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  1. Bring sun screen gonna be hotter than hades
  2. wesleyrp

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    BK is dirty visually and jumped from 79.4 to 80.8.... I think Bk is gonna feel inspired and challenged. CG tonight was .2 behind Cadets and most captions were much improved for BK in a few days. 2.2 from Cadets is about what I was expecting though I think the brass and drum scores were lower than expected- but what do you do.... judges judge and that’s the way they saw it :)
  3. wesleyrp

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    Wow BK just threw down- so much better show than Drums- MY GOODNESS THAT HIRNLINE IS INCREDIBLE
  4. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Which is why I just went to those that stir emotion for me.... I think you’re right, never can compare decades to decades for best show designs/execution/music books etc....
  5. I may stay in town long enough to see the show or at least some rehearsals.... anyone know where the corps are staying? Particularly BK?
  6. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Ahh yes- dang it... I’ll edit:)
  7. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Top 12 All Time for me: 1) Madison 88- Best closer of all time, period, end of story- Never seen a crowd jump to its feet like that- ever..... the last blind spin into the wedge and unravel- I literally get chills every time I see it! 2) SCV 88- the better version of Phantom;) Still the best magic on a drum corps field!! 3) Star 91- Made the G bugles sound beautiful and that’s hard to do.... Holy mellos- TOGA TOGA TOGA 4) Cavies- 2010- Mad World- Crazy and insane and awesome.... remember seeing and hearing early season clips where it seemed the brass was going to cost the corps as it was not good.... then poof- amazing in the end- Incredible show and Design! 5) Cavies- 06- Machine- Musically not memorable to say the least, usually the best drum corps show of all time- a masterpiece of thematic character 6) Phantom 91- Opera Show- Just incredible music with the classic Phantom flare and sound.... wish I could’ve seen it live! 7) Bluecoats- 2014- Tilt- Absolutely incredible use of changes to electronics- morphed the drum corps world into what is possible in the new electronic age + Hymn for Axiom- WOW! 8) Blue Devils- 2017 Metamorph- I’ve always appreciate how a corps built on Jazz has managed to keep its niche while modernizing. At times BD has gotten weird in the 2000s but Metamorph reminded me why I fell in love with BD way back when... incredible show with great nostalgia built in! 9) Crown- 2007 Triple Crown- The horse race in itself was genius, but the foretelling of what was to come in the future at the photo finish was as gutsy as Ruth calling his shot.... and they backed it up... incredible music, maybe best characterization using a uniform and Colorguard before everything became a costume! 10) Phantom- 2008- Spartacus- Honestly as show that should never be forgotten, truly the best theme of all time that was carried from before the show started to the announcement of scores- brilliant. All of us are Phantom fans at heart and to see them out together that display of passion, artistry and amazing performance quality- was so very cool. 11) Blue Knights- 2014- That One Second- This show still to this day goes beyond the scope of a drum corps show. I lost my father the same year and watching this show gave me great remeberance of him and the lessons he taught me about maximizing the things in your life. This was also a major rebirth of BK at a time when the direction for them was far from certain- a truly emotional and amazing show!! 12) Troopers 2009- To watch a corps struggle for so many years and still be so proud of the amazing heritage of this corps would be enough. Every year Trooper pride is on display in so many ways that other could learn and grow from.... But to watch them back at Finals for the first time in so many years had me crying big boy tears!!! I am not a Trooper, but I am a huge Trooper Fan!!! Wesley P
  8. wesleyrp

    12th place Corps ?

    My guess is: 10) Mandarins 11) Blue Stars 12) Crossmen 13) Academy- Close, just misses Bur would I be surprised to see: 10) Blue Stars 11) Mandarins 12) Academy 13) Crossmen Not one bit would this surprise me... to me out of this group of corps all have strengths and weaknesses but Academy has the most cohesive product between the Crossmen and them. BStars and Mandarins have a step up in design from Crossmen and BStars. Gonna be way interesting!!
  9. wesleyrp

    Drums Along the Rockies - July 14, 2018

    Always enjoy watching Drums even if on Flo and not live. The wife and I couldn’t make the 60th Alumni performance but it was so cool seeing so many amazing and familiar people:) Way to go Alum- I Go On! Academy is stronger this year than they were when they made Finals a few years back- Great show, lots of fun. Troop- Happy 60th- great show, modern and yet a throw back- great job- may be underscored at this point. PC- Also doing so great things, to me a stronger corps this summer than we’ve seen in some years from Diamond Bar. Cascades- Really neat to see a continued surge from a year ago... good things happening in the NW- enjoyed it. Oregon Crusaders- Hmm... it’s a cool show idea with some great and creative visual moments. To me the music is a let down compared to the visual theme. Wish the ballad was scored or arranged a little different. The Uninvited portion is a neat idea, just not followed through enough. SCV- My favorite SCV show since 99. Just a seamless design- musically just as brilliant as a year ago, but to me flows better and transitions with solists are just Wow.... Want it to win, think they will win! BK- Man what a tough act to follow but BK more than held their ground.... The last 30-40 seconds needs the same type of confidence and performance quality as the first 3/4. Rite is so #### Rite On!! Great arrangement... BK and Bocook= Amazing Fit! Ballad and percussion feature oh my goodness- Wow. Visually this is a great written show and the members are starting to put it together... so many intricacies that are starting to pop but still need another level of cleanliness. This is a dark horse corps- They could really surge in the coming weeks and finish 7th or even shock a corps above, or if dirt persists could finish 8-9.... with a veteran smart and receptive corps I’d expect the former rather than the latter. Great stuff, wish more corps were around for this one, but best Drum Corps Venue and Show period!!! Way to go DATR
  10. wesleyrp

    Blue Knights 2018

    Go Blue Knights- Have a great Drums today!!!! Happy 60th Anniversary and looking forward to seeing the Alumni Corps!
  11. wesleyrp

    Sacramento, CA - June 24 ,2018

    There is one person scoping partial shows at this at least
  12. wesleyrp

    Sacramento, CA - June 24 ,2018

    Go Troop- Happy 60th
  13. wesleyrp

    2018 Predictions

    We interrupt your regularly predicted guesses to bring you this commercial: “SCV- Making the 80’s Sweater Look Good!”