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  1. First impression as well. Lack of empathy for the victims and defensive on what transpired the last 3 months. Their way of communicating reassurance was benign. Well, at least Hopkins is out and will see what further fall out will occur with The Cadets and drum corps as a whole.
  2. Reports are that he has resigned, awaiting confirmation
  3. This is the mistake NCAA makes, scandal breaks out for a University sports program, the kids who had nothing to do with the scandal is punished for it (No Post Season, etc). The Cadets should not be punished for the sins of a tyrant. Cadets have been around a lot longer than Hop's reign. The Cadets as corp (Meaning the current membership) should not go down for this, instead have the strong alumni come together, pick up the pieces, including supporting the victims and move forward by addressing the culture that brought on these issues, and clean house. Bottomline, I'm heartbroken for the victims. So sad for the alum and current members. Hope this will give courage to others and that change will occur.
  4. It appears it did change the game in 2017.
  5. High Camera Videos

    I have Star 1991 High Cam. know what to do.
  6. Cool to hear the opening scene of this week's episode started with Philip Glass' "Einstein on a Beach" (Carolina Crown 2013)
  7. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Mike Stevens was the Percussion Caption Head/Arranger and is now just the Percussion Arranger.
  8. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Very true. Staff stability is should mean success for SCV. On Mapes/Grom. Yes they didn't arrange for Blue Stars last season but good chunk of his peeps are on the staff including the caption head. The aforementioned works with Mapes/Grom at Pulse Percussion. Again this is unnecessary wreck less speculation. I am very happy with how things have been going with SCV Percussion the 6 last seasons, but now, from top to bottom, the organization is hitting it out of the park. Good times. Also a good sign for an organization when auditions are announced early? BD has been doing so the last few seasons.
  9. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    God forbid if that ever happens, if it did, I see him going to The Cadets. Crown has their percussion program cookin, so I don't see a change there. In the event that would occur, watch for John Mapes and Ian Grom along with the Blue Stars percussion staff. But that said, I saw that SCV has announced their auditions already. Saw that one of their locations is in Dallas, so one has to assume the Rennicks are not going anywhere.
  10. So back on topic, then we can go back to Sports Talk I guess it's safe to assume the majority of the SCV staff is returning as they have already announced their audition dates. Also noticed that one of the percussion audition sites is in Dallas which I assume means Paul Rennick not going anywhere.
  11. And if you have some time, they tackle a beast of a piece "Mahler: 2nd Symphony The Resurrection". Crown did the intro in 2010
  12. Love that video, here is another amazing performance by the same orchestra and Dudamel. Shostakovich's 10th. I've had the privilege of seeing him conduct the L.A. Phil a few times.
  13. 2017 was an outstanding season for the organization. Very excited to see what Vanguard has in store for 2018. Hope the staff stays intact and brings home the title.