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  1. Cabs Alumni is all G. For the most everyone is on 3 valve but that changes from season to season as membership changes. We occasionally will have a 2 valve or two in the line but that's because that's what that person has or likes.
  2. Cabs Alumni actually had 70 horns out there
  3. Perfect.....Thanks !!!
  4. Thanks...That gives me the starting point & an approximate ending point but how about the route between them? Trying to figure out where a good place is to park the chairs a cooler and watch.
  5. Does anyone know the route of the parade the following day?
  6. If you'd like to change that I'm sure I could get some green for you to wear !!!!
  7. I don't, but based on what DCI told me when I got these Section S is supposed to replace the old Section Z which means it would be the upper right block in that chart. I now also have a buyer for this ..... just waiting for the check.
  8. I've got 1 in Section S, Row G, Seat 1 if interested.
  9. I have 1 ticket available for Saturday night in the upper deck that I'm looking to unload for face value of $25.00. Section S, Row G, Seat 1 Let me know if interested !!
  10. I've got 1 if interested (Section S, Row G, Seat 1)
  11. I found most of it Frank but the last few numbers aren't there (at least as of this post).
  12. Just wanted to add to the message above that Windsor Regiment is still looking for additional musicians. We've had a few new additions lately but still want more to fill our line so whatever section you may be interested in I invite you to come on out and give us a look. The book represents Kenton's West Side Story extremely well and will provide a challange to all, so if Jazz and Stan Kenton peak your interest as a player, you will enjoy these arrangements. We have a number of rehearsals over the next few weeks (please see our web site for details) and if you have any questions I can be contacted through DCP or you can contact our Director (Kevin Serfass) through here or our web site above.
  13. I don't know how much pushing I'm doing but I'm still getting stronger !!! Hey....maybe after Frank gets done his "siesta" we can both push you together and have some fun trio action in our future !!!
  14. What's the official line-up, since I haven't seen it posted yet ???
  15. This has now been sold. Thanks, for looking !!!!!