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  1. Interim CEO Suspended

    Already being discussed in the main thread.
  2. Malicious adsense ad

    Thanks Tristan, There is really little we can do to control the adverts and their content from Google Adsense, other than block the domain they're from. I'm very happy to do that, but will need information about the advertiser to add the offender to the list. If you can provide that info, preferably via Private Message, I will quickly add to the 'deny' list on Google Adsense. Thanks -john P.S. Welcome back!
  3. In my experience with several non-profit corporation boards, the corporation is chartered as a "non-member corporation", meaning the voting 'members' (shareholders) are the Board of Directors itself. Unlike a business or public corporation, there are no "shareholders" that have the authority to replace Board members. Non-profits are often setup this way - mainly to ensure the corporation is able to conduct business without having to assemble a quorum of some set of "members". The Board is expected to protect the public trust their charter should require to maintain the corporation's tax exempt status. If the YEA corporation is in-fact chartered as a "non-member corporation", the reason the Board of Directors are still in place is because they have not voted to replace themselves. The alumni, fans, member families, and DCI have no legal authority to affect a change in the Board of Directors. My $0.02 -john
  4. Please note: Discussion in this thread must be limited to the matter of the published article. Reference to any other rumors or suspected incidents will not be allowed and will be removed, pursuant to our Community Guidelines. Should additional reports be published by DCI, its member organizations, or 'legitimate journalistic publications', we will expand the scope of this thread or permit new threads to be opened. THANK YOU for your thoughtful and reasoned participation in this important discussion. -john
  5. For those interested, here are the Blue Devils' policies:
  6. Ummmm - no, we''re not going there. Posts by anonymous posters on a public forum, with no means to validate the alleged violation or claim are not what we are prepared to host on this site. If there are claims of impropriety, which I'm sure may exist, they should be taken to the appropriate channels with the specific organization, law enforcement, or other authorities so they can be properly vetted and acted upon. Posting those claims to a discussion forum do not address the issue. If you have a claim against a member of a drum corps organization, I encourage you to seek out the organization's resources for handing these matters - including corps management, Board of Directors members, or a trusted adult. If a suitable/responsive channel is not available, then law enforcement or other authorities that may have jurisdiction in your area. Thank you. -john
  7. 500 Internal Server Error?

    Mike, I'm afraid that I wasn't able to check on this until today - having been out for a few days. I couldn't replicate the problem and it appears that others have been posting in the thread. It may have been a transient issue that was cleared (database lock, etc). If you continue to experience problems, drop me a PM. You have my digits. -john
  8. why was the thread about the online petition yanked? it's a very relevant topic to the activity and yanking it overnight does not reflect well on DCP

  9. Never Forget

    Thank you. On my To-Do list: remake the Tribute using a method other than Adobe Flash (which was really the only way to create this sort of audio/visual presentation in 2002). Flash is not available for most mobile devices and a growing number of desktops ... and we want everyone to be able to participate. I have some ideas - just need to spend the time to do it. We will never forget. -john
  10. You may have noticed that with our update on August 17th, the site-wide default "Profile Photo" icon was replaced with a "Letter Profile" icon/'photo' - if you do not have a Profile Image associated with your Member Profile. From the Invision Power Board release notes: You may provide your own Profile Image, as many have already done, by visiting your Member Profile and clicking on the Profile Photo to upload your photo. My apologies if this change has led to confusion. -john
  11. Click bait ads on DCP

    Of course not. However, we do not select the adverts that Google Adsense presents in that space. The ads are selected by Google using a number of methods, including your browser history. For more info on how this works, Google Adsense provides this: I have added the domain shown at the bottom of the ad to the block list, indicating to Adsense that we do not want adverts from that domain presented to our users. That's the only tool I have available to block 'offending' adverts from being shown in the space. If you find others and can identify the URL associated with the advertiser, I'll be happy to block. Hope this helps. -john
  12. The DrumScorps Season Pass is an annual (one year) auto-renewing subscription. The TOTAL cost for the year is $1.99 ... so the answer to your question is no - you're not being billed monthly. The Season Pass will renew 12 months after the initial subscription date and annually thereafter. Hope this helps. -john
  13. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    Ahhh - perhaps. It makes sense, given the limited size.
  14. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    I'm still working through all of the changes, Randy. My biggest interest was getting the security patches in place. The new release features: Richer Embeds for external content Reactions (emojis) Search Engine Optimization improvements Improved statistics reporting Some nifty new tools for moderators A number of improvements for administration Like I mentioned above - I'm still working through all of the changes, with the major focus on security. As for "total posts missing", I'm not sure what you're referring to. I can see users' counts on each post:
  15. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    I've been holding off on a number of updates until after the DCI season was over. I had some time this morning (PDST), so decided to get them implemented. There are a few tweaks that I still need to complete - but the latest version of the forum software is in-place. You'll find some cool new features - so enjoy exploring. My apologies for the inconvenience and any confusion. I have to get these things done as time permits. Thanks -john