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  1. How about showing Lummelle Shneweiss some love ?
  2. fecontra

    2017 DCA Finals

    Too many threads go off topic too fast
  3. Labor Day weekend - Rochester - dcacorps.org only lists friday september 1 frankiE
  4. fecontra

    Alumni Stage Shows

    Is that Clifton NJ Bill?
  5. fecontra

    DCA Corps Still Using G Bugles

    Skyliners will be playing Bb System Blue instruments in 2017
  6. fecontra

    A Drum Corps Legend Passes

    I will miss his smile and his wonderful stories. I always looked forward to seeing him at parades , Clifton next month will be sad for me. Such a great person , last year a George Hayak passed away but he told me there were four other family members besides himself named George Hayak and not to worry , RIP to a wonderful human being , in this day and age a rare occurence.
  7. fecontra

    Why only 5 mini corps this year?

    According to talk on the street you just may get that in 2018
  8. fecontra

    Mini Corps 2016

    Mini-corps - I&E- alumni...thanks for what you have provided in the tough times... we will see if the new direction of DCA takes hold in the future... as one poster said " who cares to see shows from the 70"s " MHO frankiE
  9. you should have Durante saying " Look for the BigW " with your profile! I think Bucs are a lock , although not having seen MBI it's more of a hunch. A lot of complaining about " Home Cookin " when one joisey corps defeated the other ( I prefer Cabs ) over the Skyliner offshoot ( MHO ) I think I know who you are referring to with the great line of needs to improve playing in soft passages ( I thought B instruments negated that ) At one show their staff/honks were going wild until said soft passages and it turned to " Oh my Goid"- what the hell is that? One good thing at Rachacha is BFDTV will be there for alumni and I&Em making " Director's Cuts ". Shows should use class a corps more- although the problem is their locations. frankiE
  10. wonderful review - fair and balanced! maybe you can set-up A WRITING CLASS SOMEWHERE- you really make one feel like they were there!
  11. How are you enjoying your 2015 DCA videos? There are some clandestine 2016 videos being planned but some who recorded by phone in 2015 are being harassed by DCA i think you get my drift MHO frankiE
  12. ThankYou all for the kind words! We had medical issues earlier in the day and after the performance , we were at the gate minutes early and had to stand around and wait for some other reason than something to do with us- but all 5 folks who had problems are fully recovered. That being said IMHO it was a well run and well attended show ( tip of my cap to the YEA folks ) and a special shoutout to the Blue Eagles Food Concession folks- I feel like returning for the chicken fingers and french fries and the reasonably priced chilled Gatorade! The heat and humidity was stifling , the kind of air that knocks down sound. IMHO ALL the competing corps put out a great effort with very entertaining shows. I don't follow scores much anymore , but IMHO it should have been a bit tighter at the top- but if MBI and CV are anything like they have been - it will be a good year for DCA. As for our drumline - Jomba was yelling at them to knock it off to no avail! frankiE