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  1. True. I doubt anyone applies this next year unless it's a "see where we stand" application.
  2. Music City I guess - http://www.dci.org/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=33500&ATCLID=211671071
  3. Alabama A&M

    What they said. Entertaining. Thanks for posting it. Langston is the only college "show style" band in Oklahoma. I've gotten to see Grambling a few times. Different genre, enjoy it for what it is or don't. But don't rag just cause it's not your thing.
  4. O.C. Standings 2017

    Well and who cares? I just think it's awesome they scrapped together the resources to come over and play. Like you said in the disclaimer up top, Comparing different shows, etc. Let alone comparing scores from different continents. BTW Thank you for putting these together and updating them. It's a fun read during the season.
  5. OK in the past I have been prone to the "sky is falling Drum corps is declining" speak like everyone else. I have not seen any Les Stentors or Impulse clips this year but if you have corps of the size and quality of Shadow and Colt Cadets NOT making finals in "Open Class" the activity is alive and well. Years ago those 2 with their size and quality from the little bit I saw would have been top 6. Bravo Edit - And I can remember finishing in the top 3-4 of "Class A" and struggling to get 6 Contras. WTH are they finding all these Tubas? You got corps not making finals with 10?? Awesome. LOL
  6. I went to Indy for Finals once. Once.
  7. Top 10 opening hits?

    I could nominate a 100 but how bout a little Open Class love - 0:00 to 2:10 ish. I loved this opening. It's early season and ignore those lights buzzing.
  8. You know who I miss?

    Random, I am up way too late on Christmas Eve post - I miss this. Loud, Brash and entertaining as @$#@. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDgErGRQ1t4 And yes I am necro'ing a thread to make my point. Edit - Listen to the dude yell "Don't fu#$ with Canada" at like 40 seconds. LOL And #### they had some hot guard "persons". If you want to know what it was like in KC when they did this show, turn it up as loud as it will go. Everyone rants about how great the corps are now days. I whole heartily agree. But there were some #### good corps back in the day that didn't make finals. Exhibit A. Listen about 5:00 to the runs. And yep that is a packed house at Semis.
  9. While Int is on the field, observations. Guardians - Impressive for a young group. Ran out of steam late but to be expected. Big corps. Will make a splash in Michigan city. Pioneer - quality show and enjoyable. All ya can ask for. Academy -my daughters (plural) current favorite show. I like the color palette with the theme. Troop - nice sound. But who is responsible for that travesty of a uniform??
  10. Yes and no. 3 Corps shows do not need to be the norm. But if you have 3-4 corps relocating why not have a small show enroute somewhere like this and do the "show +encore" bit?
  11. I hate to say it but I agree with them. Scouts fan since the early 80's but I actually enjoyed The Academy's show more. Plus that opening hit by Academy is to die for. I was down low but there were big hits from Scouts where it seemed 70-80% Amps with hornline blended in but the Synth was dominant. Yeah I know designed for the Big Barn and closed roof, etc, etc. Was a fun show tho. Well worth the small fee. Talked to a guard guy from PC he said made for a good stop on the way back NE from Mesa. If they are gonna be coming through anyway might as well have a show, give the kids a show day and make a little scratch for the corps.
  12. Mustang should be a good show in a few weeks also.