets

    This is an interesting one as my favorites here are also some of my favorites of all time. No particular order of favorites: 1984 1992 2005 2000 1999 Least favorites 2007 2008 2010 2014 Two HM's 1995 1977