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  1. Well and just musically I enjoyed the rest of the top 4-5 more. BUT ensemble music, etc is not a huge part of the #'s. Great thing's we have a lotta flavors to choose from. SCV 89 finals run still today was one of the greatest DC moments I have ever seen live. Either way Congrats to em. :-)
  2. Well and in all fairness I never got to see it live and DC is kinda like... Yeah that joke was too easy. I just couldn't get into it musically. First viewing. Maybe after listening a few more times it may grow in me.
  3. WWonka

    Mandarins 2018

    Bumping this one just because. Thank you for this show Mandarins!
  4. Well I can say I enjoyed way more shows than I didn’t. That’s still a good sign.. Like - BD, Bloo, Cavies, BAC, BK, Crown, Cadets Loved - Mandarins & believe it or not Bob the Builder (Blue Stars) Dislike - X-men, PR & SCV. Still not sure how SCV won. (Edit to clarify - Over BD. I figured BD had the formula and I did enjoy that show more "musically" . Not bagging on SCV.)
  5. WWonka

    Prelims - August 6, 2018

    Why in the world would you go from a division that pays you where you can pay the bills to one that does not. No one in their right mind would ever drop back down. It's not about scores, it's about $$.
  6. WWonka

    Madison Scouts 2018

    There seems to be enough bashing in this thread to go around but I will make one comment. This is not meant to reflect on the young men who are working their butts off and I am sure living up to everything great about the Scouts, past, present, etc. But there are not very many shows in DCI over the years I have actually hated. This is one. I feel like it's a Bad HS BOA rehash that I don't even think Broken Arrow, Union or any of the other top BOA bands around here would do. But the kids can only perform what they are given. (Yes 21 is still a "kid" when you get old and grumpy like me. )
  7. WWonka

    2018 Uniforms!

    That makes sense. And I assume it might even be machine washable in the right setup commercial or otherwise? Vs unis that are growing things in them by midseason. I was just weirded out by looking up when someone was doing a tuning sequence and having no clue who it was even though they are a Top 5 corps. And my lawn is holding up pretty well so far.
  8. WWonka

    2018 Uniforms!

    OK not to sound too "get off my lawnish" but... Did we not already have enough to spend money on without replacing the hornline costume every year? Also I was about 1/2 watching someones warmup today while working and looked up and could not tell who it was. Had no clue. Had to read the title of the video. And get off my lawn.
  9. WWonka

    Your favorite All-Time DCI Year

    These are always going to come down to whatever decade you were exposed to or most involved in drum corps. I say 88. Madison's win. Loved the SkyRyders show. Sun Coast, etc.
  10. True. I doubt anyone applies this next year unless it's a "see where we stand" application.
  11. Music City I guess - http://www.dci.org/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=33500&ATCLID=211671071
  12. WWonka

    Alabama A&M

    What they said. Entertaining. Thanks for posting it. Langston is the only college "show style" band in Oklahoma. I've gotten to see Grambling a few times. Different genre, enjoy it for what it is or don't. But don't rag just cause it's not your thing.
  13. WWonka

    O.C. Standings 2017

    Well and who cares? I just think it's awesome they scrapped together the resources to come over and play. Like you said in the disclaimer up top, Comparing different shows, etc. Let alone comparing scores from different continents. BTW Thank you for putting these together and updating them. It's a fun read during the season.