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  1. 500 Internal Server Error?

    Mike, I'm afraid that I wasn't able to check on this until today - having been out for a few days. I couldn't replicate the problem and it appears that others have been posting in the thread. It may have been a transient issue that was cleared (database lock, etc). If you continue to experience problems, drop me a PM. You have my digits. -john
  2. Never Forget

    Thank you. On my To-Do list: remake the Tribute using a method other than Adobe Flash (which was really the only way to create this sort of audio/visual presentation in 2002). Flash is not available for most mobile devices and a growing number of desktops ... and we want everyone to be able to participate. I have some ideas - just need to spend the time to do it. We will never forget. -john
  3. You may have noticed that with our update on August 17th, the site-wide default "Profile Photo" icon was replaced with a "Letter Profile" icon/'photo' - if you do not have a Profile Image associated with your Member Profile. From the Invision Power Board release notes: You may provide your own Profile Image, as many have already done, by visiting your Member Profile and clicking on the Profile Photo to upload your photo. My apologies if this change has led to confusion. -john
  4. Click bait ads on DCP

    Of course not. However, we do not select the adverts that Google Adsense presents in that space. The ads are selected by Google using a number of methods, including your browser history. For more info on how this works, Google Adsense provides this: I have added the domain shown at the bottom of the ad to the block list, indicating to Adsense that we do not want adverts from that domain presented to our users. That's the only tool I have available to block 'offending' adverts from being shown in the space. If you find others and can identify the URL associated with the advertiser, I'll be happy to block. Hope this helps. -john
  5. The DrumScorps Season Pass is an annual (one year) auto-renewing subscription. The TOTAL cost for the year is $1.99 ... so the answer to your question is no - you're not being billed monthly. The Season Pass will renew 12 months after the initial subscription date and annually thereafter. Hope this helps. -john
  6. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    Ahhh - perhaps. It makes sense, given the limited size.
  7. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    I'm still working through all of the changes, Randy. My biggest interest was getting the security patches in place. The new release features: Richer Embeds for external content Reactions (emojis) Search Engine Optimization improvements Improved statistics reporting Some nifty new tools for moderators A number of improvements for administration Like I mentioned above - I'm still working through all of the changes, with the major focus on security. As for "total posts missing", I'm not sure what you're referring to. I can see users' counts on each post:
  8. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    I've been holding off on a number of updates until after the DCI season was over. I had some time this morning (PDST), so decided to get them implemented. There are a few tweaks that I still need to complete - but the latest version of the forum software is in-place. You'll find some cool new features - so enjoy exploring. My apologies for the inconvenience and any confusion. I have to get these things done as time permits. Thanks -john
  9. All of the calculations internally are done to 5 decimals - but we were trying to save space on the screen. I've adjusted the recap to display greater resolution - so all of the numbers should be visible. Sorry for any confusion. -john
  10. I've put the data for both Friday and Saturday events in Allentown to produce a combined recap - including ordinal values for each subcaption. You'll find it here: Allentown 2017 - Combined Recap Enjoy! -john
  11. Yes, it was brought to my attention last night. I've aligned the scores for the individual judges so their scores are consistently reported for both evenings on the Combined Recap. The single-day recaps show the scores as reported by DCI.
  12. Lineup and Times 4:00 p.m. Box Office Opens 7:00 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:10 p.m. Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, 7:26 p.m. Shadow - Oregon, WI 7:42 p.m. Guardians - Houston, TX 7:58 p.m. Gold - Oceanside, CA 8:14 p.m. Intermission 8:34 p.m. Spartans - Nashua, NH 8:50 p.m. Vanguard Cadets - Santa Clara, CA 9:06 p.m. Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA Kingston Stadium 707 15 ST. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
  13. Its something I've try to do in recent years. You'll find them on the DCP Caption Ranking System 'Calendar' as "Allentown - Combined". That said, we didn't do for 2016 because .... well ... there was a lack of data last year.
  14. DCI recap has zeros for GE 2 Visual judge. GIGO posted from the DrumScorps app
  15. Drum corps returns to Centerville High School in Centerville, OH on Tuesday August 1 for "Soaring Sounds 38" LINEUP and TIMES 2:30 p.m. Box Office Opens 7:00 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:10 p.m. Genesis - Austin, TX 7:27 p.m. Seattle Cascades - Seattle, WA 7:44 p.m. Oregon Crusaders - Portland, OR 8:01 p.m. Mandarins - Sacramento, CA 8:18 p.m. Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA 8:35 p.m. Intermission 9:05 p.m. Colts - Dubuque, IA 9:22 p.m. Troopers - Casper, WY 9:39 p.m. Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI 9:56 p.m. The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL 10:21p.m. Scores Announced Tickets are still available for this show
  16. The Emerald City Music Games come to Dublin Coffman High School again on Monday, July 31, 2017. LINEUP & TIMES 3:30 p.m. Box Office Opens 6:00 p.m. Columbus Saints - Columbus, OH 6:30 p.m. Exhibition Unit 7:00 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:15 p.m. Cincinnati Tradition - Cincinnati, OH 7:32 p.m. Seattle Cascades - Seattle, WA 7:49 p.m. Oregon Crusaders - Portland, OR 8:06 p.m. Intermission 8:23 p.m. Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA 8:40 p.m. Colts - Dubuque, IA 8:57 p.m. Crossmen - San Antonio, TX 9:14 p.m. Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI 9:31 p.m. Bluecoats - Canton, OH Tickets for the event are still available at Crown Tickets
  17. And there we are. DrumScorps, the DCP Caption Ranking, and our recaps have been updated. -john
  18. We're generally pretty good with handling numbers. I'm afraid this is a case of GIGO - Garbage In/Garbage Out. Once we see an update to the recap on, I'll update the numbers and republish the recap. Sorry folks.
  19. After much too long, I have updated the DCP Forums to the most recent version of the Invision Community Suite. This package provides the software and database foundation for the DCP Forums community. The update offers a number of new features, which we'll work thru together. Please know that our first priority is ensuring that the forums can be securely and reliably delivered and maintained - so there may be some features that are available in the package that we have chosen over the years to not implement. I don't expect that we'll be changing our position on those things going forward. NOTE: It is going to take a number of days for all of the content to be updated. This means that you may not see things like quoted text properly highlighted or other post features not fully implemented. This is a perfectly normal condition that will correct itself incrementally over the new few days and weeks. The sheer size of our database (over 2.6 MILLION posts in the database in-total) requires that the update is handled in smaller chunks and over time. We'll be keeping an eye on progress, don't worry. It would not be unusual for content to be cached by your browser - both on your desktop and mobile devices. If things look strange, our first recommendation is to clear your browser's cache and reload the page. A couple of refreshes of a page can cure a lot of 'problems'. Access via your mobile devices should be significantly better - so take a moment to access the site via your phone and/or tablet. I am aware of the issue with the advert image sizes and will be working on a resolution. Obviously, we need the adverts to help offset the cost of providing the site - so we'll have to find a way to make them work better on the mobile platforms in all sizes. Drop a note here if you find a glaring issue. I'll ask that you're patient as we get the final tweaks in-place and iron out any 'bugs' along the way. Thank you for your on-going support. -john and the DCP Admin Team
  20. New DCP Forums 4.1

    there is nothing that resembles a 'capitalize the first letter of a paragraph' (identified by a new line) in the forum configuration, that I'm aware of or have ever seen or can find with a quick search of the forum knowledgebase. if it were a forum formatting feature, I would expect it to be applied consistently for all posts - whether mobile or 'desktop'. i'm afraid that you're on your own Randy ... have to get those pinkies and shift-key moving. -john P.S. No capitals were inserted manually at the start of a sentence or paragraph in creating the response above.
  21. Posting pictures

    Linda - What a HUGE loss for the drum corps community. Your photo posts to our Historical forum are legendary and we will certainly miss them. Thank you for all you've shared over the years. -john
  22. Posting pictures

    This is an image from my Google Photos library - so it works. To embed images, you'll need to open the image in Google Photos, then right-click ON the image and "Copy Image Address" (Mac) or similar in Windows ... the result being you have the address of the image itself. Do not use the "Share" feature in Google Photos as it does not provide a link to the image file. With the link to the image saved, you can then paste it into the post using the "Insert other media" --> "Insert image from URL" link in the lower right corner of the post editor.
  23. And with that ... it appears this thread's useful life and purpose, if any, have come to an end.
  24. REALLY nice job, Pacific Crest!! West is Best.