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  1. Blue Knights 2018

    A fair point- so many great corps! I think the Bluecoats are a great example of perservereance..... and a great model for BK. In the early and mid 2000's they started carrying a great nitch for themselves and started moving up steadily. Once they got to the later 2000's they finished top 6 some, top 7 some etc.... then they realized their potential in 2010 - The future is now..... In the years right before 2010 they were not spinning wheels, it was driving them towards their best design ideas that were still to come. I think BK is in a pattern like this.... There will always be challenges but they are starting to realize the path before them and with a few tweaks can and will take those steps needed to move into the medal elite, or even the top 4-5. Wes P
  2. Blue Knights 2018

    Hehehe the last time they brightened things up came with Blue Toon in 01..... I prefer sophisticated BK myself, but then again I'm superstitious
  3. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Wow- way cool
  4. Blue Knights 2018

    DrumMan do not feel bad about your feelings. Every corps does things with the best intentions and sometimes they just don't get to the audience they way they're intended. You're one of the fairest and honest people on this board about the things that are both excellent for this activity and what should be re-thought. That's what makes your opinions so genuine and appreciated
  5. Small Choir for sale, Sings slightly out of tune, but still in good shape. Call Cadets pink eye relief- Call Blue Knights thousands of Halloween Costumes available, call any corps Looking for a cage for a large predator bird, MMA Cage Fight or just a good tool for baby sitting- Call the Cascades!!!
  6. Blue Knights 2018

    I agree about the guard. Although I feel a little different and do have a bit of insight about their design. I feel there a two thoughts- 1) This was the first year of Bocook solely to BK so the music jumped, even though his music has been great for them, this year was special. 2) I think they absolutely took the visual design in connection to music and equally, but took a bunch of risks that weren't necessary. (i.e. Guard equipment, Costuming Etc) I feel in some respects they tried too hard to dazzle with the visual side and while effective in many areas you are right- it took a lot of rewrites and still didn't quite have the impact of the music. I do think JC Caseras is a very bright and creative visual designer and they are unto something. I'm betting you'll see an addressing of those areas that lacked.
  7. Honestly I thought before watching finals that this year just didn't have that one transcending show.... like Spartacus, Tilt, Mad World, Spin Cycle etc.... I wondered when it was all said and done what would be remembered? That was top to bottom the finest Finals Performances I've ever watched. Madison had to fight like crazy to hold off the Mandarins which in itself is such a great story- THE MANDARINS- WOW. Xmen and BStars have such talent and performers, any other year they'd be 8-9 for sure... Phantom maybe had the largest growth that didn't show much in the placement. I watched a fair amount of early season Phantom shows and honestly thought this show was way out of their capabilities. As a life long Regiment fan- I was blown away. Again that was 9th?!? Crazy. Blue Knights took such a risk to perform a type of show that is like nothing else out there. Fantastic story- BK's brass and percussion are on their way to being very elite. I thought they had the Cadets tonight, but it is the Cadets and they sure know how to take it up a few notches. Boston was just phenomenal- maybe the best constructed show from a creative story telling standpoint. Cavies- Hated it in June, thought Cavies might dive again.... Wrong..... WAY WRONG! And I love it and called the 4th place finish Bluecoats- Best 5th Place corps ever? Yea no doubt, Bloo at Crossroads, seems like they hit design wall this year... Jeff Prosperie had BK in 4th ahead of Bloo tonight Crown- Loved the opener and ballad... wished the mica would've worked better tonight, but what a singer. Just incredible music! SCV- Was sure they were taking the title, stepped up to a championship level tonight but were just facing the Devil that couldn't be beat. BD- My favorite BD show since 93. Back then I remembered the Strawberry Soup soloists and thought- ain't no way anyone ever tops that level of consistency. Wrong... OMG that trumpet screamer is just not human- NOT HUMAN!!! I'm still humming their ballad in my head as I'm typing. This was a great drum corps night that certainly will not be forgotten!! Wes P
  8. Should the idea of Open Class corps just go by the wayside to create an expanded division? i just feel more than ever the corps from 17-23 in World Class have become such quality. Look no further than the Cascades who missed Semis but had their best corps and show since 03? They still had a large contingent of Open Class Corps come ahead of them. To me, if the competition level has risen to the point where a smaller corps doesn't suffer by comparison to a larger corps, do we need a separate division. Just curious. I think it is a compliment to the corps that don't make finals both world Class and Open Class of the quality being displayed. Just impeccable! Wes P
  9. Blue Knights 2018

    It's finding that balance too right Mike? I feel like the BK drill from 14-15 was stellar but the visual/choreography this year was much better. It's striking a balance between the two like Bluecoats have done
  10. 2018 Prediction Thread

    That's truly awesome those three corps are also my favorites of all time as well:)
  11. Blue Knights 2018

    60th Year Anniversary.... Going to be an epic year to be a Blue Knight. I am excited to see where this design team takes them. They're onto something big in their concepts to get audience emotion and minds opened. I feel like instead of hitting you over the head with a hammer and theme they are more organic and give the audience the opportunity to explore the show for themselves. The corps having Bocook solely with them this year was huge and wow what a book in 2017. Lots to look forward to, and I believe recruiting will be awesome again heading into 2018
  12. Less drill.... and I really don't care for it, but it's the trend. So much more choreography and body mvt than actual drill. Take a look at how much more athletic SCV show was drill wise to BD and that didn't win visually.
  13. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Ahem Blue Knights also 60th... cough cough:) hehehehe
  14. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Alright, I guess I'll be the first 2018 WAY WAY WAY Too Early picks: 1) SCV- Cause they just have an amazing staff and will dazzle us again. 2) BD- 2017 was a great show, just a hunch that magic will be harder to replicate, or they'll just win #19. 3) Cavaliers- Just feels like the Machine has returned. A little better vehicle will get them there. 4) Crown- Kinda feels like they slipped a bit this year though they medaled (2017) and I personally loved the music. It will be interesting to see what they have in store for 18. 5) Boston- Yeah these guys will be in the top 3 in a few years with more experience. The staff and corps improvement is mind blowing. 6) Bluecoats- Such innovation in such a short amount of time, like Crown just feels like they've hit a wall.... so much cool stuff designed in their shows each year, hard tonkeep up that pace. 7) Blue Knights- 60th anniversary, can't wait to see what they come up with. Honestly BK could have a top 4-5 corps next season if every aspect of the design is spot on. Very definitely a wild card. 8) Cadets- Kinda felt like they got a bit of a pass this year.... They stepped up, no doubt, but the corps right below them were just about to catch up. They've got the most questions going into the fall I believe. 9) Phantom- Right path for Phantom just still lacking in design. 2017 was a very difficult book and drill that the members got at the end, but the design idea was just ok?!? 10) BStars- likewise to Phantom, with a better vehicle to drive they could be knocking on the top 7-8. Feels like the corps needs concepts to match the maturity of the hornline playing, drumming and spinning going on. 11) Madison- They really could rise next year or drop right back out. A wild card, but I think with the growth from mid season to end the Scouts will be a force next year 12) Crossmen- Harder and harder to move up... Xmen have great corps now year in and out, but need to move design concepts farther forward or be in danger of dropping. 13) Mandarins- Oh so close again but just short 14) SCVC- Feels like WC finals is in the future 15) Academy- Can they recapture the magic of 2016? 16) Colts- Harder and harder for great quality corps like Colts to move up 17) Troopers 18) Genesis 19) Pac Crest 20) Cascades 21) Oregon Crusaders 22) Spirit 23) Jersey Surf i will eat crow next August I'm sure for being way wrong:) Wes P
  15. Best Cavies Finals Performance since Mad World- That was amazing!!! A games are all on display