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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Randy. Yes, Music City did move up to World Class this year. We've updated the database with the new info and will revisit the bio info provided. Thanks again. -john
  2. It appears there continue to be questions about our policies regarding media sharing for audio/video hosted on YouTube and other sites. I'll try to summarize: Posts with references, including embedded audio/video, to YouTube are specifically ALLOWED on Drum Corps Planet. Posts with references, including search instructions (e.g. 'go look for this, here'), for ALL other sites are specifically NOT ALLOWED on Drum Corps Planet. Again - why the distinction and difference? As noted above, because DCI and many, if not all, of its member corps have established YouTube as a means for distributing video to the public. If content is posted to YouTube that they believe violate their copyright or other proprietary rights, there is a well-established process to remove that content AT THE SOURCE. Removing it from DCP and punishing a member for sharing something that is otherwise available to the public seems a little foolish. COPYRIGHT OWNERS: If there is content on YouTube that you own and believe violates your copyright, trademark, or is otherwise inappropriate, here is the link to the process for review and removal: Reminder: Our Community Guidelines specifically prohibit: " copyrighted material, links or search instructions to copyrighted material (specifically, music and video) " Hopefully this provides some additional clarity. Thank you. -john
  3. JohnD

    Blue Devils 2018

    As excited as we all may be to share this recording - the post clearly violates our long-standing policies on sharing media. Please see our Policy at This is not something we're going to debate ... the posted policy is the rule here.
  4. JohnD

    Reboot Your Router !

    Mission accomplished. I'll leave this thread here as info .... but don't see a reason for any further discussion.
  5. Not at this time, Jeff. It is simply a matter of time available. My apologies. -john
  6. We are in the process of finalizing the features and content for 2018 at this time, so keep an eye on this thread for the announcement of the new release. Part of that process is identifying the 'official' corps threads and updating the repertoire for Season Pass subscribers. There are a couple of things in the new version that I think many will appreciate. -john
  7. We have updated the 2018 tour schedule to reflect the changes made to The Cadets tour. You'll find it in both the DrumScorps! app and the DCP Scores Tour Map page
  8. JohnD

    Interim CEO Suspended

    Already being discussed in the main thread.
  9. JohnD

    Malicious adsense ad

    Thanks Tristan, There is really little we can do to control the adverts and their content from Google Adsense, other than block the domain they're from. I'm very happy to do that, but will need information about the advertiser to add the offender to the list. If you can provide that info, preferably via Private Message, I will quickly add to the 'deny' list on Google Adsense. Thanks -john P.S. Welcome back!
  10. In my experience with several non-profit corporation boards, the corporation is chartered as a "non-member corporation", meaning the voting 'members' (shareholders) are the Board of Directors itself. Unlike a business or public corporation, there are no "shareholders" that have the authority to replace Board members. Non-profits are often setup this way - mainly to ensure the corporation is able to conduct business without having to assemble a quorum of some set of "members". The Board is expected to protect the public trust their charter should require to maintain the corporation's tax exempt status. If the YEA corporation is in-fact chartered as a "non-member corporation", the reason the Board of Directors are still in place is because they have not voted to replace themselves. The alumni, fans, member families, and DCI have no legal authority to affect a change in the Board of Directors. My $0.02 -john
  11. Please note: Discussion in this thread must be limited to the matter of the published article. Reference to any other rumors or suspected incidents will not be allowed and will be removed, pursuant to our Community Guidelines. Should additional reports be published by DCI, its member organizations, or 'legitimate journalistic publications', we will expand the scope of this thread or permit new threads to be opened. THANK YOU for your thoughtful and reasoned participation in this important discussion. -john
  12. For those interested, here are the Blue Devils' policies:
  13. Ummmm - no, we''re not going there. Posts by anonymous posters on a public forum, with no means to validate the alleged violation or claim are not what we are prepared to host on this site. If there are claims of impropriety, which I'm sure may exist, they should be taken to the appropriate channels with the specific organization, law enforcement, or other authorities so they can be properly vetted and acted upon. Posting those claims to a discussion forum do not address the issue. If you have a claim against a member of a drum corps organization, I encourage you to seek out the organization's resources for handing these matters - including corps management, Board of Directors members, or a trusted adult. If a suitable/responsive channel is not available, then law enforcement or other authorities that may have jurisdiction in your area. Thank you. -john
  14. JohnD

    500 Internal Server Error?

    Mike, I'm afraid that I wasn't able to check on this until today - having been out for a few days. I couldn't replicate the problem and it appears that others have been posting in the thread. It may have been a transient issue that was cleared (database lock, etc). If you continue to experience problems, drop me a PM. You have my digits. -john
  15. why was the thread about the online petition yanked? it's a very relevant topic to the activity and yanking it overnight does not reflect well on DCP